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Language Is A Tool3 Language Is A Tool3 Presentation Transcript

  • Language is a Tool By Ms. Milis
  • What is Language Used For?
    • To speak
    • To Tell something to someone
    • To ask for help
    • To communicate
  • English! What is it?
    • A word
    • A class
    • A language
  • What is Communication?
    • According to Webster’s Dictionary, “ Communication is the act of communicating.”
    • That doesn’t help us!
    • What does it mean to communicate?
    • To make known
    • To transmit a message
    • To interchange thoughts, feelings, and ideas
  • Communication Takes a Sender and a Receiver
    • It takes two to communicate
    • A sender: the person giving the message
    • A receiver: the person receiving the message
  • Five Ways we Communicate
  • We Communicate By…
    • Speaking
    • Listening
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • With our Bodies (includes appearance, facial expressions, and hand gestures)
  • Review
    • A hammer is a tool used to build things.
    • Language is a tool used to communicate.
    • Communication requires an exchange between two parties.
    • The sender transmits the message.
    • The receiver receives the message.
    • Five ways humans communicate are:
    • Listening, speaking, reading, writing, and body language
    • So What!
  • What Happens if Your Tools are Broken?
  • When Language Isn’t Used Correctly, the Receiver Doesn’t get It! It is Not Communication!
  • Punctuation, Tone, Grammar, and Voice are all Tools of Language.
    • What is the job of an exclamation point?
    • What does a verb do?
    • What is the purpose of an adjective?
    • What is the difference between saying someone is pretty and saying someone is cute?
  • Look at these sentences written to the principal about the quality of education on B-track. Which sentence, do you think, transmits the clearest message for the purpose at hand?
    • Yo! Valloni B-track sucks big time change it man.
    • Mr. Vallone, the quality of education on B-tack is truly suffering for lack of AP and honors’ classes.
    • Mr. Vallone I no that they don’t belive will do it but they all ways should lisen.
    • You should give us better food we’ll do better.
  • Ultimately, the tools of communication, if wisely used, can help us communicate things that are important to us.
  • The tools of language can help us get the things we want!
    • Like a good job!
  • A Home
  • A Part in a Play or Movie
  • A Promotion or Raise
  • A Good Deal
  • The Tools of Language can Ultimately help you live a Better Life
  • This is Communication Class Plain and Simple!
  • In this class you will learn to use the tools of language to communicate clearly and effectively in a variety of different real-world situations through writing, speaking, reading, and listening.
  • Good Luck!