Sage ERP demostration - English Version


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This is demostration of Sage ACCPAC for all module. It tells you detail of Sage ACCPAC, how it can support your business management

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Sage ERP demostration - English Version

  1. 1. Sage ACCPAC ERP
  2. 2. • Sage ACCPAC overview • ATI Co., Ltd. • Sage ACCPAC Solution • Q&A
  3. 3. Sage ACCPAC Overview ACCPAC, a subsidiary of Sage., is the global leader in providing business management solutions for the mid- market, from small businesses to corporate enterprises.
  4. 4. ATI Co., Ltd. • 12 years experience, ATI is Sage Development Partner Head office Branch office • Customization for ACCPAC Khuong Trung 22 in VAS 201 Ly Tu Trong Street 1, Implementation, Training,Thanh Xuanand Maintenance Dist • Hochiminh city Support Dist, Ha Noi. Tel : • Report systems (848) 827 7997 Tel: (844) 563 9083 Fax: (848) 827 7992 Fax: (844) 563 9082 • Design interface software More Information:
  5. 5. Solutions Strategy Partners ERP Solution – Focus to Manufacturing, Asset Management System, Transportation Management Accounting, Logistics, System. Automotive, Manufacturing, POS, CRM, Electronic, Food & Beverage, Warehouse System,… Consumer Product, Industrial Product, Life Sciences Database IBM DB2, ERP Solution for Textile, Development Tools, Lotus Garment Industry Notes, iSeries and pSeries
  6. 6. Sage ACCPAC Customers in Vietnam
  7. 7. Sage ACCPAC Interface
  8. 8. Sage ACCPAC • Fully compatible with VAS (Vietnamese Accounting System) and also IAS (International Accounting System) • Fully management Finance, Logistics, and Business Management • Controls Customers, Vendors, Item, Purchasing, Selling, and also Fixed Assets • Having your health business any times, you will have any reports as you needs • Can be integrated with other business application • Easy to use, fast implement
  9. 9. Sage ACCPAC modules • System Manager (Tax & Bank services, Transaction Analysis & Optional Filed) • Finance (General Ledger, Account Receivable, Account Payable, Fixed Asset, GL Consolidation, Multicurrency) • Logistics (Inventory Control, Purchase Order, Order Entry) • Project & Job Cost • Option (Serial & Lot Tracking, CFO & KPI, Sale Analysis, Sale Optimize, Change Code..) • 3rd Solution: MPS & MRP, Shop flow control • Customer Relationship Management • Warehouse Management System
  10. 10. Integration Business Application Purchase Order Order Entry Manage Requisition, Purchase Order, Receipt, Manage Order Confirmation, Invoice, Return, Forms & Invoice, Shipping, Return, Fixed Credit/Debit Notes, Reports Reports Inventory Assets Control Manage Issues Item, Inventory Costing, Account Payable Adjustment, Reports Account Manage Item List, Sale Receivable Manage Invoices, Payments, Price, Vendor ItemAccount, Code, Manage Chartand more of Credit/Debit notes, Reports BOM, Reports Financial Journal Entry, Manage Invoices, Receipt, Manage Vendors, Terms, Reports Credit/Debit notes, Reports Reports and more Manage Customer, Terms, and more General Ledger
  11. 11. Purchase Order • Helps you to control Purchasing Process • Maintain Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Invoices, Returns, Credit/Debit notes • Process multiple invoices for a single receipt. • Receive both stock and non-stock items • Allocate additional cost (shipping, insurance fees) by quantity, weight or cost, or manual. • Print requisitions, purchase orders, receiving slips as company layout. • Back order • Control Supplier Price • Integration with Account Payable, Inventory, Sale Order
  12. 12. Purchase Order Requisitions Order Entry, Inventory Project & Job Cost Purchases Order Inventory Control Account Payable Receipts General Ledger •Returns •Credit Notes •Debit Notes Invoice
  13. 13. Account Payable • AP Supports manage Suppliers and Dept with these Suppliers • Maintain transactions with supplies as Invoice, Payment, Credit/Debit notes • Calculate tax for invoice automatically based on VAT tax • Drilldown from GL and to PO module. • Support payment, prepayment, miscellaneous payment, apply documents • Reports (Aged cash requirements, aged payables, vendor transactions, GL transactions) • Import transactions from MS Excel, text,.. • Integration with Purchase Order, Fixed Asset, Project & job Cost module
  14. 14. Account Payable Invoice Purchase Order, Project and Job Cost Payment •Payment Invoice list •Miscellaneous Payment •Prepayment •Apply Document Posting Posting General Ledger
  15. 15. Order Entry • OE • Maintain Sale Order, Shipment, Invoice, Credit/Debit notes • Process multiple order on a single shipment, multiple shipments on a single invoice. • Use Password-controlled override of credit limited. • Print packing slips, order confirmation, invoice as company layout. • Automatically determine available item stock while entering order. • Integration with Inventory Control, Account Receivable, Purchase Order, Project & Job Cost
  16. 16. Order Entry Order Entry - Customers - Item, price - Location -… Shipment Inventory Control •Credit Notes •Debit Notes Account Receivable Invoice General Ledger
  17. 17. Account Receivable • AR Supports manage Suppliers and Dept with these Customer • Maintain transactions of your customers as Invoice, Receipt, Credit/Debit notes • Drilldown from GL, to OE module and from Customers’s transactions • Create summary or detail invoices • Calculate taxes on summary or line-by-line based VAT Tax • Reports (Aged trail balance, customer transaction, GL transactions, invoices,..) • Import transactions from MS Excel, text,.. • Integration Order Entry, General Ledger, Project & Job Cost
  18. 18. Account Receivable Enter Invoice Order Entry, Project & Job Cost Receipt •Prepayment Invoice Listing •Unapplied cash •Apply Document •Miscellaneous Receipt Post Post General Ledger
  19. 19. General Ledger • GL helps to manage all your finance system, so you can see all your finance at any time • Fully compatible with VAS (Vietnamese Accounting System) • Alphanumeric account code as long as 45 characters • Maintain COA, Budget, Journal Entry • Drill down to original transaction from AP, AR, IC,… • Import/Export from/to MS Excel • Provision posting • Using MS Excel to design financial reports as Balance Sheet, Profit & Lost,…. • Integration with Account Receivable, Account Payable, Inventory Control
  20. 20. General Ledger • Purchases Order Journal Entry • Inventory Control • Account Receivable Periodic transactions • Account Payable Allocation transactions • Project and Job Cost GL Batch List Post General Ledger
  21. 21. Chart of Account maintain
  22. 22. Journal Entry
  23. 23. Inventory Control • Supports to manage your Items, Price List, Receipt, Shipment, BOM, Assembly, Stock In/Out • Define Item Code as you need and UOM for Items • Cost item to six decimal by Moving Average, FIFO, LIFO, Standard, and most recent • Safety Stock, Re-order, Item Pricing • Customer Item, Vendor Item Code, Assemble items using multi-level BOM • Allocate additional cost by quantity, cost, weight or manually • Receive both stock and non-stock items. • Support five markup and five discount per item and price list • Integration with Purchase Order, Order Entry
  24. 24. Inventory Control Purchase Order Entry Order Inventory Control Account General Account Payable Ledger Receivable
  25. 25. Fixed Assets • FA transactions  Register new Assets  Depreciation  Adjustment  Disposal  Merge, Slit Assets  Lease Out, Lease In • Reporting
  26. 26. Fixed Assets Mua mới TSCĐ Khấu hao TSCĐ Thanh lý TSCĐ K ế toán ph ải K ế toán ph ải thu trả General Ledger
  27. 27. Sage ACCPAC Product lines Accounting Requirements / Price Enterprise Edition Corporate Edition Small Business Edition Feature Set / Number of Users
  28. 28. Sage ACCPAC Product Lines Enterprise Corporate Small Number of users Unlimited 20 5 Number of companies Unlimited Unlimited 5 GL - Number of Segment 10 3 3 Years of history 99 5 2 IC – Number of Segment 10 10 4 Price 1,500 1,000 500
  29. 29. GL Segment Enterprise Edition (10 Segments) xxxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx Corporate Edition (3 Segments) xxx-xxx-xx Small Business Edition (2 Segments) xxx-xxx
  30. 30. Proposed Project Schedule ACCPAC Installation & Kick-Off Prepare Configuration, Training, Project Customization for all forms & kick-off reports, Program Testing Modeling User Acceptance model Migration Business Requirement Business Analysis Solution Design Implementation & Training Data Function Training flow test ACCPAC Overview, Business Go Migration live Overview & Analysis, Management Reports Design Chart of Account, Customer ID, Vendor ID Operation Design some of forms & reports Schedule 2 – 3 months
  31. 31. Hardware for implementation • Server  IBM, HP, Dell Server (Rack Server or Tower Server)  1 GB RAM in minimum  RAID configuration for 1 or 5  Tape Backup  UPS for Server and workstations • Software for Server  Operation System (Windows 2003)  Anti Virus (Server and all workstations)  ACCPAC DB Management (MS SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Pervasive)  Backup solution • Networking
  32. 32. Thank you
  33. 33. Technology