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Keystone 2013 biology ppt

  1. 1. Biology Keystone ExamsModule 1 – Cells and Cell ProcessesModule 2– Continuity and Unity of LifeEACH Module Contains: 32 Multiple-choice questions◦ Each is worth 1 point 4 Constructed Response Questions◦ Each is worth 3 points◦ Responses are scored using item-specific scoringguidelines
  2. 2. Constructed Response Questions These are questions require you to WRITE a response. Be sure to read the directions carefully for EACH part. Reread your response and make sure it answers all partsof the question. DO NOT leave any question blank.Students can earn at least some credit by simplyrewording the question as a statement in their response.
  3. 3. SCORING GUIDELINES3 Points• The response demonstrates a thorough understanding of the scientificcontent, concepts, and/or procedures required by the task(s).• The response provides a clear, complete, and correct response as requiredby the task(s).2 Points• The response provides a partial answer to the task.• The response provides limited information from the passage and mayinclude inaccuracies.1 Point• The response provides a minimal answer to the task.• The response provides little or no information from the passage and may includeinaccuracies.0 Points• The response is totally incorrect or irrelevant or contains insufficient information to demonstratecomprehension.
  4. 4. Module 1 – Cells and Cell Processes
  5. 5. Module 1 – Cells and Cell Processes
  6. 6. Module 1 – Cells and Cell Processes
  7. 7. Constructed Response Questions
  8. 8. Constructed Response Questions
  9. 9. Module 2 – Continuity & Unity of Life
  10. 10. Module 2 – Continuity & Unity of Life
  11. 11. Constructed Response Questions
  12. 12. Constructed Response Questions
  13. 13. Constructed Response Questions
  14. 14. Take it seriously & Try your Best Students who do not score proficient oradvanced in May 2013 will receive remediationduring the following school year, which mayimpact their free periods, study halls andelectives. Students who do not score proficient oradvanced on the May Keystones will retakethem in December 2013.
  15. 15. Remember Bring #2 pencils & your calculator! You are allowed to highlight or write in thetext booklet! (Mark the text as you read!) You have unlimited time to take all sections.
  16. 16. Test Security Students are not allowed to go to their locker oncetesting has started. Students who must use the bathroom need to beescorted there and back. During the entire testing session, students are NOTpermitted to use ANY of the following electronicdevices: cell phones, iPods/MP3s, and personallaptops.
  17. 17. Good Luck Get a good night’s rest and eat a healthymorning breakfast Bring something to read when you arefinished
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