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Gamification of health 2012 - hillstudio

  1. 1. Εργαστήριο Διαφήμισης και Δημοσίων ΣχέσεωνΤμήμα Επικοινωνίας Μέσων και ΠολιτισμούΠάντειο Πανεπιστήμιο Μάθημα : Social Media και Επιχειρηματικότητα
  2. 2. Online Gaming• Free• Easy access• Socializing Facebook  game advantages  social network (eg. RestaurantCity, FarmVille, MafiaWars)• All ages• Both genders• According to  FarmVille = Best Social Networking Game of the year
  3. 3. Social Games in our Lives• Not a bad habit because some people play games for a few weeks-then they get bored-they stop-start another.• Some others like gaming cause of their need to feel more confortable with themselves or to have some fun.• Games take your thoughts away from daily responsibilities - share common feelings with other gamers- communication. Something like listening to music or studying.
  4. 4. The meaning of “gamification”• Gamification is the concept of applying game- design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging.
  5. 5. Why is gamification significant?• Goal  save the world (in game)  save the world (in reality)• to survive : 3 billion hours/w  20 billion hours/w• Motivations as in real life: collaborate, goal achievement, find the real meaning of overcoming obstacles• We feel better than reality, more confident
  6. 6. Why is gamification significant?• We find out our true skills, what we really are capable of• Inspiring stories• We always get rewarded, if we win• Hundreds of ways to express ourselves (through emotions/face expressions)
  7. 7. Express your feelings!Feel Free!
  8. 8. Games vs Real Life Games Real Life• Best version of oneself • Need more confidence• Relaxed • Anxious• Constant trying • Loss  Overwhelmed• More optimistic • More pessimistic• Epic wins  a lot easier • Challenges  difficult• Motivated to achieve• More tolerant, • Quits easily persistent
  9. 9. GamificationGaming mentality to encourage interaction
  10. 10. Top 4 Game MechanicsAccording to Mcgonigal: • Urgent Optimism act immediately + reasonable hope for success =Extreme self motivation • Social Fabric we like people more after a game with them • Blissful Productivity become willing of doing hard, meaningful work • Epic Meaning inspiring missions, meaningful achievements
  11. 11. Rest of Game Mechanics:• Achievements• Appointments• Behavioral Momentum• Bonuses• Cascading Information Theory• Combos• Community Collaboration• Countdown• Discovery• Free Lunch
  12. 12. Rest of Game Mechanics:• Infinite Gameplay• Levels• Loss Aversion• Lottery• Ownership• Points• Progression• Quests• Reward Schedules• Status• Virality
  13. 13. Humana Games for Health (HG4H)• “Make fun things healthy and healthy things fun”• Use video games to keep your mind and body fit
  14. 14. The Horsepower Challenge by Humana• Every player = 1 horse• Group of players = Group of horses= 1 school bus• Every player = 1 chip for step counting• Goal : the team with the most steps• Steps = points = school bus decoration
  15. 15. The Horsepower Challenge by Humana• Positive competition / cooperation• Motivation to exercise• Rewarding / points decoration• Teamwork (learning to obey/lead)• Self-improvement• Using internet not only for unimportant things
  16. 16. The Horsepower Challenge by Humana• School Competitions• Steps got doubled from the first week• Children started encouraging their families to exercise• 95% of children :“This is fun!”
  17. 17. .• Game that evaluates the way of life• Determination of “vitality age” - real age• Goal = understanding the way that our habits really affect our health
  18. 18. .• “Virtual Neighborhood” with medical/sport centers etc• Information about illnesses/prevention• “Room of relaxation”• Recipes for healthy food• Quizzes about health• Online games with othermembers
  19. 19. .• Similar company to Humana• “Plum” – mobile application about health• The user sets some goals (quitting smoking etc) and completes levels• If he cheats, he looses points/levels
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  21. 21. ΔιδάσκοντεςΓιαννακέας ΓιώργοςΔοξαράς ΙωάννηςΝεκτάριος ΣυλιγαρδάκηςΛήδα Τσενέ- συντονίστριαΜπέτυ Τσαγκαρέστου υπεύθυνη εργαστηρίου