Chronos Workflow Platform Brochure 2011


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Business processes in your
organization can be managed and
automated quickly easily using Chronos
Workflow Platform without software developer

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Chronos Workflow Platform Brochure 2011

  1. 1. Business Process ManagementBusiness Process Automation Document Management
  2. 2. Recommendations for CWP Each business process in your organization can be managed and“This solution is best automated easily using Chronossuited for business Workflow Platform:units often requiringcustom applicationdevelopment which HR: Employee onboarding, Recruitment,can be time consuming Candidate tracking, Contract tracking,and expensive Leave management, Training tracking,compared to the Outsourcing, HR Purchasing Request,implementation Status Change Process, Holiday Approval,of an off-the-shelf Travel and Expense Approval, Contractproduct.” Manage, Timesheet Management,Purchasing Director, Financial Services Contractor Handling, AdministrativeMultinational processes etc.“We have implemented CWP for Preparing /Modifying Internal Regulations flows process and CRM: Customer Complaint Handling,we found CWP by far the best solution in the Problem Handlingmarket: a user-friendly environment, wide-ranged functionality and preeminent connecting Accounting and Finance: Accountsservices have been provided by Chronos Systems” Payable, Employee Reimbursements,Quality Assurance Director, Multinational Expenditure Management Billing,Banking / Insurance service Reporting, Purchase Order and Requisition, Voucher Generation & Management, Loan“Chronos Workflow Platform provides us a high Processing, Check Processing, Accountlevel flexibility that so far could only come from Opening Processing, Customer Complaintcustom development solutions” Handling, Purchase Process Management,IT Director, FMCG multinational Document Management, Internal“We are using CWP for suspicious transaction Regulations handling, Corporate Assetstracking and reporting. We found the system Handling, Account Processing, Accounteffective and decent to all of our automation Activation, Complaint Handling, Policyneeds!’ Issuance, Claims Process, Broker IT Operations Director, Financial Services Management, Contract Handling etc.Multinational Compliance: Audit, Security, Suspicious transactions, Contract management, Signature and records management, Approval management Logistics: Vendor management, Delivery handling, New Product Development, Change Handling, Depository management etc. Manufacturing: eMOC, Project Tracking, Project Management, Customer Complaint Handling,   Over 1000 workflow implementations across the globe
  3. 3. Enterprise Edition or Top Features Workflow-as-a-ServiceIn contrast to the majority of workflow (WaaS)systems available worldwide, simplicity isthe ethos of CWP:Process Optimization – eliminates orreduces redundant paperwork for a ROI tooutperform your competitionEnterprise Agility – adapts as yourcompany changes to avoid loss of ROIReal Time Reporting – reporting theway you want it with the information youneedFast Implementation – days, notmonths!Information Security - with rolemanagement, user authentication,document tracking and time/date stampall actionsWYSIWYG – fully self-service platform: noHTML, web technical or programmingknowledge requiredEffective integration - integrationwith commonly used systems (SAP, Oracle) Create, modify, deploy & manage any of your business processes without the involvement of programming resources or any special tool  
  4. 4. Chronos Workflow Platform – Technical aspects • Not embedded in the development environment • Does not require any kind of IT support following installation • Does not require the knowledge of any programming language or environment to create new business processes or create new parameters • Is embedded in the user environment and can be accessed from everywhere via a simple browser (both administrator and user interface) • It is able to create and service an unlimited number of processes. • Is embedded in the user environment and can be accessed from everywhere via a simple browser (both administrator and user interface) • By filling in forms, process managers are able to quickly create processes in hours and modify them in minutes • XML based process description: The graphical designer tool provides an XML description about the process • XML based interfaces to other process management systems like: QPR ProcessGuide or ARIS Process Platform. XML export capability from these systems and creates the appropriate process based on them. • Document based process administration tool: Here you can set up the different process parameters like the form fields, process owners, step owners, routing conditions, etc... • Organizational database to reflect the structure of the organization, specify the people, groups, roles and departments and their hierarchical relation to each • Multilevel notification sending system: Using this tool you can assign a notification sending with any address, customized subject and mail body to any number of step transitions • External database access: external database querying can be inserted into the user forms. • Security: The Chronos Workflow Platform applies a job based security system. A process document can be seen by the process participants, process owners and process readers (that were assigned to the process in the process administration). • Lists and statistics: Apart from the existing, general reports a report builder is implemented allowing the users to create customized lists for the different processes. J2EE Platform Edition release: 2011 summer 
  5. 5. Chronos Workflow Platform - Operational Environment BenefitsThe corporation will benefit fromimmediate and direct return on Application and Web Server:investment Windows 2000 or 2003 or 2008 Server, MS IIS 5 (or above)Implementing Chronos Workflow gives: Database Server: • More efficient operation of an Oracle 10g or 11g OR Windows SQL Server organization 2000 or 2005 or 2008 • Reduction in administrative burdens Workflow Engine: • No lost files, information is saved Service based and stored centrally • Elimination of errors, ensuring Browser compatibility: completeness MS Internet Explorer 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x • Acceleration of internal cross- Mozilla Firefox 2.x, 3.x, checks Safari 2.x, 4.x, 5.x • Progress reports, automatic Google Chrome 2.x -4.x monitoring of deadlines and e-mail Opera 1-10 notifications • Diversity and flexibility in drawing Security: up and modification of executive MS IIS Basic or NTLM authentication, or reports, transparency, simplified authentication based on the management of print templates organizational database through Active • Thorough documentation of all Directory synchronization, or development of changes in operation customized IIS ISAPI extension to LDAP data • Time/date stamp all actions source • WYSIWYG – fully self-service platform: no HTML, web technical Sales Enquiries: or programming knowledge E-mail: required Central & Eastern Europe Phone: +36 1 268 1216 Western Europe Phone: +44 207 096 4204 Southern Europe & Middle East Phone:+ 34 670 224 395 Northern Europe: Phone: + 46 738 375 749 USA: Phone: +1 702 548 9438 Latin America: Phone: + 54 11 4809 3838 www.chronossystems.comChronos Systems Inc. is a premium leader in offering Business Process Automation,Management and Document Management solutions. With more then 10 years ofexperience the corporation primarily focuses on Business Process Automation by itsleading product of Chronos Workflow Platform and by offering SaaS solutions as well.