bank of punjab Mba project


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bank of punjab Mba project

  1. 1. PRESENTER Ather Iqbal Roll No. 4610 Reg No. 08-PFD-9335
  2. 2. CONTENTS          History of BOP Introduction of D-Ground Branch Vision Mission BOP Awards and Achievements Branch Structure Branch Working and Services Human Resource Management in BOP SWOT Analysis of D-Ground Branch
  3. 3. Brief history of the BOP      The Bank of Punjab was established on 16th November ,1989. In 1994 BOP was converted into Scheduled commercial bank. Today BOP is working with its network of more than 293 branches at all major Business centers in Pakistan. Almost all braches are connected via On-Line system. The bank provides almost all banking services like Deposits in local currency , Remittance , Advances to businesses , Trade , Industry and Agriculture.
  4. 4. Introduction of D-Ground Fsd Branch       BOP D-Ground Branch code is 0206. The Bank of Punjab start work in D-Ground area at 15 april, 2006. Before Starting work in D-Ground this branch was working in Rail Bazar Faisalabad. In First two Month number of new Account opening was 7000. BOP D-Ground Branch is on line branch. The branch provides all banking services like Deposits in local currency , Advances to businesses , Industry and Agriculture etc.
  5. 5. VISION With the passion for innovation and fortified pride in who we are, our aim is to deliver more and contribute to the prosperity of Pakistan and every Pakistani.
  6. 6. MISSION STATEMENT We provide the service that enables people and businesses to extend themselves so they can reach new heights, fulfill their aspirations and achieve the best that’s on offer. With our customer knowledge and insight, we are determined to be a truly customerdriven business. Revitalised passion at the core, we are committed to delivering customer satisfaction, developing business integrity, and establishing pride in the people.
  7. 7. BOP Awards and Achievements  Excellence Awards by the Central Board of Revenue  Third Kisan Time Award  Best Corporate Report Award  16th Bolan Excellence Award  Achievement Award
  8. 8. BRANCH STRUCTURE Regional Chief, Regional Operational Head Internal Audit Customer Deposit Branch Manager, Operational Manager Cash & Clearing Bills & Remitt Accounts Opening I .T Credit Committee Advances Foreign Exchange NON-CLERICAL STAFF Consumer Finance
  9. 9. Services and Working at D-Ground Branch           Receive Deposits Cash payments Advances/ Loans Lockers Foreign Exchange Clearing Bills department Account opening ATM Service Online Funds Transfer
  10. 10. Human Resource Management in BOP         Assess the need of employees where, ever required. Provide equal opportunities for all the applicants. Select the most appropriate person for the job. For the purpose of selection conduct interviews, tests etc. Provides training opportunities to the employee both on the job and outside job. Motive the employee through the programs adopted by the head office. Evaluate the performance of the employees with the help of their immediate boss. Recommend reward and promotion for the employees
  11. 11. SWOT Analysis of BOP D-Ground Branch Faisalabad. STRENGTHS          Holds a sound repute in the financial circle of D-Ground area. Efficient services of the staff to the customers Located in the commercial area, so that the customers face no problems in reaching to the bank. Maintaining the healthy correspondent relationships with other branches and foreign banks It has a reliable and easy to use internal computer system. All the transactions and information regarded the customer’s deposits has been computerized. Currently, Unibank System is being practiced for this purpose. BOP D-Ground has its ATM Service, which is the Pakistan’s Fastest ATM Service. BOP D-Ground has its Locker Service for it’s A/C holder customers in very reasonable price. BOP D-Ground has its own buliding.
  12. 12.       WEAKNESSES No advertisement on electronic media has been made for this branch yet. Since, BOP’s major competitors are Union Bank Limited and Bank Alfalah has started large media campaign in D-Ground area, so keeping in view these threats, BOP should emphasize more on its advertisement. Some of the employees are burdened with over work. No extra bonus given yet to the hard working employees of this branch. Bank Staff did not give attention and proper guidance to internees. Division of work and description of job is not properly defined to each and every staff member in this branch.
  13. 13. OPPORTUNITIES    All the opportunities of the 21st century are to be availed in the information technology. Information technology is the future. Therefore BOP D-ground branch should emphasize much on IT like other bank branches adopted. If any party is late to return their loan which is borrow from the branch the bank manager manage it and provide facility that after some extra days you can return it The Bank branch has very strict rules and regulations about the customer’s complaints. The customers are treated as very special persons in this Branch.
  14. 14. THREATS     BOP is facing a strong competition by its major competitors in D-Ground area; United Bank and Allied Bank. Business of these banks is also growing with very high pace. So in order to achieve the sustainable growth in D-ground market, BOP has to remain vigilant about the ever changing environment and the competitors. All the competitors branches are using different means and methods to popularize their product and services. So BOP should keep in mind that a customer cannot come to the bank until he know that my demands will be fulfilled over here. BOP should enhance the Pay Packages given to the employees in this branch, because it has been noticed that the competitors of the BOP are giving more suitable pay package to their employees. BOP should enhance its Branch staff because in this branch often many customers face tension due to rush of work.