Troys House Family Newsletter Final 2011


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Reconnecting Troy Banks with Family and Friends

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Troys House Family Newsletter Final 2011

  1. 1. TROY’S HOUSE Happy Birthday Troy!FAMILY NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 15, 2011 Reconnecting TROY BANKS with Family and Friends PRAYER FOR TODAYFather in Heaven, I choose to forget the past today. I don’t want anything to hold me backfrom the good future You have prepared for me. I choose forgiveness and ask that Youhelp me, by Your Spirit, to press forward in every area of my life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen. Each guest was TROY’S Garden, with beautiful spring and summer tempted by the FAMILY flowers, exotic fish in scrumptious AND FRIENDS ponds, and flowing foun- tains and waterfalls. The REUNION stage was set withselection of cakes and 2011 activities and cobblers, carefully THE KICKOFF Michael Johns, disc jockey and Prayer War- prepared by EVENT FOR TROY’S rior, led the group in a HOUSE BEGAN ON family prayer, and played Jerry Banks, JULY 17, 2011 IN relaxing Smooth Jazz Troy and Jerryour expert baker, and CAMARILLO, CA, music throughout the AT ST. JOHN’S afternoon.Troy ’ s mother. They In addition, nearly half of PLEASANT VALLEYenjoyed a very unique our guests made dona- HOSPITAL. tions for specializedgreen salad, made by T-shirts, coffee mugs, tote We were pleased to bags, hats, pens, note- Troy ’ s Aunt Chris- serve 46 to 50 guests in books, and mouse pads. attendance. Gueststine, and a sweet po- All proceeds will help to mingled while circling support our greatertato casserole, made the gorgeous Healing mission, by our friend Trish. ST. JOHNS PLEASANT VALLEY HOSPITAL HEALING GARDENJennifer grilled steak and hot dogs, andNatasha cooked 24 TROY’S HOUSE, albs of chicken wings. non-profit organi- zation that helpThank you Nicole for families visitthe delicious potato Hospitalssalad. HEALING 2011 Healing Garden Thank You ALL! GARDEN Pagoda
  2. 2. Reconnecting TROY BANKS with Family and Friends Inside this issue: Cover Story, Troy’s Reunion Troy’s Family 2 and Friends Reunion Pictures Troy’s Family & 3 Friends Reunion PicturesCongratulations to 4Natasha Saffo and Dru BanksReunion Pictures TROY’S FAMILY AND FRIENDS REUNION 2011 ST. JOHNS PLEASANT VALLEY HOSPITAL, CAMARILLO, CACongratulations to 5Marcus and Riki- sha; Mashae,Dennis , Tay’von and Donte;Reunion Pictures Troy’s House 6 Supporters Troy’s House 7 Supporters Cont’Troy’s News Article; 8 Page 2
  3. 3. Reconnecting TROY ISSUE 001 with FIRST EDITION VOLUME 001 BANKS Family and Friends S P R E A D THE WORD! In order for Troy’s House to receive donations, it’s important that you, our Readers, spread the word. Send an email to your friends and family about “” in support of Troy’s House. Make surethey fill out the Contact Us form so we can keep in touch and win grants. You can contact us by mail: TROY’S HOUSE BOX 56 3501 S. 38th Street TACOMA, WA 98409 TROY’S FAMILY AND FRIENDS REUNION 2011 Cont’ AFTER THE PARTY, A SMALL GROUP SURPRISED TROY WITH THE PERFECT GIFT, A CREATIVE PHOTO . THE PERFECT ENDING TO A FANTASTIC DAY! “WE LOVE TROY”! Below: Left: Mashae Banks (Troy’s Neice) with (her grandmother) Troy’s Mother, Jerry, (Center) Troy’s Aunt Karolyn, and (Right) Aunt Diane Malik and Mario having lunch in Malibu. California. Page 3
  4. 4. Reconnecting TROY BANKS Reconnecting TROY BANKS with Family and Friends with Family and Friends Troy’s Family and Friends Reunion 2011 Cont’Congratulations Natasha for earning your AS degree in Computer Data Sciences. Natasha (Troy’s Niece) Congratulations Troy watches Hula Hoop Challengers Dru (Troy’s Niece) for making thecheerleading team for 2 years straight! Go Juicy! TROY’S SISTER, ANDREA NATASHA AND TYSON WHITNEY AND DRU Page 4
  5. 5. VOLUME 001Reconnecting001 ISSUE TROY BANKS FIRST EDITION with Family and Friends IN TROY’S NEWS BREATHING PACEMAKERS Provide a far lower cost of care and much higher qual- ity of life for ventilator dependent patients with quad- riplegia, central sleep apnea, and diaphragm paralysis. The Mark IV Breathing Pacemaker System is a phrenic nerve stimulator, also called a diaphragm pacemaker. It consists of surgically implanted receivers and elec- trodes mated to an external transmitter by antennas worn over the implanted receivers. Congratulations Marcus Phrenic pacing provides ventilatory support for pa- (Troy’s Nephew) tients with chronic respiratory insufficiency whose and Rikisha on your nuptials May 22, 2010 diaphragm, lungs, and phrenic nerves have residual function. Diagnoses include, but are not limited to: Quadriplegia, complete or incomplete. The Mark IV Breathing Pacemaker System is the only device of its kind to have full premarket approval by the US FDA and qualify for the CE Mark under the European Active Implantable Medical Device Direc- tive. These devices are approved by the Center for medicare & Medicaid Services (formerly HFCA) for Medicare reimbursement and by most other private and govern- ment insurance plans throughout the world. Congratulations Malik, (Troy’s Nephew) for earning your BA degree in Business Administration Congratulations Mashae and Dennis CongratulationsTay’von for earning Baby Donte On having baby Donte, your Terrific Kid Emmanuel born Award! March 4, 2011. Anderson Page 5
  6. 6. Reconnecting TROY BANKS with Family and Friendswith Reconnecting TROY BANKS Family and Friends Our mission Because of our own experiences, we are committed to assist immediate family members with hospital Doree Foster housing while visiting a loved on in the Troy’s Grandmother hospital. Troy’s House Supporters WE WILL ALWAYS THANK THOSE ALONG THE WAY WHO SUPPORT US!  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tillman TROYS AUNTS, AND  Mr. and Mrs. Tyson Cowdrey MOTHER JERRY  Doree Foster  Jerry Banks  Diane Holmes  Nicole Holmes Thank you all for  Michael Johns attending Troy’s  Gloria Sarcos  Jethro and Ethel GuptonFamily and Friends  Louise Russell -Hawkins  Kim Jenkins Reunion. 2011.  Christina Barr  Tony Wall  Trish Banks  Jennifer Banks  Christine White  Larry Fondern  Rachel Roberts  Mr. and Mrs. Herman Burns  Andrea Bowers  Whitney Banks Above, Aunt Christine;  Mashae BanksAt right, Aunt Rose Tillman,  Mr. and Mrs. Mario Daniel and Jerry Banks,  Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Freeman Troy’s Mother  Malik Olanrewaju  Erin Siegl Page 6
  7. 7. Reconnecting Volume 1, Issue 1 TROY BANKS with Family and Friends SUPPORTERS COMMENTS MADE ABOUT TROY’S REUNION “I COULDNT BELIEVE IT WHEN ...“NATASHA: Cousin Malik participated in the Hula Hoop contest.MASHAE: the family showed so much support at our donation boothTYSON: I saw the huge smile on Troy’s faceATHENA: Malik tried my chili cheese burger from Carl’s Jr!AUNT DIANE: I saw the magnitude of the work that went into the event.JERRY: at 87 years old, my adult children are blessed with a great Aunt. Welcome Mrs. Christine White. Baby TroyMARIO: how well things came together with the short amount of set up time BanksTROY: Larry Fondern showed up!WHITNEY: I had almost all my cousins there...4 generations? We apologize for not having your pictures orMIKE: everybody came together for one cause. input in this issue. Please submit your pictures for our next issue. For more WE WILL ALWAYS THANK THOSE ALONG THE WAY WHO SUPPORT US information, please email Charlene Bassett Robin Locksley Martin Gutierrez TROY’S FOOD Troy Lazos WARRIORS, Dr. Ed and Fran Elson Margaret SattleWhite WE THANK YOU SO Mack Richardson MUCH for everything Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Davis you say and do. There Sylvia Escalante is never a dull moment Maria Soto with our California Nancy Cross Troy’s House Family, Jeanette Lincoln Hood, We are fortunate to Brenda Harris have family, neighbor- Mr. and Mrs. Johnny hood friends, Church Maxwell groups, clubs, hospital Marie Stewart staff, and businesses Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Brown donate their time, ser- Jeff Westgate vices, and lots of food Holly Gilbertson-Lyle and goodies for all Phil Patterson guests to ENJOY! Page 7
  8. 8. Microsoft Reconnecting TROY BANKS with Family and Friends SPREAD THE WORD AGAIN!!! Upcoming Troy’s House Event in Santa Maria California, Summer 2012Troy still making the Newspapers! Walk-a-thon, See Article Posted BBQ, MAY 28, 2011 at Carwash Where hope, tragedy Let’s Walk for and home intertwine: Life! VISITING HOSPITAL CAN BRING HAPPINESS TO FAMILIES AND PATIENTS TROY’S FAMILY AND FRIENDS REUNION 2011 CONT’ Malik and Whitney The Boys and Girls Troy’s Sister, Veronica Davis
  9. 9. Reconnecting TROY BANKS with Reconnecting TROY BANKS with Family and Friends Family and Friends PRAYERS LIST FOR OUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS  TROY BANKS  DOREE FOSTER  JERRY L. BANKS  MASHAE BANKS  TROYS HOUSE  NICOLE HOLMES SUPPORTERS  DRU BANKS  MARLENE  BRENDA WILLIAMS HAPPY TO ATTEND TROY’S CASTELLENOS  JEAN FREUND FAMILY AND FRIENDS  ALICIA PEREZ  ONETTA BURNS   ELDER HERMAN REUNION LYDIA LOCKHART  MARIO AND ATHENA BURNS DANIEL  LIZ AND SILAS  MATILDA BRIGNONNI MOORE  GLORIA BRADFORD Let’s get together  CARMEN PILLOT  SIDNEY AND  ANDREA BOWERS next summer!  NATASHA COWDREY VERONICA DAVIS Send in your request for BBQ Troy’s House Family Recipe menu. Pork, Beef Submitted by Natasha Saffo Cowdrey or Chicken? Shrimp Fettuccini 2 tsp oil 1 lb of lg. peeled deveined, uncooked shrimp 2 cloves of minced garlic ¼ c of finely minced onion 1 tsp of McCormick spicy Montreal spicy steak seasoning 2 cups of whole wheat fettuccini or whole wheat Rotini pasta 1 tub of Kraft Philadelphia Italian cheese and herb cooking crème 1 tbsp of chopped fresh parsley 2 tbsp of Kraft grated Parmesan cheese Cook pasta according to package omitting the salt. Meanwhile in a large skillet heat oil over medium heat. Add onion and sauté for 2-3 minutes. Add shrimp, garlic, and McCormick seasoning and cook 5-6 minutes until shrimp is fully cooked. Remove shrimp reserving liquid if any. Add cooking crème to skillet and whisk until smooth. Add shrimp and heat thoroughly. Add pasta, parsley and parmesan to skillet and toss with sauce2011 Hula Hoop Champions until coated. Jade and Whitney Serve immediately Page 9
  11. 11. Reconnecting Volume 1, Issue 1 TROY BANKS with Family and Friends TROYS HOUSE CLASSIFIED ADS Inside this issue: Cover Story, Troy’s ReunionTROY’S HOUSE Items For Sale? Troy Article; Troys 8 WISH LIST - Family and Friends (Send email to: 2012: Reunion pictures Cont’ Volunteers for Rooms for Rent? Walk-a-thon, Malik just landed a job in Seattle, WA. Prayers for Family 9 BBQ and Car He is looking for a room or apartment rent and Friends; Wash, in November. 206-734-2356 Troy’s High School 10 Legal Expertise Reunion, 30 years Looking for Work? Non Profit Tax Mario Daniel, Journeyman Assembly Accountant Marine Technician, LOOKING for Donations, any Employment in Ventura County, CA. Classifieds;; 11 Poetry; Corner; amount Port Hueneme Base, Lockheed Martin? A Message from 772-621-6062 Troy POETRY A MESSAGE Board Of Directors 12 Message; CORNER FROM TROY Volunteers Section; TROY BACK IN 13 THE DAY!HOW I DESCRIBE YOU? The day started out with the Tomorrow’s PrayerFrom the time you were born nurses making a canopy out of I have loved you... How I describe you? sheets for my bed, to protect Thank you A Warrior me from the sun. St. John’s Pleasant Intelligent Valley Hospital, Strong Willed Afterwards, I was wheeled especially Gena, and Determined the Sub Acute Loving outside to the Healing Garden Nursing staff for Warm & Kind where I visited with Friends and ALL YOU DO.! A Peace Maker Relatives. A Smile that draws like a We want to thank magnet Costco for sponsoring An inspiration for all that GOD IS LOVE. our first event. know you From, Troy Banks My favorite Son You are as good as it gets. Much Love, Ma Page 11
  12. 12. Reconnecting Volume 1, Issue 1 TROY BANKS with Family and Friends BOARD OF DIRECTORS MESSAGE VOLUNTEERS SECTION: On behalf of our organization to wit- Chairperson: IF YOU ARE Athena Daniel INTERESTED IN wonderful Volunteer ness the difference it Vice Chair: BECOMING A TROY’S Board Of Directors, shall make in the lives Mario Daniel HOUSE BOARD MEMBER, WE ARE we wish to thank eve- of so many families. Secretary: REVIEWING NEW Andrea Bowers MEMBERSHIPS INryone who contributes Let’s stay connected Treasurer: JANUARY 2012. to Troy‘s House. and reunited! May Mashae Banks Strategic Planner: Please call Troy’s House Your efforts help us God bless you and Natasha Saffo at achieve our mission your family with good Cowdrey 772-621-6062 everyday. It’s a privi- health , peace and Executive Advisor: or Troy Banks Visit our website at: lege to serve a prosperity. Sincerely. Editor In Chief www, faith based Troy‘s House!, Inc. Athena Daniel or email us at: TROY BACK IN THE DAY!! Happy Birthday Troy!!! AT THIS TIME, ALL We love you and want you TROY’S HOUSE MEMBERS to know that you are not ARE VOLUNTEER POSITIONS. alone. We keep you in our IF YOU ARE NTERESTED IN prayers and pray that you VOLUNTEERING AT OUR may come home soon. UPCOMING EVENT, IN SANTA MARIA, SUMMER We hope you enjoyed the 2012, PLEASE VISIT OUR first edition of the Troy’s WEBSITE AND FILL OUT THE CONTACT US SEC- House Family Newsletter. TION., OR EMAIL GOD BLESS, ALWAYS WE WILL CONTACT YOU 2 MONTHS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. FOR THE HOLIDAYS, WE HAVE TROY’S CAFÉ GIFT BASKETS. CONTACT JERRY BANKS OR CON- PRAYER FOR TOMORROW TACT US FOR MOREFATHER GOD, We know that you dont change; therefore we ask you to change us. We know INFORMATION. 100% OF THE PROCEEDS WILL GOwe are your children, and have a blood covenant with Jesus. Therefore, we know we can speak TOWARDS OUR MISSION.and ask boldly in Jesus’ name, and be confident in our faith that we are heirs of the kingdom. Weask you, In Jesus’ mighty name, for Troy’s House. We shall give you all the glory and follow your LOOKING TO ADVERTISEcommandments. In Proverbs 18:20, You said that a mans belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of WITH US? PLEASE EMAILthe mouth; and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled. We are confessing with our mouths A COPY OF YOURfor you to use us for your will and bless us to partnership with you at Troys House, in Camarillo, BUSINESS CARD TODAY!California. We pray with our lips for joy, peace and prosperity as we fulfill this mission for good. Our next issue will beAccording to your word in 1 Peter 4 vs. 8-9 , Troy’s House will above all things have fervent published oncharity among yourselves; for charity shall cover the multitude of sins. Use May 15, 2012hospitality one to another without grudging. AMEN. Page 12