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Semanario celeste 26 noviembre



Semanario celeste a partir del 21 de noviembre

Semanario celeste a partir del 21 de noviembre



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  • http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_fXzRYbEw4hA/TClhYBhpuPI/AAAAAAAADgM/Zb9vxbzhTsQ/s1600/epoxi%2Bcometa.jpg <br /> <br /> Data collected by Deep Impact&apos;s onboard infrared spectrometer show without a doubt that the particles are made of frozen H2O, i.e., ice. Chunks consist of micron-sized ice grains loosely stuck together in clumps a few centimeters to a few tens of centimeters wide. <br />
  • http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/d/d4/Mexico_states_map.png/550px-Mexico_states_map.png <br />
  • http://www.tssphoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/earth-north-america-space_900px.jpg <br />
  • <br />
  • http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2010/18nov_cometsnowstorm/ <br /> This contrast-enhanced image obtained during Deep Impact&apos;s Nov. 4th flyby of Comet Hartley 2 reveals a cloud of icy particles surrounding the comet&apos;s active nucleus <br /> Snowstorm Engulfs Hartley 2 <br /> Nov. 18, 2010:&#xA0; NASA has just issued a travel advisory for spacecraft: Watch out for Comet Hartley 2, it is experiencing a significant winter snowstorm. <br /> Deep Impact photographed the unexpected tempest when it flew past the comet&apos;s nucleus on Nov. 4th at a distance of only 700 km (435 miles). At first, researchers only noticed the comet&apos;s hyperactive jets. The icy nucleus is studded with them, flamboyantly spewing carbon dioxide from dozens of sites. A closer look revealed an even greater marvel, however. The space around the comet&apos;s core is glistening with chunks of ice and snow, some of them possibly as large as a basketball. <br /> We&apos;ve never seen anything like this before," says University of Maryland professor Mike A&apos;Hearn, principal investigator of Deep Impact&apos;s EPOXI mission. "It really took us by surprise." <br /> Before the flyby of Hartley 2, international spacecraft visited four other comet cores&#x2014;Halley, Borrelly, Wild 2, and Tempel 1. None was surrounded by "comet snow." Tempel 1 is particularly telling because Deep Impact itself performed the flyby. The very same high resolution, high dynamic range cameras that recorded snow-chunks swirling around Hartley 2 did not detect anything similar around Tempel 1. <br /> "This is a genuinely new phenomenon," says science team member Jessica Sunshine of the University of Maryland. "Comet Hartley 2 is not like the other comets we&apos;ve visited." <br /> The &apos;snowstorm&apos; occupies a roughly-spherical volume centered on Hartley 2&apos;s spinning nucleus. The dumbbell-shaped nucleus, measuring only 2 km from end to end, is tiny compared to the surrounding swarm. "The ice cloud is a few tens of kilometers wide--and possibly much larger than that," says A&apos;Hearn. "We still don&apos;t know for sure how big it is." <br /> Data collected by Deep Impact&apos;s onboard infrared spectrometer show without a doubt that the particles are made of frozen H2O, i.e., ice. Chunks consist of micron-sized ice grains loosely stuck together in clumps a few centimeters to a few tens of centimeters wide. <br />
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  • http://www.5731c.com/image/38122671.jpg <br />
  • http://www.spanish.xinhuanet.com/spanish/2009-03/01/xin_fec5dca350a248969067ad8ded64ea42.jpg <br />
  • http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_IP-xhn2P2rQ/TKc9rFBvcrI/AAAAAAAAFo0/qEO8xvjaDqo/s1600/1.JPG <br />
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  • http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_b1AE8x4eLKI/S8TQzlPVOhI/AAAAAAAAT0g/TgmPQJgELDM/s1600/xin_3820407101857500017911.jp <br /> http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_b1AE8x4eLKI/S8TT8X2XXXI/AAAAAAAAT04/KczrjegSRMg/s1600/2007040109035496457.jpgg <br />
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  • http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/42/LRO_(2007)_3.jpg <br />
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  • http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/8WbmL6_jzfBm7fvDHP6GDQ?feat=embedwebsite <br />
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Semanario celeste 26 noviembre Semanario celeste 26 noviembre Presentation Transcript

  • La‚Ä©sonda‚Ä©EPOXI‚Ä©(previamente‚Ä©conocida‚Ä©como‚Ä©Deep‚Ä©Impact)‚Ä©tuvo‚Ä©un‚Ä© encuentro‚Ä©cercano‚Ä©con‚Ä©el‚Ä©cometa‚Ä©Hartley‚Ä©2‚Ä©el‚Ä©4‚Ä©de‚Ä©noviembre‚Ä©de‚Ä©2010
  • La‚Ä©distancia‚Ä©m√≠nima‚Ä©de‚Ä©‚Äúsobrevuelo‚ÄĚ‚Ä©entre‚Ä©el‚Ä©cometa‚Ä©y‚Ä©EPOXI‚Ä© fue‚Ä©de‚Ä©apenas‚Ä©700‚Ä©Km‚Ä©(distancia‚Ä©a‚Ä©escala)
  • Es‚Ä©m√°s‚Ä©o‚Ä©menos‚Ä©la‚Ä©distancia‚Ä©entre‚Ä©Monterrey‚Ä©y‚Ä©Le√≥n,‚Ä©Guanajuato
  • Nunca‚Ä©se‚Ä©hab√≠a‚Ä©observado‚Ä©un‚Ä©cometa‚Ä©tan‚Ä©acOvo‚Ä©como‚Ä©√©ste
  • A‚Ä©medida‚Ä©que‚Ä©se‚Ä©acerc√≥‚Ä©el‚Ä©EPOXI‚Ä©revel√≥‚Ä©los‚Ä©chorros‚Ä©sublimados‚Ä©de‚Ä© di√≥xido‚Ä©de‚Ä©carbono
  • Adem√°s,‚Ä©result√≥‚Ä©que‚Ä©el‚Ä©cometa‚Ä©est√°‚Ä©envuelto‚Ä©en‚Ä©una‚Ä©nube‚Ä©de‚Ä© fragmentos‚Ä©de‚Ä©hielo‚Ä©y‚Ä©nieve,‚Ä©algunos‚Ä©de‚Ä©hasta‚Ä©30‚Ä©cm‚Ä©de‚Ä©di√°metro.
  • El‚Ä©cometa‚Ä©mide‚Ä©2‚Ä©Km‚Ä©de‚Ä©di√°metro,‚Ä©y‚Ä©la‚Ä©imagen‚Ä©de‚Ä©la‚Ä©semana‚Ä©muestra,‚Ä© por‚Ä©vez‚Ä©primera,‚Ä©la‚Ä©‚Äútormenta‚Ä©de‚Ä©nieve‚ÄĚ‚Ä©que‚Ä©rodea‚Ä©a‚Ä©un‚Ä©cometa 2K m
  • La‚Ä©nube‚Ä©de‚Ä©hielo‚Ä©Oene‚Ä©cuando‚Ä©menos‚Ä©30‚Ä©km‚Ä©de‚Ä©di√°metro Los‚Ä©espectr√≥metros‚Ä©del‚Ä©EPOXI‚Ä©revelaron‚Ä©que‚Ä©‚Äďsin‚Ä©lugar‚Ä©a‚Ä©dudas‚Äź‚Ä© se‚Ä©trata‚Ä©de‚Ä©agua‚Ä©congelada.
  • En‚Ä©otros‚Ä©rumbos‚Ķ
  • El‚Ä©artefacto‚Ä©chino‚Ä©que‚Ä©orbita‚Ä©a‚Ä©la‚Ä©Luna,‚Ä©llamado‚Ä© Chang‚ÄôE‚Ä©2‚Ä©ha‚Ä©enviado‚Ä©las‚Ä©primeras‚Ä©im√°genes‚Ä©de la‚Ä©superÔ¨Ācie‚Ä©de‚Ä©la‚Ä©Luna.
  • La‚Ä©sonda‚Ä©fue‚Ä©lanzada‚Ä©el‚Ä©2‚Ä©de‚Ä©octubre‚Ä©de‚Ä©2010‚Ä©desde‚Ä©la‚Ä©rampa‚Ä©LC2‚Ä©del‚Ä© Centro‚Ä©Espacial‚Ä©de‚Ä©Xichang,‚Ä©en‚Ä©Sichuan
  • La‚Ä©misi√≥n‚Ä©durar√°‚Ä©6‚Ä©meses‚Ä©y‚Ä©orbitar√°‚Ä©desde‚Ä©una‚Ä©distancia‚Ä©de‚Ä©apenas‚Ä©15‚Ä© Km‚Ä©sobre‚Ä©la‚Ä©superÔ¨Ācie‚Ä©lunar.
  • El‚Ä©objeOvo‚Ä©principal‚Ä©es‚Ä©encontrar‚Ä©el‚Ä©siOo‚Ä©ideal‚Ä©para‚Ä©el‚Ä©alunizaje‚Ä©del‚Ä© Chang‚ÄôE‚Äź3‚Ä©en‚Ä©el‚Ä©2013:‚Ä©un‚Ä©carrito‚Ä©robot‚Ä©que‚Ä©explorar√°‚Ä©el‚Ä©suelo.
  • Esta‚Ä©imagen‚Ä©fue‚Ä©tomada‚Ä©cerca‚Ä©del‚Ä©polo‚Ä©lunar,‚Ä©desde‚Ä©una‚Ä©distancia‚Ä©de‚Ä© 18.7‚Ä©km‚Ä©el‚Ä©pasado‚Ä©28‚Ä©de‚Ä©octubre,‚Ä©apenas‚Ä©4‚Ä©d√≠as‚Ä©despu√©s‚Ä©del‚Ä© lanzamiento‚Ä©de‚Ä©la‚Ä©sonda.
  • La‚Ä©resoluci√≥n‚Ä©de‚Ä©las‚Ä©im√°genes‚Ä©es‚Ä©sobresaliente:‚Ä©apenas‚Ä©1.3‚Ä©m‚Ä©x‚Ä©pixel‚Ä© (superando‚Ä©as√≠,‚Ä©la‚Ä©resoluci√≥n‚Ä©de‚Ä©su‚Ä©predecesora,‚Ä©la‚Ä©Chang‚ÄôE‚Ä©1)
  • En‚Ä©comparaci√≥n,‚Ä©el‚Ä©Lunar‚Ä©Reconnaissance‚Ä©Orbiter‚Ä©de‚Ä©la‚Ä©NASA‚Ä©Oene‚Ä©una‚Ä© resoluci√≥n‚Ä©de‚Ä©1‚Ä©metro‚Ä©por‚Ä©pixel.
  • Otras‚Ä©im√°genes‚Ä©publicadas‚Ä© corresponden‚Ä©a‚Ä©Sinus‚Ä©Iridum‚Ä© (Bah√≠a‚Ä©del‚Ä©Arcoiris)
  • Al‚Ä©Ô¨Ānal‚Ä©de‚Ä©la‚Ä©misi√≥n,‚Ä©Chang‚ÄôE‚Ä©2‚Ä©tambi√©n‚Ä©terminar√°‚Ä©por‚Ä©impactar‚Ä©la‚Ä©Luna. La‚Ä©siguiente‚Ä©imagen‚Ä©es‚Ä©un‚Ä©detalle‚Ä©del‚Ä©recuadro
  • PR√ďXIMO‚Ä©S√ĀBADO‚Ä©27‚Ä©DE‚Ä©NOVIEBRE TEMA‚Ä©Vislumbrando‚Ä©el‚Ä©futuro‚Ä©distante:‚Ä© Cosmolog√≠a‚Ä©del‚Ä©Ô¨Ān‚Ä©de‚Ä©los‚Ä©Jempos