Their eyes were watching god


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Their eyes were watching god

  1. 1. CONFLICTJasmine LopezAstrid RodriguezNancy MartinezAlyson LariosPeriod 1
  2. 2. Conflict• The struggle within the plot between opposing forces- the issue to be resolved in a story.• The protagonist engages in the conflict with the antagonist, which may take the form of a character, society, nature, or an aspect of the protagonists personality.• Conflict may be external, a struggle against some outside force, another character, society as a whole, or some natural force; or internal, a conflict between forces or emotions within one character.
  3. 3. Chapter 7• Quote: "Taint no use in getting all mad, Janie, cause Ah mention you aint no young gal no more. Nobody in heah aint lookin for no wife outa yuh. Old as you is." (pg. 79)• Commentary: In chapter 7 the main conflict was the argument between Joe and Janie and the way Joe would always put her down because of her age.
  4. 4. Chapter 8• Quote: " All dis tearin down talk! Jody whispered with sweat globules forming all over his face and arms. "git outa heah!• Commentary: The main conflict in chapter 8 was that Joe, Janie husband was about to pass away and she was thinking back in how her and her husband had a bad relationship toward the end and she actually didnt feel any pity until he died.
  5. 5. Chapter 9• Quote: "You want to be Keerful bout who you marry, Mis Starks. Dese strange men runnin heah trying tuh take advantage of yo condition."• Commentary: Chapter 9 conflict is that Janie finally is an independent and wealthy women and most men in town want to marry her for that reason. Most men just want to be with her because of all the property and money she has.
  6. 6. Chapter 10• Quote: "Maybe this strange man was up to something! But it was no place to show her fear there in the darkness between the house and the store."• Commentary: The conflict of chapter 10 was that Janie meet this man and was attractive to him but didnt really trust him and didnt know what to expect from him and she was kind of scared of him but she knew she couldnt show him that side of her.
  7. 7. Chapter 11• Quote: "Nom. And nobody wouldnt marry Tea Cake tuh starve tuh death lessen its somebody jes lak him- aint used to nothin. Sourse he always keep hisself in changin clothes. Dat long-legged Tea Cake aint got doodly squat. He aint got no business makin hisself familiar wid nobody lak you..."-Hezekiah• Commentary: The main conflict in this chapter is money. Tea Cake is new to town and shows interest in Janie. He doesnt have the kind of money Jody had. When Janie starts to show interest in Tea Cake, the town people start to worry about her. Janie doesnt want the town people to know so she keeps it a secret.
  8. 8. Chapter 12• Quote: "Ah done lived Grandmas way, now Ah means tuh live mine." -Janie• Commentary: The main problem in this chapter is the perception that money will make you happy. All Nanny wanted for Janie was the "better" life but it didnt suit Janie. When she was young she had a dream that marriage should be based on love and that money shouldnt be a priority. Nannys idea on marriage cause Janie to be unhappy for most of her life so the way the main character here faces this problem is simply by
  9. 9. Chapter 13• Quote: "That was whens he found out her two hundred dollars was gone."• Commentary: Janie had been warned that Tea Cake was only after her money. When she woke up one morning with her money missing. She didnt want to think the worst and feared the town people were right. She started to think of Mrs. Taylor and how her situation turned out. Janies problem in this story was Tea Cake. He left with her money and didnt come back for a long time.
  10. 10. Chapter 14• Quote: "Tea Cake, youse uh mess! Cant do thout me dat lil time." -Janie• Commentary: I this chapter, Tea Cake and Janie are living in the Everglades. Tea Cake has a job but starts to leave work to visit Janie. He couldnt stand being away from her for a long time. This was the biggest issue they had in the chapter. Janie decides to fix this problem buy going out to work with Tea Cake.
  11. 11. Connection"Explanation of how this literary element connects to the theme of the story."• The main conflict in this novel is Janies struggle to form her identity but finds it hard because she is constantly being molded to someone the authoritative people in her life demand out of her thereby giving up her desires and aspirations in order to confirm to other peoples notion of how they think she ought to be. This is especially evident when Jody silences her in front of the town people. Later on though she gains the courage to defend herself and talk back to the cruel teasing Jody finally owning up to true self identity.• Themes are usually conveyed through characters and the conflicts they encounter/overcome so in order to understand the theme, the reader must also analyze the experiences the character had.