Secure Your Email Account from Spam with Bigrock’s Email Hosting!


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BigRock ( ) is not associated in any of the spam in your inbox and we provide all our users with a default Anti-Spam filter which checks all your incoming and outgoing emails.

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Secure Your Email Account from Spam with Bigrock’s Email Hosting!

  1. 1. Email Spam? No Please!
  2. 2. BigRockWoke up this morning and found hundreds of unread mails in your inbox? Do you know how many out of those are Spam Emails? It‟s a common misconception that emails in your „Inbox‟ folder cannot be spam; however spammers these days are extremely smart. Here we explaining what Spam is and how you can safeguard yourself.01
  3. 3. BigRockFirstly, what is Spam? Email Spam is Junk Email you receive from unknown senders. Clicking on links within the email might direct you to a phishing website or sites that host malware. Spam email may also include malware as scripts or other executable file attachments.02
  4. 4. BigRockThree criteria for Email Spam: Anonymity - The address and identity of the sender is concealed. Mass Mailing – The email is sent to large group of people. Unsolicited – The email is not requested by sender 03
  5. 5. BigRockBut why would anyone send me SPAM?!Spam email is a simple Mathgame. The more spam emails aspammer sends, the more likelyhe or she is to get recipients torespond to the email. If a spamemail sender has a list of fivemillion email addresses, only asmall fraction of those need toreply to the spam message inorder for it to result in significantfinancial turnover for thespammer.04
  6. 6. BigRockHow does MONEY come into the picture here?If a person‟s sending youSpam, there‟s always somegain involved for him. Onmost occasions, yourspammer has committed toa firm that he‟ll providethem with your emailaddress so that they cansend you theirnewsletters, etc. Onceyour email address getsverified, the concernedfirm pay the spammer forthe mails he sent out. 05
  7. 7. BigRockSo now how do I save myself from being Spammed?1. Try Disposable Email AddressesUsing your real, primary emailaddress anywhere on the webputs it at risk of being pickedup by spammers. A disposableemail address will forward allmail to your real address. Butwon‟t that also send you spam?Not really. If you dispose of theemail address, you won‟treceive any spam 06
  8. 8. BigRockSo now how do I save myself from being Spammed? 2. Every Checkbox isn‟t meant to be Ticked! To avoid that, Look closely at every form you fill on the Web and Make sure all relevant checkboxes are not ticked. Sometimes, the text will read: “NO, don‟t give away my email address,” and the checkbox will consequently be unchecked by default. Check it. 07
  9. 9. BigRockSo now how do I save myself from being Spammed?3. Disguise your Email Address To avoid ending on a spammer‟s mailing list when you post to a web forum or a newsgroup, you can disguise your email address by inserting something obvious into it. If your email address is, you can modify it to read, for example. You will not get spam at that email address since all messages to it will bounce. 08
  10. 10. BigRockSo now how do I save myself from being Spammed?4. Domain Owners: Set up Throwaway Addresses to FightSpamIf you own a domain, you have agreat anti-spam tool at hand: yourmail server. You simply need toenable the “Catch-All” feature inyour email which when activatedallows you to catch all of the emailssent to your domain, whether theID exists or not. 09
  11. 11. BigRockSo now how do I save myself from being Spammed? 5. Enable Privacy ProtectYou can also enable the „PrivacyProtect„ option for your DomainName, your Domain provider replacesyour Contact Details in the Whoisinformation with it‟s generic contactdetails, thus, masking your personalcontact details. BigRock provides thisservice free of charge and is enabled bydefault for most domain extensions. 10
  12. 12. BigRockRemember – Receiving spam is very easy and gettingrid of it is equally difficult!BigRock provides you with Anti-Spam filter which checks all yourincoming and outgoing emails. 11
  13. 13. BigRockTake a look at whats included in secured Email Hosting provided byBigrock: Email Features: Web-Based Client Features • Unlimited Webmail/POP3/IMAP/SMTP • Full HTML Email Support access • Online Address Book • Blackberry, iPhone & PDA compatible • Folder Management • Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail • Drag and Drop Support compatible • Sorting and Searching • Advanced Virus and Spam Protection • Unlimited Email Forwards and Aliases • Mailing Lists Other Features • RSS & News Feed Compatibility For more information Visit : • Total DNS Control • Vacation Auto-Responders • Easy to use Control Panel • No Setup Costs • 24/7 Local support (Phone, Chat, Email & Web) • 24/7 Security Monitoring and Backup 11
  14. 14. Thank You