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Powerful Link Building - 4X Backlink Bomb
Powerful Link Building - 4X Backlink Bomb
Powerful Link Building - 4X Backlink Bomb
Powerful Link Building - 4X Backlink Bomb
Powerful Link Building - 4X Backlink Bomb
Powerful Link Building - 4X Backlink Bomb
Powerful Link Building - 4X Backlink Bomb
Powerful Link Building - 4X Backlink Bomb
Powerful Link Building - 4X Backlink Bomb
Powerful Link Building - 4X Backlink Bomb
Powerful Link Building - 4X Backlink Bomb
Powerful Link Building - 4X Backlink Bomb
Powerful Link Building - 4X Backlink Bomb
Powerful Link Building - 4X Backlink Bomb
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Powerful Link Building - 4X Backlink Bomb


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Learn How To Increase Your Site's Google Rankings! …

Learn How To Increase Your Site's Google Rankings!

Let me show you my proven formula for increasing your site's Google search rankings and getting your site the attention it deserves.

1. Learn 4 Simple, Yet Powerful, Link Building Techniques!
2. How To Exponentially Increase Your Number of Followed Backlinks!
3. Leverage RSS Feeds For Massive Backlinks and Traffic!
4. Discover How To Find Your Own High Page Rank Sites For Link Building

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  • 1. 4XBacklink Bomb
    The Easiest Way To Exponentially Increase Your Number of Followed Backlinks, and Increase Your Google Search Rankings - Guaranteed!
  • 2. This presentation is brought to you by
  • 3. 4XBacklink Bomb
    With just 4 simple steps:
    exponentially increase followed backlinks to rank higher in Google search!
    Don’t keep writing new content to get more backlinks.
    Recycle your original content into multiple formats for more efficient link building.
  • 4. 4XBacklink Bomb
    Backlinks: Backlinks are links from another site to your own.
    Quality and quantity of backlinks will determine page rank.
    Remember, ranking in Google is a popularity contest. More strong backlinks = better rankings.
    NoFollow Links: Google does not transfer PageRank across these links.
    Will not help to increase your site’s page rank.
    <a href="" rel="nofollow“>cheap furniture</a>
  • 5. 4XBacklink Bomb
    What you will need:
    One well written, value-packed article. (400+ words preferably)
    SEO Quake (Firefox Plugin that shows Page Rank and other useful data)
    mozBar (Firefox Plugin, useful for highlighting NoFollow links)
  • 6. 4XBacklink Bomb
    Posts and Comments
    Article Syndication
    Video Distribution
    RSS Feeds
  • 7. 4XBacklink Bomb
    Forum Posts & Blog Comments
    Find relevant websites to comment on.
    Solo SEOHelps you to find relevant forums and blogs.
    Take snippets from your article to answer commonly asked questions. Just make sure to provide value!
    If available on a forum, include a signature line with a link back to your site.
    Read my article about Low Hanging Fruit for more details on this link building method.
  • 8. 4XBacklink Bomb
    Article Syndication
    You want High Profile Content Syndication (HPCS) sites. These are either top sites or blogs in your market, or article submission sites.
    Article Submission
    Submit your articles to top articles sites such as:
    Ezine Articles (submit here first)
    Article Base
    Article Alley
    Go Articles
    Get a full list of over 25 article submission directories in my FREE eBook version of the 4X Backlink Bomb.
  • 9. 4XBacklink Bomb
    Expert Authors
    Sites like,,, and They provide powerful backlinks, but require very well written, knowledgeable articles in order to be accepted.
    How to find HPCS sites?
    Find popular blog/article title/topics. (can use Google Keyword Tool or to find them) ex: How to get rid of fleas
    Type it into Google and put “…” quotes around it. Find a popular article from this search. Make sure you are looking at the original post though.
    Next, see where it has been published. Take the URL from the original article and put it into Yahoo Site Explorer to see who is linking to this site. Click on “Inlinks” and “Except from this domain”.
    Now you can see every place on the internet where this post has been published. If your article is related to this topic you could potentially submit your article to these same sites for publication. This can also be a good way to find a site for a Guest Blog.
  • 10. 4XBacklink Bomb
    Video Distribution
    First convert your articles into audio.
    Ivona text-to-speech Convert text to speech and download. (tutorial about Ivona)
    Create a video
    Windows Movie Maker (easy and quick video creation)
    Combine Audio and Pictures.
    Upload your videos
    12 “Do-follow” Video Sharing Sites (for reference)
    Proven sites that allow video marketing and provide backlinks
    Ning Networks (
    Youtube. They will not give followed links, but you will use your Youtube channel’s RSS Feed later in Step 4 of the Backlink Bomb.
    Get more detailed instructions about Video Distribution on
  • 11. 4XBacklink Bomb
    RSS Feeds
    Create customized RSS Feeds for backlinks and deeper indexing.
    Using RSS Feeds can help you get indexed more quickly by Google.
    Create Custom RSS Feeds
    For this step you will create a customized RSS Feed by aggregating your various Feeds into one with the help of an RSS Aggregator.
    Then you will submit your customized RSS Feed to the top RSS Directories for instant, followed backlinks!
    You can include any type of content in an RSS Feed like Video, Audio, or other documents as long as it has a Feed.
  • 12. 4XBacklink Bomb
    Go to and create an account.
    After you have created an account, go back to the home page and click on the “Aggregator RSS” box.
    Give your customized RSS Feed a title. Use targeted keywords and long-tail phrases in your title.
    Add tags. Use the same targeted keywords that you used in your title.
    Add your RSS Feeds’ URLs in the boxes below.
    You can include Feeds from your accounts on sites like: Youtube, Ezine Articles, and many Social Bookmarking sites such as and
    Click the “Aggregate My Feeds” button. This will combine all your various Feeds into one.
    In your account, click on the green box that says “Aggregator RSS”. This will take you to the URL of your customized RSS Feed.
    Copy the URL of your new Feed. This is the URL you will now submit to the top RSS Directories.
    Get my full list of 22 RSS Directories in my FREE eBook version of 4X Backlink Bomb.
  • 13. 4XBacklink Bomb
    If you enjoyed this presentation and found it useful, then I invite you to download a free eBook copy of the 4X Backlink Bomb. It has much more detailed instruction and analysis of these techniques, and also has a HUGE list of submission directories for you to use.
    Grab you FREE copy of the 4X Backlink Bomb.
  • 14. This presentation has been brought to you by