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Easter cicle superior



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  • 1. Megan Woodbury Anna Teixidó Cairol
  • 2.
    • Easter is celebrated this year (2011) on the 24 th April. But each year the date is different.
    • Easter in England is a Bank Holiday. This means that everyone has a day off work and school.
  • 3. Easter Monday Good Friday Easter Sunday – the main day.
  • 4.
    • Easter in England means CHOCOLATE!
    • At Easter in England, people give children ‘Easter eggs’. These are eggs made of chocolate!
    • The main chocolate egg maker is Cadbury’s
  • 5. About 80 million eggs are eaten in Britain each year.
  • 6.
    • In some places in England, we have Easter egg hunts for children.
  • 7.
    • In an Easter egg hunt, small chocolate eggs are hidden.
    • The children have to search for them and collect them in baskets.
  • 8.  
  • 9.
    • At Easter we eat lots of delicious food!
    • This is a Hot Cross Bun.
    • You can toast it and eat it with butter.
  • 10. We eat lots of chocolate Easter eggs. And we normally have a Roast dinner too! But at Easter the meat is usually lamb.
  • 11. At Easter we say...
  • 12. Easter Egg Rabbit = bunny Daffodil Lily
  • 13. Chocolate Lamb Chick
  • 14.  
  • 15. 1. What day is Easter celebrated on? a- Monday b- Sunday c- Tuesday d- Wednesday
  • 16.  
  • 17. 2. What food do we usually eat in England at Easter? a- chocolate b- bananas c- crisps d- bread
  • 18.  
  • 19. 3. What is a Bank Holiday? a- a day to work b- a day to eat c- a day of no work d- a day to sing
  • 20.  
  • 21. 4. What day is Easter this year? a- 21 st April b- 24 th October c- 1 st May d- 24 th April
  • 22.  
  • 23. 5. What is it called when children go ‘hunting’ for Easter eggs? a- Easter egg search b- Easter egg hunt c- Easter egg dinner d- Easter egg party
  • 24.  
  • 25.