AAS Imagine '09: Richard Garriott
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AAS Imagine '09: Richard Garriott






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AAS Imagine '09: Richard Garriott AAS Imagine '09: Richard Garriott Presentation Transcript

  • American AstronauticalSociety
  • Astronaut Father / Artist Mother
  • Explorer of Virtual and Real (Tourist)
  • Due to NASA Dr. DQPrivatization of Space
  • First Father / Son
    Astronaut / Cosmonaut
  • 6thPrivate Astronaut
    Dennis Tito: Soyuz TM-32 on April 28, 2001
    Mark Shuttleworth: Soyuz TM-34, April 25, 2002
    Dr. Gregory Olsen: Soyuz TMA-7, October 1, 2005
    Anousheh Ansari: Soyuz TMA-9, September 20, 2006
    Charles Simonyi: Soyuz TMA-10, April 7, 2007
    Richard Garriott: Soyuz TMA-13, October 12, 2008
  • Medical Prequalification USA
  • Soyuz Training
  • ISS Training
  • Dining on a Russian Military Base
  • 12October2008
    It is a good day when……
  • Docking with the ISS
  • Living Aboard the ISS
  • Camping Out on the ISS
  • Toilet Facilities…Still leave much to be desired
    GI Slowdown
    Infrequent but significant needs
  • Sunset
  • Experiments
    Personal Research (GMR/EZ)
    PCG Protein Crystal Growth
    Earth Observations – Gen II (Nature Conservancy, TERC, ASE)
    Ham Radio – Gen II (ARISS, Schools, Global Ham Community)
    Art Creation and Show for Charity
    Commercial Work
    Seiko Spring Drive Space Walk
    DHL Zero-G Educational Race Track
    NCsoft Operation Immortality
    Educational Outreach
    Challenger Centers (global) – Live and recorded “lessons”, Sports in Space
    British National Space Center Challenges (Biz, Experiments, Questions)
    NASA / ESA / KARI Medical
    3 NASA: Sleep Study, Immune Study, PRK – Eye Tests
    3 ESA: EDOS (Osteoporosis), MOS (Motion Sickness), MOP (Muscle Pain)
    KARI Eye Pressure Tests
    Russian Psychology Color Test
    Just for fun
    Apogee of Fear – The 1st Science Fiction Movie filmed in space!
    Zero-G Magic Show & Juggling – Filmed with Astronaut Greg Chamitoff
    Helen Garriott in Space Prank
  • Protein Crystal Growth
  • Early PCG looks good!
  • Earth Observations
    Owen Garriott Skylab – First Extended CEO’s
    Richard Garriott – Changes in 1 Generation
    Nature Conservancy – Data Mining
    TERC – Targeting Software
  • Earth ObservationsNew Mexico Forest Fires
  • Earth ObservationsFlorida Urban Sprawl
  • HAM Radio
    25th Anniversary of 1st Ham Contact from Space
  • Ham Radio
  • Commercial Work
    Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk
    DHL Delivers – Education
    Operation Immortality
  • Educational Outreach
    British National Space Center
    Challenger Learning Center
  • NASA / ESA / KARI Research
  • Art / Magic / Movies
  • Hello... Excuse me... Is there anyone there?
    We use to use PTT ... Do I still have to push to talk?
    Yes! Thank you! Could you please tell me where to find the Oregano?
    Oregano! You know... the spice! I’m looking for the spices!
    Well now there’s no need to be snippy! This is Helen Garriott, I’m Richard Garriott’s mother. Who are you?
    Listen! I’ve been delivering meals to near earth orbit for nearly 30 years...
    I brought my famous home cooking up to Skylab and that was probably before you were born!
    Now my boys up here and I’m not going to let him go without a good hot meal from his mama!
    Excuse me! Do you know where they keep the spices or not?
    I’m sorry... I just don’t seem to understand you; say again?
    Oh, never mind. I found the oregano. Thank you anyway. Helen Garriott, signing off.
  • Time to go…
  • Reentry
  • “Landing Impact”
    You don’t see the nearby road
  • Recovery and readaptation
  • Observing the Earth from Space
  • Finite Scale of the Earth
  • Not Much Atmosphere
  • Downward Views Feel Intimate
  • San Francisco
  • Large Scale Systems
  • Fronts
  • Hurricanes
  • Geological Morphology
  • Tectonic Plate Movement
  • Eons of Water Erosion
  • Eons of Wind Erosion
  • My House
    All Fertile Land is In Use by Humans!
  • Only Alpine, Desert and Swamp Remains
  • Now expanding into hard places
  • Crops in Ancient Dry Riverbeds
  • Fires Across Amazon
  • Fires Across Africa
  • Human Appropriation of Net Primary ProductionOf Local Primary Production
    The costs of existence will rise!
  • The Future of Human Spaceflight
    Costs must and can drop!
    Now: ISS $100B/20y +>$2B/y + >$300M/p
    Soyuz: $150M = $300k fuel!
    Future: Cost to orbit <$10M/p?
    Commercial can handle LEO (with NASA help)
    Space X - Dragon will carry Cargo and Crew
    Scaled / Virgin- Suborbital
    Armadillo / Masten – Winning NASA challenges
    Blue Origin – Suborbital?
    Bigelow Aerospace – Space Stations
    Google Lunar X-Prize – Private Lunar Exploration!
    NASA can focus on Deep Space Exploration!
  • Thanks!
  • Questions?