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Audience feedback media coursework

  1. 1. What I havelearnt from myaudiencefeedback?
  2. 2. Me and my group have had a lot of audience feedback from our peers, siblings,teachers and even people in the film industry. We have had all different types offeedback, some before our trailer was complete giving us the chance to changesome things in order to make our trailer better. Some of the feedback was givento us after the trailer was complete, this allows us to take these things on boardand tell us what we will do better in the future.The feedback and advice given to us while making our trailer were things such as:Changing the music so it matches the theme of our trailer more, and more fadesand dissolves to that they scenes flow together better so it tells a better story,and also we were told to re-arrange the clips so that it makes it seem more like areal trailer and tells a story.
  3. 3. Feedback from our teachers
  4. 4. Re-arranging the clips - The purpose of a trailer is to tell a story but not telltoo much so the target audience can go and watch it in the cinema.However a film trailer does not need to be in the same order as the film,from this our teacher gave us some feedback and said that we should rearrange our shots more and mix it up more. This helped us in so many waysand made our trailer much better. We also moved the clips around so thatthe music can be more effective in certain scenes.Fades and dissolves – After we moved around the clips and they were inthe correct order we needed to add some fades and dissolves. Fades anddissolves were found on the iMovie programme , they are used to make theclips flow together better, once these were added our trailer cametogether. Some of the fades were black which creates more a atmosphere.Changing the music – We were giving a wide selection to use in our trailers,but they music in a trailer is very important because it needs to match andcorrespond to the theme of our trailer. It also sets the mood , pace andtempo. We originally used a hip hop provided to us by Awate but we weretold from audience feedback did not go with the theme of our trailer whichis investigation and the idea of what is known and unknown. The music wechose also clashed with our dialogue as it was louder, from then we found anew song which went better with trailer.
  5. 5. A trailer should consist of certain thingsand should do many things •Good control over the camera and tripod, meaning the camera shots have got to be very good. •Variety of shot sizes •Very good mise en scene, makeup and lighting •Good use of shot transitions so that it flows together well •Recording and editing sound with images appropriately •Choosing a sound track appropriate to the form and convention •Does it tell the story well, do you know what is going on? •Is the film genre clear? •Is the films emotional hook appropriate for the target audience? •Does the trailer make you want to go and see this film?
  6. 6. Feedback from people in the film industry We had the amazing opportunity to meet and get feedback from people in the film industry. People such as: Christine Blundell – A make up artist who has worked on many films such as Sherlock homes and happy go lucky. Femi Oyeniran – An actor who has been in films such as Kidulthood, Adulthood and Anuvahood. Ade Rawcliffe – The manager of channel 4 Georgia Kaufman – Head of marketing at Lionsgate Matt Wakeman – CEO of incendery pictures There feedback was very important as not only did they tell us what was done well but what can be improved, advice from people in the industry was very important because they know exactly what they are taking about. The gave us feedback via a questioniarre.
  7. 7. Feedback from people in the industry
  8. 8. Georgia Kaufmann said that our attention to framing, includingcomposition of appropriate elements was excellent and ourvariety of shots was proficient. She said that our use off specialeffects including after effects was excellent. However she said thatour use of make up effects and mise en scene was only basic sonext time we know that we should more of an effort with themake up and costume, maybe making some home made bloodusing syrup and food colouring which Christine Blundell showedus. She also said that we could have explained the plot better somaybe next time we will take a variety of shots so that it tellsmore of a story. She said that from watching our trailer it was clear that is was ofthe horror genre, she got this from the dark lighting within thefilm and many other things. She said that is has an emotional hookis appropriate for the target audience however we could haveshown more shots of the school to make it more clear that it wastargeted to that audience. She also said that it does not want tomake her want to see the film so from this we could have thoughtof a more original idea.
  9. 9. Femi Oyeniran an amazing actor who has been in kidulthood also gave usfeedback. He said that our shooting material was all excellent from the varioustypes of shots and also the shots sizing. Differently to Gerogia he said that ouruse of make up and mise en scene was very good. However he said the ourchoice of music and sound was only basic, from this we got the idea that weshould choosen a better piece music that better matched our trailer. He alsosaid that our use of shot transactions were good and could have been muchbetter. He said that the after effects within the trailer and he also said that heloves opening spinning globe which is in film distributor.He said that he understands the plot fully and he knows exactly what the traileris about. He also said that from watching the trailer he knows who the film isdirected at and that the films emotional hood is appropriate to the targetaudience. He also said that he would actually go to the cinema and watch thefilm.
  10. 10. Christine Blundell an award winning make up artist also gave us feedback. Shesaid that the camera shots were good but they could have been much better, shesaid that the shot sizes were basic. From this I got the idea that towards the endof the trailer the shots should have got smaller and closer together. Differently toFemi she said that the music and sound is appreciate to the form and conventionsof the horror genre and the theme of our trailer. She said that the editing wasproficientShe said she completely gets what they film is about, and that the genre of thefilm is very clear through the camera shots, editing and after effects. She said thatour after effects which were the spinning globe, writing on the chalk board andthe blinking eye were outstanding. She also said that she will go and watch thefilm in the cinema and from the trailer she got who the target audience was .
  11. 11. The Audience Feedback Sheet
  12. 12. Feedback from myfamily members...
  13. 13. Not only did we get feedback from teachers and industry professionals, Ialso got feedback from my family members.My Brother – He said that he understands the plot clearly however hewould not see the film in the cinema. He also said that the genre wasclearly displayed. He said that the camera shots were good however hesaid he would have liked there to me more close up shots. He said thatthe editing was brilliant but the end should have been much more fasterand the shots should have been more short and closer together. He saidthat the sound matches the trailer however does not match the genre.My Sister – She thought the sound was good but the music should havebeen more scary but like the laugh at the end. The editing was good butit could have gotten more fast at the end. She thought the camera shotswere good, good shots, good lighting. She said that she does not like thehorror films but if she did she would watch it. She understood the plotsome what and that the genre was clearly portrayed.
  14. 14. Feedback form my peers...
  15. 15. Feedback from people my age, my peers is very important because they knowwhat we like. We got some of our friends to watch our trailers and give us somefeedback.My peers all pretty much said the same thing, that the camera shots were reallygood and there was a Varity They said that the sound and pace shots work welltogether however better music could have went with the trailer. Tension andmystery builds up at the end which is good and the effects in the trailer weregood such as the eye at the end.Another media student said that the genre is clearly displayed through theflashbacks of Grace our antagonist. In addition the use of after effects at the endof the trailer build up tension, fear, as well as generate excitement to see thepiece.
  16. 16. In conclusion I think that all the feedback before and after has helpedus many ways. Before, because it helped us with our trailer andallowed us to improve it. The camera shots, editing, after effects,sound and music would not be as good as it is now with the feedbackfrom our teachers, peers and family. The feedback given to us afterwill help us later on as now we know how to make it better than it isnow. Hopefully when I am in the film making business later in life andcan take this feedback and constructive criticism and it will help myproject better.