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  • TRUE CRM: = Intergration SaaS Solution Your Internet strategy should incorporate everything from your online face (website), to your online communication (email), to your online giving (ecommerce), to the heart of your system – the database. When working with our eTapestry customers on an Internet strategy, we can happily tell them there is good news, and then there is better news. The good news is that we can take any one aspect and help them implement it. The better news is that we can make all the pieces work together in a coordinated, seamless fashion offering a True CRM (constituent relationship management) Solution.
  • Let’s say someone wanders onto your website wanting to learn more about you. You conveniently have a wonderful new website designed by eTapestry. They see your newsletter sign up and decide to put themselves on your mailing list.
  • Now let’s look at this from the NP’s view, a gift comes in from an online donation OR they sign up to receive your monthly eNewsletters How is the gift processed internally?Tracked back to the donor record, donor is thanked and the gift is recognized immediatelyOrg has clean and accurate dataCorrespondence tabEmail - delivery and reports Event AttendeesEmail CommunicationFamily/Business TrackingEstate ValueVolunteer HoursDonor/Prospect InteractionsGrant Due DateOccupationMemorial TributesRenewalsGender Future Cultivation Strategy9. We have just begun to uncover the power of eTapestry, we have multiple new add on modules the focus on Friends Asking Friends type a-thons and Shopping Cart capabilities too high level demo
  • So as you can see we just demonstrated the importance of an integrated solution…. And the stats don’t lie
  • There is a ton of competition out there and to be successful you need a multi channel solution. Donors that give via multi channel (online line annual gifts, online events, eCommerce, FAF, etc.) are retained at 51% in year1 and then at 75% for multi year donors. Providing options to give more than one way not only increase your average size of gift but ensures a higher level of retention
  • As you can see…. #’s don’t lie. Only offering one way for your donors to give to you decreases their retention as well as their gift size.
  • There’s a lot of competition out there …Even among non-profitsHow will you stand out? Over 200,000 NP’s have websites and this # continues to grow. Your site must be enageging to ensure that when a donor comes to your site, they don’t leave.
  • Template WebsiteOur website templates are a great choice for organizations who are just starting an online fundraising program and looking for a very affordable and quick way to get online. Pick from one of our template options and color schemes, send us your logo, contact information, social media links and pictures and we will set up and host your website for you!
  • CMS/Dynamic Website"Dynamic" websites are the most popular as the data or content that you use on your web pages can change frequently. Your content is fed from a database-driven content management system (CMS). When the data is updated, the text and images on your website will also be updated. This format allows you to build a website that will be very flexible because it can display new content easily and puts you in control of your content.
  • Good designSEOConversions
  • Case Study
  • Regardless of the size of your organization, you are probably looking for a software solution for one – if not all– of these five reasons. With the economy the way it is, now’s NOT the time to hunker down. Nonprofits need to increase activity so they can thrive during this recession“Do more with less” has always been the mantra of nonprofits, but now it’s even more than that. You need to drive results with fewer resources than you have ever had. Therefore you need to work smarter and more efficientAnd make the work you do count…You need to know what’s working, so you can replicate it and toss what doesn’t workIntegration is key, to be successful you need an integrated online and offline solution

2011eTapestry Prospect Webinar Presentation 2011eTapestry Prospect Webinar Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Embracing technology as a nonprofit :
    Dial in Number: 866-410-7442
    Conference code: 4066159115
    Led by – Tyler Hermon
  • Internet marketing and online fundraising trends
    An integrated SaaS fundraising solution
    Website Solutions by eTapestry
    Website Trends
    Customer successes
  • What Matters In The Online Space?
    Online is Thriving
    First Impressions Count
    Email Is Alive and Well
    Social - Everybody’s Doing It
    Mobile - Get on the Move
    Multichannel Giving Is Hot
  • The World Is Moving Online
    79% of American adults use the Internet.
  • The Blackbaud Index of Online Giving reports-
    online revenue increased by 16.2 percent for the 3 months ending 2010
    as compared to the same period in 2009.
  • 60% of donors visit a non-profits website before giving.
  • Social Media Isn’t a Fad, It’s a revolution
    Facebook has over 600 Million users and half of them log in each day. Over 30 Billion pieces of content are shared monthly.
  • It’s all about Connecting…
    These little guy’s are growing up with it.
    Those 45-65 showed the strongest growth in 2010
    Gen “I”
  • Donor DatabaseeCommerce Advanced Email Website
  • Let’s take a look - The Donors View
  • Your website – the first place a potential donor will go
  • The view from the non profit(demo)
  • eCommerce for online donations
  • Cart for online registration, item sales, volunteer sign-up etc
  • Personal Fundraising
  • eMail and Hard Copy Communication – all in one
  • Multichannel is HOT … !
    Median revenue/donor: $339
    First year retention: 51%
    30% for offline donors
    22% for online donors
    Compared to $88 for offline
    Compared to $170 for online
    Multi-year donors retained: 75%
    59% for offline donors
    52% for online donors
  • Single Channel is not …
    First Year Retention is 29.3% for single channel donors
  • 280,000,000+
    websites on the internet
    1,500,000+non-profit organizations in the US
    non-profit websites in the US
  • eTapestry has built over 300 websites and currently is hosting more than 400
    Our website portfolio provides a flexible, easy to use and maintain platform that does not require a backend data base purchase, and we offer immediate implementation times
    CMS Website Templates:
  • CMS Template websites
  • Custom Designed Content management system (cms)
  • First Impressions Matter
    It takes less than 3 seconds to evaluate another person based on their appearance, body language, demeanor, mannerisms and dress.
  • Visitors will decide to stay or leave your website in 4 seconds or less.
    It continues to shrink.
  • First impressions Matter
    Websites MUST Be Appealing & Engaging
    Capture a visitor’s interest immediately
    When a visitor scans the page they know what the Non-profit is about.
    Easy-to-understand navigation and overall design.
    Pages load quickly
    Most eye-catching elements to load first and near the top of the page.
  • … Visually compelling
    … Easy to understand
    … simple to give
  • Who we have helped
    • After selecting eTapestry in 2008, One Brick was able to increase its annual giving goal by $10,000. The goal was attained and then surpassed by $6,000.
    • The eTapestry solution has enabled staff to send emails from the CRM solution and increase the organization's reach.
    Customer spotlight - one brick
  • eTapestry customer since 2007
    After the devastating earthquake of 2010 hit Haiti, the organizations Executive Director was able to quickly add a Personal Fundraising page and bring in over $200,000
    “eTapestry is part of our overall fundraising strategy, and because it is an online solution, we were in a perfect position to get quick relief to Haiti by making only a few changes to our website and personal fundraising page. As well, we have seen an overall increase in online giving and have collected gifts from 20 different countries. We are now able to cultivate these new donors through eMarketing tools.”
    — Mac Burberry,
    Executive Director,
    Haitian Christian Outreach
    Customer spotlight - Haitian outreach
  • You need an integrated online and offline solution
    You need to move beyond business as usual
    You need to drive results
    You need greater efficiencies
    You need increased productivity
    You need greater reporting
    6 Reasons You Need an integrated Software Solution
    Everyone’s Doing It …
  • What’s next?
    eTapestry can partner with your nonprofit organization to provide you with an integrated solution including:
    Personal Fundraising
    Shopping Cart
    And much more!
    Contact us for a free personal needs analysis