20 things you should know about SUE Amsterdam
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20 things you should know about SUE Amsterdam



20 things about SUE Amsterdam

20 things about SUE Amsterdam



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20 things you should know about SUE Amsterdam 20 things you should know about SUE Amsterdam Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Be original, but don’t be obsessed with originality. We’re in the business to createstuff that works, not stuff that impresses other creatives. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 2. We’re not in the entertainment business, but in the business business.Beauty is a means not an end to itself. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 3. We don’t hope, we measure. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 4. Awareness metrics are utter crap.I am aware of Hitler, but I’m nota nazi. Have more ambition with what you measure. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 5. Producing crap takes just about as much time and effort as producing stuff that’s good or better. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 6. Temper your ego.We’re in the business of helping our clients to score. Never forget that. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 7. If you wouldn’t share the idea with your FB friends, thenthe idea just isn’t good enough. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 8. First contribute to the success of SUE and SUE will contributeto yours. The other way around never works. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 9. There is no such thing ashighly talented people with an ego.In a creative agency, the group is more important than the individual. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 10. Agencies don’t make great work, clients do. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 11. Great ideas get born in the intersection between our know-howand those of our clients. Try to create as much opportunities for intersections. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 12. There’s great power in postponing the conclusion. Postponing a conclusion iscreating the space for new ideas to emerge. A bit like in sex. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 13. Producers are the real heroesof the agency. Worship them. They get things done. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 14. Great ideas require a creative process. Protect this process, both against yourself, your colleaguesand your clients. Sometimes thisimplies protecting a client from screwing up things. Clients will never blame you for trying to protect
  • 15. Be tapped into digital culture. The internet is one gigantic ocean of ideas, memes and stories that spread.Make sure you know what getspeople excited. It’s the essence of your job. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 16. Don’t be modest. Modesty never blows people away. And Falsemodesty is ego in disguise. Be eager. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 17. An idea for an idea is notan idea: prototype your idea and ask others what they think and feel. Always look for ways to make the idea better. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 18. Embrace failure and critics. It’s really OK to come up with bad ideas.They sometimes form the basis for a brilliant idea. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 19. Do everything you can to protect the creative climate: a great creative processis a jam session. Soloists often ruin a good jam session. SUEAMSTERDAM
  • 20. We design behavior.Worship behavioral experts such as persuasion designers, behavioral economists, game designers and analytic ninjas. SUEAMSTERDAM