#ATC2014 Rebecca Houghton, Post People 1st: a case study


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Rebecca Houghton, Head of Recruitment at Australia presented this case study at #ATC2014. This case study reviews the Post People 1st strategy which was designed to take its internal mobility to new heights. By integrating Mobility with Recruitment, Transition, Training and Assessment Australia Post has created a platform to create real value in the engagement, reputation and commercial stakes. For organisations who want to optimise talent, drive up engagement and retention, or build a reputation as an employer of choice, this is the ultimate case study.

You can see a graphic facilitation of this session on pinterest here http://bit.ly/1qtaG7Z

Photos from the conference can be found here

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#ATC2014 Rebecca Houghton, Post People 1st: a case study

  1. 1. Post People 1st – a case study #ATC2014
  2. 2. Context The facts about Post #ATC2014
  3. 3. Page 3© 2013 Australia Post Change is not new to Australia Post we have evolved frequently over the last 200 years #ATC2014
  4. 4. Our uniqueassets are critical enablersof our success 4 Australia’s oldest continuously running organisation • Founded in 1809 Ranked as Australia’s 2nd most reputable brand^ One of Australia’s largest Retail footprints • 4,428 postal outlets nationwide Australia’s most extensive delivery network • Delivering to all 11 million Australian homes and businesses Our Workforce • Engagement increasing from 69% to 78% – in 2 years. ^ AMR RepTrak survey, 2012.#ATC2014
  5. 5. Page 5© 2014 Australia Post The rise of the digital economy is drivingrapid change in customerbehaviourin our core markets Theneedfor changewas clear… … and our strategicchallengescomplex • How do we manage for the decline of the letters business? • How do we grow the products and services our customers want? • How do we bring our people, LPOs, mail and parcel contractors, and the community on the journey? Future Ready De-coupling from GDP due to digital substitution Growth traditionally matched GDP -1.0 -0.5 0.0 0.5 1.0 $b FY1 4F FY 12 FY 102 FY 08 FY 06 FY 04 FY 02 FY 00 FY 98 FY 96 FY 94 FY 92 Pre-Future Ready business trajectory Actual results Enterprise PBT (FY92 – FY14F) Rapid digitisation
  6. 6. Page 6© 2013 Australia Post We developed clear strategiesto address these challenges Modernising our communications business, physically and digitally Communications Growing our trusted services offering, in-store and online Retail World class parcels business offering end to end eCommerce solutions Parcels Efficiency, innovation, service quality High performance, people and culture #ATC2014
  7. 7. Measuring our progress along the way Performance Ready | Say2Action | Financial Outcomes | Customer Activity Talented People Behaving in the right ways With a clear strategy and plan of action Supported by good systems and processes Achieving successful outcomes Our approach to executing our strategy 7 #ATC2014
  8. 8. Our workforce 135 NATIONALITIES, 65 LANGUAGES (22.9% of People are Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) 32,652 Employees 30,924 Award Staff 23,613 Full time 8,585 Part time 454 Casual 35% 27% 19% 8% 6% 5% Vietnamese PhilippinesCantonese Greek Hindi Italian Diverse & Inclusive… 39.1% Women 1.6% Indigenous Australians 7.0% People with Disability 10,727 employees with online access 13,612 employees 495 facilities 10,014 employees 7 major facilities 6,267 employees 4,429 outlets CMS Parcels & Express Retail FBUs 2,759 employees Top 6 non-English speaking
  9. 9. Post People 1st the Initiative #ATC2014
  10. 10. © 2013 Australia Post Page 10 Supporting Career Mobility Enablers accessible technology, internal policies & processes, communication strategy, workforce planning, career frameworks 1st for Skills re-skilling & up-skilling 1st for Careers pathways internal & external 1st for Jobs visibility of Post jobs Measures of success Internal & overall mobility, Staff Engagement, Right person - Right job - Right time, Data driven decision making To put our people first we need to understand our workforce enhance our HR systems & processes to provide visibility of jobs & access to skills making it easier for people to manage their career Post People 1st #ATC2014
  11. 11. Driving great results at the 6 month mark 51% of vacancies were filled with a Post Person in the last 6 months Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar 14 77 121 144 254 400 #ATC2014
  12. 12. Challenge yourself Think differently #ATC2014
  13. 13. © 2013 Australia Post Page 13 Doing things differently: All this was launched with………… An organic strategy , deliberately ‘grown’ around the purpose Multiple, joint accountability Shared funding and resources Multiple contributors - 10 centres of excellence Agile, rather than formal governance And succeeded because………. Purpose and communication was strong, clear and consistent #ATC2014
  14. 14. Questions #ATC2014