athandz Newsletter July-Sep 2011


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This feature presents
-Most Favourite Holiday Destinations of Swedish Nationals
-Using Twitter to Strengthen Business Relationships
-Planning to Travel with your Kids this Summer?

Published in: Technology, Travel
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athandz Newsletter July-Sep 2011

  1. 1. Manage Your Subscription and Profile Share| View Previous Issues   Like         _ Newsletter: 3rd Quarter Edition (Jul - Sep 2011)   This newsletter gives you a brief of interesting topics with rare to find information. View complete sample reports with carefully analyzed and formatted information on the topics by logging into our website. Take the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas and suggestions with the athandz  team! This quarters features include: Plan your travel itinerary for your vacation this summer Most Favourite Holiday Destinations of Swedish Nationals   The Swedes made 13 million trips abroad with overnight stays during 2010, of which 10.8 million were leisure athandz can do the research and trips. Approximately 450,000 Swedish nationals visit give a list of activities - customizing Turkey every year. With its natural beauties, comfortable   your trip to suit your requirements hotels and affordable prices, Antalya is the most favourite such as what to do on your holiday, holiday destination of Swedish nationals. where to stay, places to see, options for kids etc. All you have to The next most popular destination is Mallorca Spain for its favourable year round climate, its do is sit back, relax and enjoy your    many coastal resorts, series of beautiful beaches and scenic attractions. holiday!   Plan your holiday in these exciting destinations by taking a look at our detailed presentation covering the places to go and things to see, things to do and shopping. Read More.... Click here to see a sample report   of one of our happy customers who Using Twitter to Strengthen Business Relationships planned his holiday in Singapore with Why should your business use Twitter to build business relationships? Let’s count the reasons:   his 5 year old daughter. 1. It’s free 2. Your target audience is likely using it Let us know your need and we will 3. Your competitors are probably using it too plan out your dream vacation. 4. It helps you increase your online presence 5. It offers a range of other benefits too (e.g.   A 5 hour research report would reputation management, increased web traffic, market research, etc.) just cost you 900 SEK! Email your inquiries to: Find out more about how twitter can help in your business by reading our report. Read More...    Planning to Travel with your Kids this Summer? Choosing the perfect summer vacation can be difficult, especially when you have a family. There are a number of holiday spots that could be considered “family friendly,” but not all are.    As a parent, you may be wondering how you can find the perfect summer vacation destination for your family. This list is designed to help you and your families with kids under 6 years of age enjoy and have fun. Read More... athandz features on-going, fresh and engaging content - updated monthly - around topics of latest technological  trends, new innovations, current controversial happenings and new business insights. It is intended to provide unique   views, knowledge and channel communication between athandz and its’ customer base.