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ATIES a privately owned Portland, Oregon Corporation®, today announced they have been approved by Microsoft as a Microsoft® Certified Partner for BPOS/MOSS – cloud services computing solutions.

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  • Partners: In the current economic environment, small and medium businesses are pressed for time and money, and they need to know that the investments that they are making in technology will provide them with returns that they can begin to realize immediately. Decision makers in smaller company are not moved by lofty, strategic benefits of IT solutions. They need to make the most of their limited budget and want practical solutionsthat increase revenue, reduce costs, and help their businesses run more efficiently and competitively today. “We understand that now more than ever, you need to maximize employee productivity and business efficiency to reduce wasted timeand expenses. You need to find new customers and deliver superior customer service while running lean. This means it is critical for you to improve team productivity, streamlinebusiness processes, and reduce IT-related incidents that can disrupt your focus and increase your expenses.”Industry analysts and experts agree and here are some quotes from recently published reports from independent 3rd party experts
  • In a recent study to better understand the challenges and needs of smaller companies, we know that SMBs have some common pain points:Security – lets face it, security is difficult and expensive to manage, and ignoring the threat is a ho risk proposition.Costs/Cash Flow – the economy is on everyone’s mind, anything to help address this situation is important to companies of all sizes. IT costs seem to be uncontrollable and are necessary at the worst possible times.It Just Works - Businesses need IT that “just works”, they’re tiered of having to worry about the systems and not be able to focus on the business. Users need to be able to do their best work from where ever they are and not worry about the systems that support them every day.Agility - They also need systems and processes to be Agile. The ability to respond to current market dynamics means success or failure. Individuals, teams, and the business needs to be ready to when business opportunities happen.
  • The Business Productivity Online Suite brings together online versions of our trusted email and collaboration software to help meet your needs for robust security, 24/7 reliability, and user productivity.Exchange Online - Give your employees "virtually anywhere" access to email and 25 GB mailbox storage —all with improved email security and IT controls.SharePoint Online - Let your employees set up web sites to share information and collaborate with others, manage documents, and publish reports to help everyone make better decisions.Office Live Meeting - Collaborate with colleagues and customers online in real-time for meetings, training sessions, and events.Office Communications Online - Offer your organization reliable, security-enhanced instant messaging and presence for time-sensitive,business-critical decisions.Offered together as an integrated suite of services, BPOS enables organizations with:Enterprise class security and reliabilityIT control and efficiencyUser familiarity and productivity
  • BPOS is powered by the same Microsoft email and collaboration systems that businesses and corporations have been using for decades - Exchange, SharePoint, and Office Communications.Helps protect your email environment with always-up-to-date antivirus and anti-spam solutionsDesigned for reliability, availability and performance with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, money-back Service Level AgreementHelps safeguard your data with enterprise-grade reliability, disaster recovery capabilities, geo-redundant datacenters, and a strict privacy policyISO 27001 certifiedServer-level antivirus scanning for protection against viruses that target the server operating systemUses layers of anti-spam technology and multiple antivirus engines to remove spam and viruses—both known and unknown—from e-mail and documents.
  • BPOS services are delivered from several datacenters around the world. With geo-redundant datacenters, we help to safeguard customer data and service operations with enterprise-grade reliability and disaster recovery.
  • The BPOS security program takes a risk-based, multi-dimensional approach to putting in place the necessary & adequate safeguards across all aspects of a service. The program aims to define security requirements applicable to people, processes and technology, and implement corresponding controls & capabilities across the services themselves, the supporting platform and infrastructure components, as well as the hosting facilities and the hardware residing within them. Help ensure services are developed in a secure manner. Microsoft’s Secure Development Lifecycle plays a critical role here. Help ensure the services are operated in a secure environment. Security controls exist across and within all layers of a given service, which supports the principle of defense-in-depth.Help ensure that services and infrastructure are monitored for configuration errors, vulnerabilities, security events and anomalous behavior.Help ensure incidents are promptly detected and a mature incident management process not only addresses the immediate issue, but identifies and corrects the cause.Help ensure personnel are adequately prepared and trained to identify security issues and provide notification through the appropriate procedure.
  • Works seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and the other Office programs your users already count on everyday. Provides users anywhere-access to email, documents, contacts, and calendars on nearly any device** Works with the devices they use most – including PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, and BlackberryProvides a site so people can work together in real time on documents, spreadsheets and other files - both in and outside your organizationIncludes 25GB of mailbox storage space per user Makes scheduling easier, by showing who is available whenAllows your users to conduct interactive, multi-media meetings from anywhereLets users see whether colleagues and partners are online and helps them collaborate more easily**Access from mobile devices depends on carrier network availability
  • All the BPOS services are designed to be used together for an integrated and seamless experience. Using Microsoft Office 2010 with the BPOS service brings together the power of software and online services for the best productivity experience across the PC, Phone, and Browser.
  • Eliminates the time and effort IT people must spend managing your email and collaboration servers while keeping you in control Efficiency& ControlProvides 24/7, IT-level phone supportDeploys patches, security updates, and back-end upgrades so you don’t have toIncludes updates to Exchange Online and SharePoint Online, while you retain control over whento deploy major changesIncludes access to the latest version of the Office Professional Plus suite  Cost & FlexibilityAllows for more accurate forecasting of IT expenditures with predictable annual costs and no additional hardware costsConfigure it to meet your organization’s unique needs. Give your users access to only the services they need. Deploy on-premises, online, or both.Makes adoption simpler thanks to purpose-built migration tools that streamline getting startedSimplifies email management, compliance and e-discovery with automatic content-searchable archiving and customizable e-mail retention policies
  • The Business Productivity Online Suite has flexible access for both IT Pros and end users. By accessing the service from anywhere via a browser and internet connection, all types of users can be more productive and effective.Customers are looking to simplify how they consume and manage technology. To satisfy this need, we have designed and integrated, easy to use Company Portal and Administration Center for the IT pro to help them manage, support and configure not just one , but all their Microsoft Online Services in one place. In addition, end users also want a consistent and integrated experience when they use these services. The Microsoft Online Sign-On Tool and My Company Portal make it easy for end users to mange their identity and access their services from nearly anywhere with web based browser access, as well as a very rich experience by using Microsoft Outlook and other Office applications.
  • Let’s look at a sample cost comparison. For an organization of 50 users, this table shows what it might cost to run e-mail, collaboration, IM/presence and web conferencing. This is a 3-year total.All told, the savings add up to about 66% over the 3 years. The per-user, per-year cost is reduced from $133 to $46.
  • For an organization of 250 users, the costs and savings are both a little higher.Now if we assume that this company also deployed those workloads in a high availability fashion, there are some additional costs that would add up – not just for licensing, but also for operations and deployment. And if we assume that the company is over-sizing the solution a bit for future expected growth by purchasing additional hardware and licenses, here are the additional costs that would be associated with that.Now let’s look at the cost of enabling those same 250 users to have e-mail, collaboration, and IM/presence.All told, the savings add up to about 56% over the 3 years. The per-user, per-year cost is reduced from $69 to $30.
  • If we look back to the challenges and issues our customer have told us matter; Security, Cash Flow, IT Reliability, and Improved Agility, (see challenges slide at the start of the presentation) BPOS is a solution that can help deliver tangible benefits for improving customer capabilities and reducing IT management and cost.Security - Many SMBs don’t have an internal IT department and can’t afford to be down for even a day. Knowing that the Microsoft brand stands behind the service can be a critical factor in their decision making. Microsoft’s Service Level Agreement provides superior uptime guarantees without any initial ten minute grace period. And Microsoft also offers local customer service, which is particularly important to SMBs.Cash Flow – Smaller companies are looking to do more with less, and credit is tight. With BPOS you buy what you need when you need it so the cost is predictable and simple to understand.This smoothing out of cash flow is a huge benefitIT That Works - Getting the latest business tools quickly and easily without having to retrain their staff is a win/win for everyone in the organization. Your users are likely to know and love Outlook already, and BPOS was designed to integrate seamlessly with the complete Office suite. Agility - Employees can’t be chained to their desks, they need to do business from the road, home, airport or client’s office. Having the ability to work from anywhere with all the rich functionality they thought they couldn’t afford really. Believe it or not, managing growth is one of the largest risks of a business – having IT that grows when you grow is a strategic advantage. And for those customers who have internal IT support, freeing up valuable time from day-to-day server maintained and management is a real increase in IT productivity so they can add real value to the business.
  • Get started with your partner w/ free no obligation 30-day trial for 25 users.Need something more? Consider a Proof of Concept engagement and have a customized trial experience to fit your specific unique business needsDifferent IT scenario options for different needs
  • Default 25-GB mailbox per each user; mailboxes can be configured to smaller sizesE-mail, shared calendar, shared tasks, and contactsSpam filtering and antivirus capabilities via Microsoft Forefront Online Security for ExchangeAccess from nearly anywhere with Microsoft Office Outlook®, Outlook Web Access, and mobile devices.Support for Windows Mobile®, other Exchange ActiveSync® 12(iPhone, Android, etc) and Blackberry devicesLow-cost "deskless worker" offer for workers who use a PC and messaging services on a limited basis
  • Single location for teams and projects share and collaborate on documents, contacts, calendars, and tasks for Portal sites, collaboration, document and content management, and cross-site searchForms and workflow capabilitiesOffline access to documents with Microsoft Outlook document syncCommunicate more effectively with blogs and wikis that support article posting, reader comments, and RSS feedsLow-cost "deskless worker" offer for workers who use a PC and collaboration services on a limited basis
  • Host online meetings, presentations, and training with internal employees and teams and external customer and partners.Web client support for remote attendee flexibilityInteractive application/desktop sharing and whiteboard toolsActive speaker video switching, multi-party video, and multi-party VoIP/ audioRich media presentations, native video conferencing, high-fidelity recording, and Web cam capabilities
  • Instant messaging with text based chat using Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 clientSeamless presence awareness enabling users to check another user’s availability on the networkPresence information shared across Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook and SharePoint collaboration sitesNo RAS or VPN connections required
  • Bpos To Customer Sales Deck 083110

    1. 1. www.ATIEScorp.com<br />Business Productivity<br />Online Suite<br />
    2. 2. The Challenges Are Real<br />Now more than ever, we understand that you need practical and money-saving solutions that work together to help maximize employee effectiveness, reduce wasted time and cost, and streamline your business.<br />“<br />Data security remains the top security priority for SMBs.<br />84% say it is a critical or high priority due to lack of budget and staffing as major reasons. <br />Managing vulnerabilities and complex threats is a critical or high priority for 81% of SMBs.<br />67% of SMBs say dealing simply with the day-to-day tactical issues is a challenge or major challenge.<br />“<br />”<br />The most-prominent characteristics driving the behavior of SMBs are associated with the constraints on their IT budgets and personnel. It's no surprise that the smaller the company, the fewer technical capabilities exist internal to the organization.<br />”<br />— Robert Anderson, Gartner – Feb. 5, 2010<br />Market Insight: SMB Characteristics Shape Technology Preferences<br />“<br />Quality of life matters. As organizations ask more of their employees, work and life often become intermingled. People work from their cars, airplanes, or little Johnny’s football game. Tying an employee to a desk is a surefire way to lose them.<br />— Jonathan Penn, Forrester Research<br />Jan. 25, 2010<br />The State of SMB IT Security and Emerging Trends: 2009 to 2010<br />”<br />— Drue Reeves, Burton Group – April 2009<br />Cloud Computing: Transforming IT<br />
    3. 3. Customer Feedback<br />Study of 1,800 IT and business decision makers in mid-size companies<br />IT security is expensive and labor intensive<br />Virus and spam risk is high and hard to manage<br />Cost, complexity, and control of data management<br />Cash Flow<br />Difficulty managing IT budgets and costs<br />Need to focus on the business, not internal technology<br />Technology pricing and licensing is to complex<br />“It just works”<br />Users need tools that are easy to use and work together<br />System maintenance takes too much time and resources<br />Want knowledgeable customer support when needed most<br />Security<br />Agility<br />Users need to be more productive when away and mobile<br />It needs to be easier for users to work together and collaborate<br />Need technology solutions that can change with our business<br />
    4. 4. Business Productivity Online Suite<br />Microsoft’s most trusted communication & collaboration software, delivered as a suite of online services, designed to help meet your needs for robust security, 24x7 reliability, and user productivity.<br />Document storage, <br />management, collaboration<br />Online meetings, presentations, and training<br />Secure Instant Messaging: text, audio, video<br />E-mail, calendaring,contacts<br />Enterprise-Class Security & Reliability<br />IT Control& Efficiency<br />User Familiarity& Productivity<br />
    5. 5. BPOS: Enterprise-Class Security & Reliability<br />Powered by the same Microsoft email and collaboration systems that businesses have been using for decades.<br />Always up-to-date antivirus & anti-spam protection<br />High reliability and disaster recovery from geo-redundant datacenters<br />Strict privacy policies<br />Guaranteed 99.9% uptime with money-back Service Level Agreement<br />“<br />The reliability we get with the Business Productivity Online Suite leads to peace of mind. This is something we just don’t have to worry about. <br />”<br />— Charles Carkeek President, Kindering/Carkeek Technology, Inc. (100 users) <br />
    6. 6. Availability and Data Security<br />Geo-redundant datacenters enable 99.9% uptime reliability.<br />Primary and backup in United States<br />Brazil<br />Canada <br />Chile<br />Colombia<br />Costa Rica<br />Mexico<br />Puerto Rico<br />Peru<br />United States<br />Singapore with backup in Hong Kong<br /> Australia<br /> Hong Kong<br /> India<br /> Japan<br />Malaysia<br /> New Zealand<br /> Singapore<br />Dublin with backup in Amsterdam<br />Austria <br />Belgium<br />Cyprus <br />Czech Republic<br /> Denmark <br /> Finland <br /> France <br /> Germany<br /> Greece<br /> Hungary <br /> Ireland<br /> Italy<br />Israel<br />Luxembourg<br />Netherlands<br /> Norway <br /> Poland<br /> Portugal <br /> Romania<br /> Spain <br /> Sweden <br /> Switzerland<br />Trinidad & Tobago <br /> UK <br />
    7. 7. 7 Layers of Security<br />A risk-based, multi-dimensional approach to help safeguard data and services<br />Security Management <br />Security Monitoring & Response, Threat & Vulnerability Management<br />Data<br />Access Control & Monitoring, File/Data Integrity<br />User<br />Account Management, Training & Awareness, Screening<br />Application<br />Secure Development Lifecycle, Access Control & Monitoring, Anti-Malware<br />Host<br />Access Control & Monitoring, Anti-Malware, Patch & Config Mgmt<br />Internal Network<br />Dual-factor Authentication, Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Scanning<br />Network perimeter<br />Edge Routers, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Scanning<br />Facility<br />Video Surveillance, biometrics, Access Control<br />
    8. 8. BPOS: User Familiarity & Productivity<br />Designed seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and Office programs users already count on.<br />Designed to work with Microsoft Outlook and other Office software<br />25 GB email storage per user <br />Simplified collaboration for teams, projects, and documents<br />Shared calendaring makes scheduling easier<br />Works with devices used the most - PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry*<br />“<br />Now I can simultaneously compare calendars to set up a meeting, which reduces my administrative time by at least 50 percent.<br />”<br />— Jeff Staser, SCG Founder and Principal (50 users) <br />*Access from mobile devices depends on carrier network availability<br />
    9. 9. Familiar and Integrated<br />Designed to work with Microsoft Office to deliver the best productivity experience across the PC, Phone, & Browser<br />25 GB mailbox per user<br />Shared calendaring and contacts<br />Always-up-to-date anti-spam & anti-virus<br />Access from Outlook on PC and Outlook Web App in the browser<br />Offline access w/ Outlook synchronization<br />Support for Windows Phone,iPhone, Android, and Blackberry<br /><ul><li>Single location for sharing and collaboration
    10. 10. Collaboration sites for teams, projects, meetings, and documents.
    11. 11. Offline access to documents in Outlook
    12. 12. Forms & workflow
    13. 13. Portal sites, content management, and search</li></ul>Business class Instant messaging (IM) and chat<br />Seamless presence awareness<br />1:1 video and voice chat<br />Integration across Microsoft Office Outlook calendar and contacts and other apps, SharePoint<br />Quickly check on another user’s availability<br />Online meetings, presentations, and training sessions<br />Desktop sharing & whiteboard tools<br />Rich media, hi-fi recording, live webcam video<br />Multi-party video, VOIP/audio, switching<br />Web client support for remote attendees<br />
    14. 14. BPOS: IT Control & Efficiency<br />Eliminate time & effort managing servers, while keeping youin control. <br />Patches, updates, backend upgrades automatically deployed<br />Web based IT controls and user management<br />More predictable annual costs and no additional hardware needed<br />Simplified migration and user adoption with purpose built tools<br />24/7, IT-level phone support <br />“<br />Microsoft Online Services gives us an easy way to grow rapidly without managing an expensive, cumbersome IT infrastructure.<br />”<br />—DerkRietveld, CEO & Orthopedic Surgeon, annatommie (40 users)<br />
    15. 15. Simplified Management and Access<br />Flexible Web- and PC-based access for IT pros and users.<br />End Users<br />IT Pros<br />Rich client access without VPN<br />Web application access<br />Offline access to e-mail, calendar, contacts <br />SharePoint sites links<br />User downloads<br />Password Reset<br />User management<br />Service administration<br />Security settings and policies<br />Storage allocation<br />Domain control<br />Help and Support<br />
    16. 16. More Predictable Annual Costs<br />Single price and features for each user, add users as you need<br />Annual subscription, billed monthly, per user<br />A 40% cost savings over the individual services<br />Individual Services<br />Business Productivity <br />Online Suite<br />$10.00/user<br />$5.00/user<br />$5.25/user<br />$4.50/user<br />40% off individual services<br />$2.00/user<br />
    17. 17. Example: 50 Users - 66% savings over 3 years<br />More predictable costs, no additional hardware expense<br />On-Premises Cost<br />Microsoft Online Cost<br />66%<br />Savings<br />General Costs<br />Hardware and Maintenance $70,413 Included $70,413<br />Software $107,738 $36,270 $71,468<br />Operations $207,297 $100,456 $106,840<br />Deployment and Migration $95,941 $28,886 $67,056<br />Total $481,388 $165,612 $315,777<br />Per User Per Month $134/user $46/user $88/user<br />Savings over 3 years for 50 total users using e-mail, collaboration, IM/presence, web conferencing<br />Source: The BPOS Services Cost Comparison Tool<br />
    18. 18. Example: 250 Users<br />56% cost savings over 3 years<br />56%<br />Savings<br />On-Premises Cost<br />Microsoft Online Cost<br />General Costs<br />GENERAL COSTS:<br />Hardware and Maintenance $73,123 Included $73,123<br />Software $123,078 $87,099 $35,979<br />Operations $298,827 $153,012 $145,815<br />Deployment and Migration $101,803 $34,180 $67,623<br />HIGH AVAILABILITY:<br />Hardware and Maintenance $16,048 Included $16,048<br />Software $2,472 Included $2,301<br />Operations -$840 Included -$840<br />Deployment and Migration $10,445 Included $10,445<br />Total $624,956 $274,291 $350,665<br />Per User Per Month $69.43/user $30.46/user $38.96/user<br />For 250 total users using e-mail, collaboration, IM/presence, web conferencing<br />Source: The BPOS Services Cost Comparison Tool<br />
    19. 19. Customer Story<br />Business Situation<br />Company Information<br />annatommieis growing rapidly, and wanted to take advantage of electronic, automated efficiencies to save money and improve productivity, while minimizing IT costs.<br />Orthopedic diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation centers in the Netherlands<br />14 offices, 40 employees<br />Solution<br />Benefits<br />annatommieimplemented a new integrated patient data and appointment scheduling system and improved internal communications with Business Productivity Online Suite. <br />Flexible foundation to accommodate 30% growth<br />Improved customer satisfaction <br />$36,000 annual cost savings<br />Staff saves 2 hours per day from improved scheduling<br />Improved system reliability & less IT management <br />Improved productivity w/ web based access<br />“<br />Microsoft Online Services gives us an easy way to grow rapidly without managing an expensive, cumbersome IT infrastructure.<br />”<br />— DerkRietveld, CEO and Orthopedic Surgeon, annatommie<br />
    20. 20. Customer Story<br />Business Situation<br />Company Information<br />REEDS needed to replace phone- and paper-based communications with electronic communications to help its staff be more efficient. It also wanted to reduce costs and improve uptime of existing systems.<br />Full-service, multichannel jewelry retailer across the US.<br />67 stores, 70 HQ workers, 500 retail workers<br />Solution<br />Benefits<br />REEDS subscribed to BPOS to give employees web-based access to the latest communications tools and and new online training tools.<br />Increased productivity enabled more selling time<br />E-mail support reduced 80 percent<br />Infrastructure costs reduced 90 percent<br />Reduced training time and costs with online training sessions<br />“<br />We wanted to give our corporate operational staff more time to devise winning jewelry strategies and marketing campaigns and free our store people to sell. <br />”<br />— Jim Rouse, CFO, REEDS Jewelers <br />
    21. 21. Customer Story<br />Business Situation<br />Company Information<br />Provides early childhood intervention services for children with disabilities and other special needs <br />100 employees in Bellevue, WA<br />The center’s IT infrastructure and old POP3 e-mail system would crash periodically causing a drag on staff productivity, and required continual maintenance and management.<br />Solution<br />Benefits<br />The Kindering center updated their old POP3 based e-mail system to business-class messaging and calendaring. They also started using new collaboration technology to improve efficiencies and communications among staff and customers<br />New e-mail capabilities and features improved communication across the organization<br />Mobile and web access improved staff efficiency<br />Improved system reliability <br />Reduced IT maintenance and administration<br />“<br />The reliability we get with the Business Productivity Online Suite leads to peace of mind. This is something we just don’t have to worry about. <br />”<br />— Charles Carkeek, Kindering/Carkeek Technology, Inc. <br />
    22. 22. How BPOS Can Help Your Business<br />Security<br />Always up to date antivirus and anti-spam protection<br />Multiple layers of data safeguards, redundancy, and reliability<br />World-class operational standards and privacy policies<br />Cash Flow<br />Makes costs even and more predictable<br />Buy only what you need, when you need it<br />No additional hardware costs<br />“It just works”<br />99.9% uptime backed by financial Service Level Agreement<br />Fast, simple deployment with familiar and compatible tools<br />24x7 IT level phone support <br />Agility<br />Business-class user productivity, collaboration, and mobility<br />Eliminate time spent on patches, upgrades, and maintenance<br />Anywhere web access to IT controls and user management*<br />*Anywhere internet access is available<br />
    23. 23. Find Out For Yourself!<br />Free 30-day Trial<br />The best way to find out how quickly and easily you can be enjoying the benefits of BPOS in your organization is to try it for free.<br />Proof of Concept<br />Need more? ATIES is a certified Microsoft partner and we can offer a customized Proof-of-Concept experience for your evaluation.<br />More Information: www.atiescorp.comwww.microsoft.com/online<br />
    24. 24. © 2010 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries.<br />The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.<br />
    25. 25. Microsoft Exchange Online<br />A business-class messaging solution with advanced e-mail, calendaring, contacts, and task management. <br />25GB mailbox per user<br />Shared calendars, contacts & tasks<br />Anti-virus & anti-spam included<br />Outlook PC client and web browser access<br />Offline synchronization<br />Active-sync mobile device support<br />Blackberry device support*<br />Compliance and archiving*<br />“<br />Microsoft Exchange Online is a much cleaner solution than Google Apps because everything is from one provider—Microsoft—so I don’t need a lot of third-party applications to link computers, cell phones, and laptops. <br />”<br />— JW Keller, President, Datatune (25 users)<br />*Additional subscription required<br />
    26. 26. Microsoft SharePoint Online<br />A highly-secure central location where employees can efficiently collaborate with team members, share knowledge and find organizational resources. <br />Document sharing and collaboration<br />Collaborative team & project workspaces<br />Internal web portals<br />Built in templates and layouts<br />Integrated with Microsoft Office applications<br />Blogs and wikis for broad information sharing<br />Content management and search<br />Anti-virus documents and file scanning<br />“<br />Instead of rifling through file folders or searching through the server file system, employees and volunteers can locate policies, procedures, forms, and other documents on SharePoint sites. <br />”<br />— Shavawn Smith, Community Resource Specialist, Crisis Call Center (28 users)<br />
    27. 27. Microsoft Office Live Meeting<br />A complete Web, audio, and video conferencing solution.<br />Multi-party audio, video, and web conferencing <br />Powerful desktop and application sharing <br />PowerPoint upload w/ interactive whiteboard tools<br />Active speaker video switching, multi-party video, and multi-party VoIP/ audio<br />Integration with PSTN audio conferencing providers<br />PC client app and web browser access<br />“<br />With Live Meeting, we can bring together text, video and other images and the voices and faces of fellow conference goers in way that can really help an audience to understand what we are talking about.<br />”<br />— Jay Magness, Medway Plastics Corp. <br />
    28. 28. Microsoft Office Communications Online<br />Robust instant messaging (IM) and presence functionality for real-time, person-to-person communication via text, voice, and video.  <br />Presence & instant messaging (1:1 and multi-party)<br />PC-to-PC audio and video calling <br />Click-to-communicate from Outlook and SharePoint <br />Person-to-person file transfer<br />Calendar Integration with Exchange<br />Address book search <br />End-to-end encryption of text conversations<br />“<br />Our consultants work across five time zones on a daily basis. It’s imperative that they be connected and communicating, and Microsoft Online Services enables them to do this in a way we never could before. <br />”<br />— Jeff Staser, SCG Founder and Principal (50 users)<br />
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