Asyma E3 2012 - Customer Relation Management - Build your business with CRM - Leanne Lowe, Rob Greeno


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Asyma E3 2012

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Asyma E3 2012 - Customer Relation Management - Build your business with CRM - Leanne Lowe, Rob Greeno

  1. 1. Customer Relation Management – Build yourbusiness with CRMRobert Greeno - Asyma SystemsLeanne Lowe – Sage
  2. 2. Agenda• Common issues for business and organizations• Why do we experience problems• What really is CRM?• What do business and organizations need to grow? – Collaboration – Insight – Productivity – Competitive advantage• Why CRM?• How will it help?• And more• Questions?
  3. 3. Common Business/Organization Issues “I need a quick and easy way for me to see how the business is performing at any given time” OWNER “I want to “I need to be able “I need to DIRECTORmaximize the to calculate the productivity of know what cost per lead all my the sales easily and pipeline employees” MARKETING SALES accurately” looks like DONATION quickly and MANAGER“It take me ages easily” to roll up all the MANAGER “Marketing campaigns are reps’ forecasts difficult to manage into a team and leads can go forecast for my missing” boss” “We don’t have an up“Forecasts are to date log of alldifficult to create communications withand time- “I want to have customers” “Ourconsuming” “I sometimes spend access to the CUSTOMER processes SALES my whole morning same customer MEMBER are not trying to figure out information the automated so who I’m meant to BACK OFFICE don’t want to re- front office has “I wasting time be SERVICE customer follow-up with and so I understand issues when” any customer ACCOUNTING entering the same sometimes issues when I information into fall through am chasing multiple places” the cracks” payments”
  4. 4. Why Do Organizations Experience These Difficulties? Customer information is typically held in disparate locations right across the company – leading to a myriad of problems Outlook Marketing Remote Workers Finance Sales CRM can help build your business by CRMbringing all elements together User
  5. 5. What is CRM?CRM (Customer Relationship Management)– Sales– Marketing– Customer Service– Productivity and task management– Process automation– Calendaring– Alerts and escalationWhat is Customer?– Client, patron, donor, consumer, vendor, member, home buyer/seller, subscriber, distributor, etc…CRM empowers your organization to manage relationships 5
  6. 6. Evolution of CRM Contact and Calendar Management RolodexSales Force Automation Relationship Management Enterprise Collaboration
  7. 7. CRM Facilitates CollaborationSales Marketing Support Finance Customers & Partners CRM Web self-service Internal External
  8. 8. CRM Provides Insight SalesMarketingDistribution CRM Customers Finance Customer CRM delivers insight into customer information Service across multiple departments – for a holistic view of the customer
  9. 9. CRM Improves Productivity CRM Outlook Finance Sales Distribution Customer Marketing ServiceCRM that integrates with MS Outlook and delivers employees on the road with always-available access to critical customer data ensures maximum productivity
  10. 10. CRM Delivers Competitive Advantage Multiple views of theDepartmental Departmental Departmental customerCollaboration Customer Productivity Insight & Efficiency One dimensional insight Disparate Systems Single view of the customer 3600 insight Extended 360 degree Org-wide Enterprise Customer ProductivityCollaboration Insight & Efficiency COMPETITIVE CRM ADVANTAGE CRM delivers a single view of the customer for better Relationship management, delivering real competitive advantage
  11. 11. Why would I need CRM?Is everyone working through a central portal to accessdata?Do you track as many interactions with people as possible?Does your sales, marketing, finance, support, andconsulting teams interact with the same customers andprospects?Are leads potentially falling through the cracks?Can anyone in your team pickup when someone is sick oron vacation? 11
  12. 12. Management Dashboards
  13. 13. Employee Dashboards
  14. 14. Team/Employee Calendar/tasks
  15. 15. Collection Management
  16. 16. • Sage CRM and MS Outlook synchronization for Tasks and Appointments, contacts and emails – Communications are associated with Accounts for ingoing and outgoing emails 16
  17. 17. Going Mobile• iPad & Smart Phone – Where ever you have phone access – you are connected – Ease of use – Sales staff and execs can work from anywhere, airport, car, hotel
  18. 18. Sage CRM for iPhoneManage your customers on the move withSage CRM for iPhone• Sage CRM for iPhone v1.1 comes with Sage CRM v7.1• Enjoy a rich user experience, optimised for the iPhone• Access real-time customer information, view customer cases and manageopportunities and leads from your iPhone• Quickly search for and update contacts, opportunities, leads and cases• View your dashboard, calendar and communications and add new recordsquickly and easily• View and run Sage CRM reports on the move• Leverage native Apple functionality such as the date spinner and theaccelerometer• Utilise the ‘click-to-dial’ feature to call contacts directly from Sage CRM• Boost productivity with anywhere access to critical customer data
  19. 19. and More!!!eMarketing for Sage CRMMaps integrationManaging Social Media within Sage CRM (Twitter feeds)Sage CRM Community (tools at your disposal)
  20. 20. Integration with Social media
  21. 21. Inbuilt LinkedIn Integration
  22. 22. Build your business with CRM
  23. 23. Free anytime learning course CRM is…•“is a philosophy & a business strategy,supported by a technology platform, businessrules, workflow, processes & social 5 minute overview videocharacteristics, designed to engage the in a collaborative conversation in YiPgorder to provide mutually beneficial value in atrusted & transparent business environment.” The Sage ERP Learning Channel–Paul Greenberg (2009)– rning Interactive Documentation cDoc
  24. 24. Questions?We do more than measure value, we help create it.Our expertise in management, accounting and technology can help you grow a successful business. – Analyze & streamline business processes – Business improvement support – Customize business system design – Manage costs and enhance revenue – Technology enhancements • Software selection • Implementation and training • Ongoing support 36th Street North #200 10520-178th Street #1309 151 Country Village Rd NELethbridge AB T1H 5H8 Edmonton AB T5S 2J1 Calgary AB T3K 5X5Phone 403-328-8188 Phone 780-448-9895 Phone 403-807-8985Fax 403-381-8057 Fax 780-447-4960 Toll free 1-877-448-9895