Male and Female condom use steps

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I use this during condom use demonstration session in peer education and HIV and AIDS Counselors Training and family planning Workshops

I use this during condom use demonstration session in peer education and HIV and AIDS Counselors Training and family planning Workshops

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  • 1. Male & Female Condom Use Steps Dr.Amungwa Athanasius Nche Public Health Specialist HIV/AIDS Training Officer/Counselor UNMISS, Republic of South Sudan
  • 2. General Introduction• Most people would use a condom, which could be 98% effective but would use them incorrectly and therefore reduce this effectiveness.• It is best to practice Abstinence and Be faithful and stay away from condom use but most people cannot muster up the discipline necessary for AB. So they report to condoms effectively and not use.• Bottom line is that if a condom must be used, it must be used correctly and consistently with each sexual intercourse.
  • 3. HIV PREVENTION A Abstinence BBe Faithful E Early testing D Drop all risky behaviour And treatment C Condomise HIV/AIDS AWARENESS 3 SLIDES/AMUNGWA/SHADE
  • 4. Use condoms for HIV Prevention HIV/AIDS AWARENESS 4 SLIDES/AMUNGWA/SHADE
  • 5. Male Condom Use Instructions• Before Intercourse: Check expiry date HIV/AIDS AWARENESS 5 SLIDES/AMUNGWA/SHADE
  • 6. Step Two• If you are not circumcised, pull back the foreskin. Put the condom on the end of the hard penis. Note: If the condom is initially placed on the penis backwards, do not turn it around. Throw it away and start with a new one. HIV/AIDS AWARENESS 6 SLIDES/AMUNGWA/SHADE
  • 7. Step Three• Pinching the tip of the condom to squeeze out air, roll on the condom until it reaches the base of the penis. Check to make sure there is no air at the tip HIV/AIDS AWARENESS 7 SLIDES/AMUNGWA/SHADE
  • 9. Step Five• After ejaculation, hold onto the condom at the base of the penis. Keeping the condom on, pull the penis out before it gets soft . Make sure you use tissue paper or a clean cloth during removal to protect your hands against sexual secretions. NOT ADVISED HIV/AIDS AWARENESS 9 SLIDES/AMUNGWA/SHADE
  • 10. Step Six• Slide the condom off without spilling the liquid (semen) inside.• Protect your hands with a clean cloth or tissue paper.• Dispose of the used condom correctly• Wash your genitals and hands thoroughly with soap and water under running water. HIV/AIDS AWARENESS 10 SLIDES/AMUNGWA/SHADE
  • 11. Male condom should be disposed of correctly as shown below HIV/AIDS AWARENESS 11 SLIDES/AMUNGWA/SHADE
  • 12. Using the female condom HIV/AIDS AWARENESS 12 SLIDES/AMUNGWA/SHADE
  • 13. Check presence of two rings which assure condom’s intactness HIV/AIDS AWARENESS 13 SLIDES/AMUNGWA/SHADE
  • 14. Make a figure of 8 for easy insertion HIV/AIDS AWARENESS 14 SLIDES/AMUNGWA/SHADE
  • 15. Assume any of the following positions to ease the insertion HIV/AIDS AWARENESS 15 SLIDES/AMUNGWA/SHADE
  • 16. Insert condom as far up the vagina as possible HIV/AIDS AWARENESS 16 SLIDES/AMUNGWA/SHADE
  • 17. Make sure the external ring protects the vulva before guiding the penis into the vagina HIV/AIDS AWARENESS 17 SLIDES/AMUNGWA/SHADE
  • 18. After ejaculation, remove condom as shown and dispose it correctly, never in a w.c HIV/AIDS AWARENESS 18 SLIDES/AMUNGWA/SHADE
  • 19. Female condom should be disposed of correctly as shown below Simple incinerator HIV/AIDS AWARENESS 19 SLIDES/AMUNGWA/SHADE