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11   language 11 language Presentation Transcript

  • Today we are going to investigate ….
  • I think we can agree that the main reason for advertising is to the public to a certain product.
  • Persuading and convincingsomeone to buy something is notas easy as it sounds. To produce an effective advert you have to have a hook and choose your vocabulary carefully.
  • Effective adverts use POSITIVE WORDSthat stand out and give thereader a good feeling about theproduct. They ignore anynegatives..
  • Effective adverts convince you that you must buy the product being advertised in order to It is improve your life. They usesofter, words and phrases such as:gentler, kinder Happier Happier to your More attractive More attractive hands! Healthier Healthier Good for you Good for you More successful More successful Thinner Thinner Less stressed Less stressed Smoother Smoother
  • Many products have CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS It is when celebrities say that they use an advertiser’s product.Yes, I Advertisers want you to imaginewearsun yourself using the same product. glasses b y HUT T ! This often results in people, who admire the celebrity, buying that product.
  • Many effective adverts containRiding PROMISESour bikeswill improve They make you feel that you are health – you will unable to live without their be more alert, product. fitter and feel younger! Which words on the advert board make you feel that you need to own the bike being advertised?
  • Effective adverts usually have Onepicture EYE CATCHING is w orth a nd andthousa ! w ords MEMORABLE PICTURES.
  • Effective adverts may include SPECIAL OFFERS.40% Special offers may be: Off free products – “buy one get one free” vouchers - money off deals competitions discounts
  • Effective adverts often use RHETORICAL QUESTIONS.ARE you A rhetorical question is a questionin need of a that is used for effect. It does not holiday? need to be answered. DO you enjoy the outdoors? WHY not The advertisers want to get us visit the New Fore s t? thinking about products that we have not actually thought about buying, until the idea was skilfully put into our minds.
  • Effective adverts often use BOSSY VERBS!VISIT the These verbs tell us what weamazingbeach. need to do to get the best out EXPLORE of the product being the nearby caves. advertised. ENJOY the Sunshine! They also help to create a wonderful word picture of what the product offers.
  • Successful adverts contain all l i neBuy on m’.at ‘jag.co NECESSARY INFORMATION at Available al your loc et. su permark about the product and inform you We are off located where to find and buy the product. at the M25 12. Junction ap S ee the m . There is no use telling you how attached wonderful a product is if you do not know where to find it!
  • Many of the best adverts haveIt’s thereal a CATCH PHRASE. thing. Take a break…. It is a phrase or expression vocally How do you repeated to the extent that saying the eat phrase makes you think of the yours? product.
  • Effective adverts contain many of the following: • adverts use positive words, ignoring negatives • adverts aim to convince you that you need the advertised product • adverts often contain promises • adverts have BOSSY VERBSJob tion, • adverts use rhetorical questionsdescrip he“Hook t • adverts use eye catching, memorable pictures nto public i w anting ” • adverts sometimes have catch phrases g! s omethin • adverts give product information • adverts tell where and when the product can be found • adverts may have a celebrity endorsement • adverts may make offers e.g. discounts, vouchers and competitions.