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  • My name is Len Dierickx, webmaster at Eurofins, and we will have a look at how we apply theLast presentation of the dayHot/tired/go home …
  • Eurofins a decentralized group of laboratories. The group servers the food industry, pharma (drug development) and environmental analyses.decentralized group!!
  • Food industry:Food scaresNutrition labeling ..National laws / Europe / problems with Asia ( melamine )/ FDA
  • Pharma industry: international / English main language
  • Environmental industry:National laws: soil / air / water / …
  • If you look at Eurofins over the last 5 years, the group expanded from 2000 to 8000 employees in 5 years. In terms of websites, we have similar figures, from 3 website to around to 150 websites, and around 350 domain names.The biggest challenge is to maintain a consist look and feel across all these website, and be as flexible as possible to add new websites continuously.My team only consists of 2 people, me included. 1 webmaster and 1 developer.The request that come to me are pretty divers, we have the Pharma business is very different compared to the food industry, or environmental industry. My internal customers have very different demands.At the moment Eurofins has 150 locations, across 30 countries, serving businesses all around the world. The webmaster team provides a service to those companies.
  • corporate identity Shows a group
  • Which blue to use?
  • Some know htmlSeparate presentation from content
  • Some people read blogs
  • CMs should be low support / low maintenance / efficient and stable: No additional people in the webmaster team
  • hierarchy


  • 1.
  • 2. Biotech
  • 3. Food
  • 4. Pharma
  • 5. Environment
  • 6. Worldwide expansion
  • 7. Corporate Identity
  • 8. Corporate Identity
  • 9. Corporate Identity
  • 10. Corporate Identity
  • 11. Efficiency
  • 12. standards
  • 13. One template
  • 14. 1 style-sheet
  • 15. 1 JavaScript library
  • 16. 1 CMS
  • 17. Umbraco Framework
  • 18. 1 Umbraco installation
  • 19. Tools for editors
  • 20. Where to put content?
  • 21. UTF-8 rules
  • 22. Tools for editors
    Unobtrusive JavaScript: automated formatting
    Editors can select formatting classes: jQuery takes care of the rest.
    No style information is allowed: copy from Word is cleaned out.
  • 23. Tools for editors
    Update process:
    pages cannot be older then 6 months, otherwise they will be unpublished
  • 24. Tools for developers
    Umbraco is a framework: empty at first installations
    No need (very little) need for .net coding
    Standard based scripting language: XSLTNo need to learn another language
  • 25. Why your next CMS should be Umbraco
  • 26. Thank you