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Ares First Stage Development... Igniting the Next Generation of Launch Vehicles
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Ares First Stage Development... Igniting the Next Generation of Launch Vehicles


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Presentation by Fred Brasfield (Ares I First Stage Program Manager, ATK) at the Von Braun Memorial Symposium in Huntsville, Alabama, 21 October 2008. …

Presentation by Fred Brasfield (Ares I First Stage Program Manager, ATK) at the Von Braun Memorial Symposium in Huntsville, Alabama, 21 October 2008.

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  • 1. Ares First Stage Development… Igniting the Next Generation of Launch Vehicles Innovation … Delivered. Approved for Public Release Presented by: Fred Brasfield Ares I First Stage Program Manager Wernher von Braun Memorial Symposium October 21-22, 2008, Von Braun Center, Huntsville, Alabama
  • 2. Ares I First Stage Conceptual Design
    • Performance Drivers
      • 56,200-lbm payload to orbit
      • 800-psf maximum dynamic pressure
      • 3.8-g maximum acceleration
      • Maximize use of “heritage” hardware from Space Shuttle
    • Major Subsystems Include…
      • Five-segment reusable solid rocket motor (RSRMV) derived from heritage Space Shuttle four-segment RSRM
      • Forward structures assembly
      • Separation and deceleration system
      • Avionics and electrical system
      • Ordnance and range safety systems
      • Aft skirt/thrust vector control system
    Approved for Public Release
  • 3. Overview/Changes From Space Shuttle Booster
    • New Structures Subsystems
      • Frustum
      • Aero Shell
      • Forward Skirt Extension
      • Forward Skirt
    Modified Recovery Subsystems Altitude-Sensing Hardware, Main Chutes, Reefing Line Cutters, Pyro Release Linear Shaped Charge, and Pyro Thrusters Pilot and Drogue Chutes
    • Pyro Separation Release Subsystem
      • Upper Stage Release During Ascent
      • 1 st Stage Deceleration at Release
      • Frustum Ejection From 1 st Stage at Apogee
    • Existing Range Safety Subsystem
    Ground Power/ Control Cables, T-0 Umbilical-up Systems Tunnel Existing Aft Skirt and Thrust Vector Control RSRMV Electrical and Instrumentation Subsystem New or Modified Avionics for Thrust Vector Control, System Control, Range Safety Destruct, Power Distribution, Batteries, Instrumentation, Video, Pyro Initiation, Recovery System and Nozzle Severance Approved for Public Release
  • 4. RSRMV Design Change Summary
      • The RSRMV design is based on the Space Shuttle RSRM
      • Modifications to the motor were made to:
        • Improve performance (thrust)
        • Eliminate hazardous materials
        • Replace obsolete materials
    Nozzle With Larger Throat and Extended Aft Exit Cone
    • 12 fins in forward segment to improve performance
    • Burn rate lowered to meet Ares I requirements
    • Inhibitor
    • Modified height and thickness
    • Insulation and liner formulations modified to eliminate chrysotile fibers
    • Lay-up optimized to provide additional thermal protection
    Added Segment Propellant Chamfers on Aft and Center Segments Approved for Public Release
  • 5. Ares I RSRMV Propellant Casting
    • Video of Ares Fin Being Lowered into Casting Pit
    Approved for Public Release
  • 6. Forward Structures Assembly Booster Tumble Motors (BTM) Recovery Separation Ring Forward Skirt Frustum Aeroshell Forward Skirt Extension Avionics Structure Main Parachute Support Structure (MPSS) Approved for Public Release
  • 7. Separation and Deceleration System Aeroshell Pilot and Drogue Parachutes MPSS Top Plate Main Parachutes Recovery Separation Ring Altitude Switch Assembly Outer Rub Ring MPSS Approved for Public Release
  • 8. Pyrotechnic Events 1 2 3 8 7 4 6 9 5 Approved for Public Release 1. First Stage Motor Ignition 6. Nozzle Severance 2. First Stage/Upper Stage Separation Initiation 7. Aeroshell Jettison 3. BDM Initiation 8. Forward Skirt Release 4. BTM Initiation 9. Parachute Pyrotechnics 5. Frustum Release
  • 9. Ares I-X Forward Skirt Severance Testing High-Speed Video of Forward Skirt Severance Approved for Public Release Note: Click in black border to view video
  • 10. Upcoming Milestones
    • Ares I-X
      • Forward skirt extension separation test
      • Frustum separation test
      • Hardware deliveries to Kennedy Space Center
      • Ares I-X test flight
    • Ares I
    • Casting of Demonstration Motor No. 1 (DM-1): first live RSRMV 1 st stage motor
    • DM-1 static test
    • Continued design maturity progression towards Critical Design Review
    Approved for Public Release
  • 11. Ares I First Stage Development on Target
      • Design, development, and hardware manufacturing progressing to plan
      • Upcoming flight tests provide risk mitigation and ensure mission success
      • Ares I and Ares V will ensure America’s continued leadership in space, providing the path to exploration
    Approved for Public Release