Difference Between Android And I Phone Development

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  • 1. Difference between Android and iPhone development Vo Thanh Cong - MultiNC
  • 2. ROUND 1 - Language
  • 3. Language
    • Objective C & Cocoa framework
      • New language
      • Deal with memory management among application logic
      • Type longer (many parentheses, violation of DRY), method name is type longer but more meaningful
    • Java and Android platform
      • Very familiar language with many people
      • Have Garbage collection
  • 4. Tutorial & resources
    • Some excellent resources for learning iPhone such as Stanford course, a lot of documentations from Apple
    Both have good resources, and sample code
    • Larger Java community(stackoverflow), a lot of excellent java book
  • 5. Built-in library
    • Need a third party libruary for Json, XML, Regex...
    • Many libraries inside (XML parser, Regular Expression...)
  • 6. ROUND 2 – OS & IDE
  • 7. OS
    • Mac OS
      • buy new machine or install hackintosh
    • Window, Linus, Mac OS
      • available
  • 8. IDE
    • X-Code for coding
      • good suggestion but no auto import and have to compile for error and warning
    • Eclipse for coding
      • excellent suggestion
        • with Java doc,
        • auto import,
        • immediate feedback of warning and error,
        • and error fixing suggestion
  • 9. UI design
    • UI Builder for UI designing
      • Excellent tools for designing with good design and standardized controls, good Human Interface Guidelines
    • Built-in tools or using XML
      • Harder for design with Eclipse built-in tools, and designing for various screen size
  • 10. Emulator
    • Excellent emulator (fast and stable)
    • Emulator slow and often lost connection, less productive
  • 11. ROUND 3 – APPS STORE
  • 12. Appstore
    • Apple Apps store (120.000 apps and 42.5M sold devices)
      • need to wait for approval from Apple
      • sometime get refuse without any useful explaination
    • Google Android Application Store (20.000 apps and ?? sold devices)
      • appear in Store within minutes
  • 13. Thank you!