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C:\Fakepath\You Are What You Eat   Module 2 W200 C:\Fakepath\You Are What You Eat Module 2 W200 Presentation Transcript

  • You Are What You Eat – The Benefits of Healthy Eating and Exercise By: Amanda Thompson
  • Table of Contents
    • What Are Healthy Eating Habits?
      • What is a healthy diet and why is it important?
      • Healthy eating tips
      • Review
    • Benefits Of A Healthy Diet
      • Top 10 reasons a healthy diet is beneficial
      • Food myths
      • Review
    • The Power of Exercise
      • Benefits of a regular exercise regimen
      • Some tips to follow
      • Review
  • What Is Considered To Be A Healthy Diet?
    • Most people assume eating a little of each of the major food groups a day is a healthy diet; however just because your daily food intake is from various food groups doesn’t always make it a healthy one. The majority of the food we need to consume should be fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. The remaining amount should come from lean meats, fish, poultry, and/or low-fat dairy products. These combinations help ensure our bodies are receiving the necessary nutrients needed to function properly on a daily basis.
  • Healthy Eating Tips
    • Substitute whole wheat pasta for your regular spaghetti.
    • Whole wheat bread crumbs or cereal are a great substitute for breading chicken or fish.
    • Trying vegetables that are in season are great for keeping variety throughout the year and they are often cheaper.
    • When buying canned fruit, be sure to purchase products stored in fruit juice or water instead of syrup.
    • Raisins are a good cure for the sweet tooth cravings.
    • Remove the skin from your chicken before you cook it.
    • Peas and beans are a delicious source of protein, and are used for foods such as hummus and tofu.
    • Use non-stick cooking sprays instead of oils.
    • You should avoid eating more than 4 egg yolks per week.
    • Steaming, baking, or grilling is a much healthier option than frying your food.
  • True or False??
    • Frying is healthier than baking.
      • FALSE
    • Canned fruit should be stored in syrup rather than water or fruit juice.
      • FALSE
    • Substituting whole wheat bread crumbs or cereal is a healthier choice than regular breading.
      • TRUE
  • Reasons A Healthy Diet Is Beneficial
    • Eating a diet that with large quantities of fruits and vegetables can help to reduce the risk of Type II Diabetes.
    • Fruits and vegetables naturally do not contain cholesterol, and are low in fat and calories.
    • Diets high in whole grains help to manage weight gain and/or loss.
    • Whole grains have dietary fiber that reduces blood cholesterol levels as well as lowers the risk for heart disease.
    • Eating a diet high in vegetables and fruits can help to reduce the risk of developing kidney stones and decrease bone loss.
    • A diet rich in potassium (bananas have high levels of this) help to maintain a healthy blood pressure.
    • Whole grains contain magnesium, which builds bones and lowers the risk of heart disease.
  • Common Food Myths
    • Choosing healthy food is boring and very limited.
    • Healthier foods are more expensive than other foods.
    • If a child refuses to eat his/her fruits and veggies, it is best to not make them and never serve those items again.
    • It is okay to skip breakfast.
    • Dried fruit doesn’t count towards your 5-a-day.
    • Avocados are not a healthy choice.
    • All fat is bad for you.
  • Review
    • Diets high in whole grains help with weight management.
      • TRUE
    • Is it okay to skip breakfast?
      • NO
    • Potassium is not a nutrient valuable is maintaining healthy blood pressure.
      • FALSE
    • Dried food is included in your 5-a-day.
      • TRUE
  • The Power of……. MENU
  • Benefits and Tips For Exercise
    • Even small increments are proven to lower the risk of death.
    • Aerobic exercise significantly improves the bodies sensitivity to insulin for people with Type I and II diabetes.
    • Exercise helps people lose and maintain weight.
    • Regular exercise helps to improve joint stiffness for people with arthritis.
    • People who participate in physical activities on a regular basis have and average of 5 fewer sick days per year.
    • Movement melts away stress.
    • Exercise boosts brain power.
    • Exercise gives you energy.
    • TIPS
    • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
    • Park in the back of a parking lot; you will have to walk further to get inside but the extra steps taken will pay off in the long run.
    • Do a squat every time you pick something up instead of bending over to reach it.
    • When stuck at a traffic light, tighten your butt and thigh muscles and release as many times as you can before the light turns.
    • When standing in a long line, lift one foot an inch off the floor and hold, switch to the other leg after a few minutes.
    • Drink lots of water !
  • True or False??
    • Exercise is not good for people with arthritis.
      • FALSE
    • Exercise boosts brain power.
      • TRUE
    • Exercise tremendously helps people with Type I and II diabetes.
      • TRUE
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