Top 3 tools for Project Management


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Using SharePoint or Project Server for EPM? BrightWork brings the balance!

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Top 3 tools for Project Management

  1. 1. Top 3 Tools on Project Management
  2. 2. ENTERPRISE PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS WHICH ONE SUITS YOU THE MOST SharePoint 2013 Project Site Template BrightWork Microsoft Project Server
  3. 3. SHAREPOINT 2013 PROJECT SITE TEMPLATE Overview: With SharePoint 2013 Microsoft has introduced Project Site Template. Project Site provides basic project management capabilities for an individual project. The Project Site template allows you to create a site to manage a project Key Features: Site Mailbox News Feeds Document Library Site Notebook Project Timelines
  4. 4. SHAREPOINT 2013 PROJECT SITE TEMPLATE Usability and Learning Curve: Project site is a very simplistic option for project management. Given the limited set of supported features it is quick to learn and adopt. When to Use: When there is a need for casual project management with no need of professional dashboards and reports If projects are executed in isolation and there is no need for organization level resource management.
  5. 5. BRIGHTWORK Overview: BrightWork is a collaborative Project and Portfolio Management solution built on Microsoft SharePoint. BrightWork provides a range of out-of-the-box templates to enable management of a variety of projects. Bright work is good tool to manage both structured and unstructured projects as it facilitates seamless collaboration and document management. Key Features: Provides Dashboards with charts such as basic Gantt Charts, Project Status graph, Resource Tracking, Work Tracking and Issue Tracking Being SharePoint based it opens possibilities many customizations. Projects can have their knowledge wikis, libraries and custom workflows
  6. 6. BRIGHTWORK Usability and Learning Curve: BrightWork is feature rich yet a simple Project and Portfolio management tool. It requires no prior knowledge of Microsoft Project. BrightWork is easy to understand, there is no of a formal project management training to start using it. Entire team can collaborate on BrightWork When to Use: When there is need for managing different kinds of projects both SDLC and Agile based. When projects are not highly structured and collaboration is an important aspect of project management When basic level of resource management should suffice When there aren’t any interdependent tasks across multiple projects
  7. 7. MICROSOFT PROJECT SERVER Overview: Microsoft Project Server is enterprise level project management and portfolio management tool. It is suitable for well managed and very structured projects that have a high degree of project management with a clean schedule in Microsoft Project that is well maintained. The key for Project Server is that the projects need to be structured and have a Microsoft Project plan, as the Microsoft project plan (the .mpp file) is the engine that fuels and feeds the Project Server dashboards. Key Features: High degree of strict control can be applied over time, cost, and resources using Microsoft Project Server As Project server is driven by Microsoft Project Plan, it supports sophisticated base lining for Planned vs. Actual Analysis Sophisticated resource management and time-sheeting
  8. 8. MICROSOFT PROJECT SERVER Usability and Learning Curve: If users are familiar with Microsoft Project then learning curve is not very high. Project Server provides a wide range of features, as comprehensive as you can get. When to Use: When the schedule for Project is well defined When users are accustom with Microsoft Project When sophisticated baselines, time-sheeting and resource management is required When cross-projects rules are needed. Eg. If Task A is delayed in Project X then it will automatically trigger a delay Task B in Project Y and so on.
  10. 10. BRIGHTWORK For organizations that want a ready-made high quality, highly customizable framework, that gives way more project management functionality that the base SharePoint platform, including a PMO framework should use BrightWork as a Project Management Tool
  11. 11. BRIGHTWORK SOLUTIONS PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICE FRAMEWORK AND TEMPLATES Project Management Framework A standard based framework that enables organizations to build their own project management process for one or more projects A Project Management Office (PMO) framework in SharePoint  Also delivers a sample/starter PMP to enable organizations with a faster start in setting up a PMO Project Management Templates Includes four instant yet customizable templates Designed to meet the needs of organizations for project management at varying levels of complexity:  Issue Manager - Based on management by exception  Business Projects - Based on MMO PMBOK and MSF V3  IT Projects - Based on MSF V3  Agile Software Projects - Based on MSF for Agile Software Developement (MSF V4)
  12. 12. BRIGHTWORK PRODUCTS - SUMMARY Why BrightWork Solutions For organizations that want a ready mage high quality, highly customizable framework, that gives way more project management functionality that the base SharePoint platform, including a PMO framework How do I get started Organizations can work with BrightWork directly or with one of the many partners in US, Europe and Australia
  13. 13. WHAT IS BRIGHTWORK PMO BrightWork PMO is an out of the ox solution for managing multiple projects It is designed to be used by  Managers  Employees  Customers  Partners
  14. 14. WHAT IS BRIGHTWORK PMO BrightWork PMO consists of 5 main areas:  Projects This is where projects are created, monitored and manages  Portfolios Portfolios are a way of grouping disparate projects together for reporting purposes  Templates Projects are crated from templates  Requests This area is for requesting a project and managing the project pipeline  Archive This is an options area for storing finished projects that you want to keep
  15. 15. TEMPLATES BrightWork sites are created using templates. BrightWork is supplied with number of templates of varying complexity, for managing work, single and multiple projects and managing project demand. You select the template you need based on the degree of project management process and structure that you require. Unlike with the SharePoint Site Gallery, you can examine and configure a template before you decide to use it. You can also create your own templates from project sites or other templates, allowing you to reuse a successful project site so that both you and your fellow BrightWork users will be familiar with it and harness lessons learnt from previous projects. The current release of BrightWork includes: Project Management templates Portfolio Management Templates Demand Management templates Work Management templates The BrightWork templates are not just for project managers. BrightWork templates support the four main project roles typically involved in project management: (i) Team Members, (ii) Project Managers, (iii) Program Managers / Senior Managers and (iv) Project Office teams.
  16. 16. Have your SharePoint Project Office up and running in as little as three to four weeks! The Project Office JumpStart uses best practices and a proven deployment approach to rapidly implement a fully working Project Office using Microsoft SharePoint, BrightWork and Atidan integration expertise. The JumpStart bundle includes: (i) software; (ii) mentoring / training; (iii) support for one year. The JumpStart is available in both SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010. SharePoint 2013 is coming very soon! Software 50 perpetual end-user licenses of BrightWork with all BrightWork templates included Deployment Services Project scoping, planning and setup, and needs definition Installation and configuration of the BrightWork solution Design of the local Project Office hierarchy Configuration of at least 2 templates to manage 2 different project types Configuration of 1 Project Office/rollup template for program level reporting across projects Introductory training for support staff and end users Support and Upgrades for 1 Year Support & New Releases: access to all core product and template upgrades and releases including new platform upgrades. Training Environment: access to the Customer Training Environment and associated training materials with the rights to customize as needed. Health Check: Atidan will conduct an annual Health Check to include advice and recommendations. Pricing Special offer through December 31, 2013: $20K
  17. 17. THANK YOU Atidan is an implementation partner for all three solutions outlined in the presentation For more information contact us at