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AAS National Conference 2008: Susan Hackwood
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AAS National Conference 2008: Susan Hackwood


Session 3: Role of Education in American Competitiveness …

Session 3: Role of Education in American Competitiveness

18 November 2008, Pasadena California


Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1.
        • Sustaining institutions: UC, CSU, CCC, Stanford, USC, Caltech
    • Affiliate members: LBNL, LLNL, Sandia/CA, SLAC, NASA Ames, JPL
    • Over 160 CCST volunteers include:
          • 5 Nobel Laureates
          • 81 National Academies’ Members
          • 11 National Medals of Science and Technology Recipients
          • 12 Science and Math Teachers
  • 2.
    • DOE and NASA
    • Federal Laboratory Affiliates
    • $5 billion in annual spending
    • More than 23,000 jobs
    • Partnerships with local industry
    • Collaboration with research universities in the state
    • Research opportunities for young university graduates as well as seasoned scientists
    • Science education for thousands of school students and teachers
    • Expert assistance to state and local governments
  • 3. Global Search for Talent
    • Attracting and retaining top technical talent
    • How to grow our own talent - given demographic trends
  • 4. Occupational Shares of Foreign‐Born Talent California and U.S. 2000 and 2006 Recruiting global talent
  • 5. Foreign Students
    • Foreign students no longer growing portion of total S&E degrees conferred
    • CA is not different from the U.S. as a whole
    Data Source: US Census Bureau Analysis: Collaborative Economics
  • 6. Skim best and brightest minds from across the globe
    • U.S. Nobel Prizes are ~ 40% foreign born; members of the National Academy of Sciences are ~ 25% foreign born (total >2000)
    • H-1B visa cap limiting, 65,000, > 150,000 applied in first day
    • Bill Gates notes that an H-1B hire creates several additional hires, as tech teams expand
    • India Shoots for the Moon: Last month India launched a space probe to the moon
    • NAFTA plus: Canada and France free the labor market so that skilled workers can move easily back and forth across the Atlantic
  • 7. Source: Department of Finance. California’s racial diversification 2006-2020 projection 2006 2020
  • 8. Failure to achieve in education will have economic consequences Projected Change in Personal Income per Capita by State, 2000-2020 Source: National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (2005)
  • 9.
    • The Shrinking Pie
    • Only 4% of 9 th graders graduate in S&E
    • Up to 60% lost in college
    • 32% CCC transfers
  • 10. How to grow our own talent
      • Teaching science in elementary schools
        • 54% of new science teacher hires do not hold a full or preliminary credential
      • Teacher professional development
        • Cal TAC – most effective and important
      • New Gates Systemic initiative
        • CA STEM Innovation network – CSU and CCST
          • National Academies, major foundations, informal education, technology