Ripped from the headlines 10 26-2011


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Ripped from the headlines 10 26-2011

  1. 1. OLC Intellectual Freedom CommitteeOLC Convention and Expo, Toledo, Ohio Wednesday, October 26, 4:15 PM
  2. 2. Seek and receiveEvery individual’s information from right all points of viewFree access to all Applies to all expressions of areas of library ideas service
  3. 3. All information, resources, and servicesProvided directly or indirectlyRegardless of technology, format, or methods ofdeliveryReadily, equally, and equitably accessibleAll library users
  4. 4. •Children & teens •The elderlyYES! •People with disabilities •Non-native speakers
  5. 5. Dont Regardless of•Confine •Technology•Place limits •Format•Allow •Methods of barriers delivery
  6. 6. Books and Community Meeting room materials information policies selected displayedComputer use Library card And much policies policies more
  7. 7. A white pride group has reserved yourmeeting room. Coincidentally, theyvebooked it the same day an African-American cultural event is planned at thelibrary. There has been friction between thewhite pride group and the organizers of theAfrican-American cultural event in the past.Now you’ve uncovered some online chatterthat hints there may be violence. Whatshould you do?
  8. 8. • Who can use the meeting roomPolicy should say: • How it can be used • How often it can be used • On an equitable basisRooms should be • Regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of available: organization • Reasonable time, place and manner Content-neutral restrictions are okay. restrictions: • Restrictions based on content are not. • If it would disrupt normal use of the Can prohibit librarydisruptive behavior: • Behavior-based, not content
  9. 9. In keeping with Federal CIPA guidelines, your library turnsoff internet filters for those adults who request it. Latelythough, there has been an increase in patrons using thelibrary’s computers to access hardcore pornography.While privacy screens and blinders have helped, a numberof staff members have indicated that the situation is gettingout of hand. Reports of children being exposed toobjectionable material, lewd remarks from patrons, andinappropriate gestures are coming in more frequently.Today, you found out a staff member has threatened alawsuit, claiming the library has allowed a “sexuallycharged, hostile work environment.” What should you do?
  10. 10. • Internet policies appear appropriate.Library is doing • CIPA guidelines are being observed.the right thing • Filters turned off at the request of adults. • Privacy screens and blinder are in use. • Lewd remarks Issues are • Inappropriate gestures behavioral • Minors exposed to objectionable material • What behaviors are prohibited?Answer is Code • What are the consequences? • Make sure staff understand it. of Conduct • Support staff in enforcing it.
  11. 11. Your library has video surveillance camerasinstalled to help deal with petty crimes,vandalism, and graffiti in the library. Anelderly man is mugged in the libraryparking lot. Police ask to see the videofootage of the incident. Library policy saysthat all personally identifiable informationabout patrons who use the library isconfidential by law. What do you do?
  12. 12. • Why you have cameras • Who may access & how footage is releasedPolicy should say: • When is there a reasonable expectation of privacy • No intent to identify reading or viewing activityProcedure to handle • Who do you notify? • Is there a search warrant, subpoena, or law enforcement court order? requests • Who decides what will be released when? • Videos/photos are “personally identifiableHow do you balance information” so subject to ORC 149.132. • We want patrons to feel safe at the library.privacy and safety? • We count on the police to keep us safe.
  13. 13. Your policy defines parameters for political petitioners andpamphleteers. There are 75 square feet of space on the leftside of the library entrance set aside for petitioning andleafleting.Leafleting groups must reserve the space the in the same waythey reserve the meeting room. They are limited to offeringpetitions and literature on topics of public interest. They cannotdistribute coupons or other advertising and cannot approachpatrons or leaflet windshields in the library parking lot.One group repeatedly violates these policies. They houndpatrons, operate well outside the assigned area, and use thespace even when they haven’t reserved it. Your efforts toenforce the policy are met with resistance. You explain that ifthis group continues to disregard the policy you’ll have nochoice but to evict them. They counter by threatening a lawsuitbased on their First Amendment rights. They have strong tiesto the ACLU, and you believe their threats of a lawsuit arecredible. What should you do?
  14. 14. • Who can distribute literature Policy should say: • Where the literature can be distributed • What type of literature may be distributed • Reasonable time, place, and manner okay Content-neutral • Restrictions based on the ideas being restrictions: expressed not okay • “Petitioning and distribution of the literature Can prohibit must not interfere with, impede, or disrupt thedisruptive behavior: public’s normal use of the library.” • Are content neutralYou may be right if • Provide equitable access your policies: • Reasonably restrict time, place, & manner
  15. 15. Library cancels White Pride: Violence hinted onYouTube ( Suit: Computer Porn Use Lead to GropingWhile Children Present ( County Library System is removing its securitycameras ( leaflet lawsuits are filed; Tea Party Alliance,ACLU work together (
  16. 16. Jeff Regensburger, Worthington Libraries• jregensb@worthingtonlibraries.orgAmy Switzer, Shaker Heights Public Library• aswitzer@shakerlibrary.orgOnline• Twitter•