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Questions RéPonses En

  1. 1. Question: I'd like to understand how Zulutrade Answer: Zulutrade is a trading platform automated which allows users (beginners and confirmed) to automatically track and free providers signals. As I said Zulutrade is a trading platform, Zulutrade is not an online broker and therefore not no direct orders to buy or sell. Presentation of the • Suppliers of signals (in English signal provider): they make available to all world their position in real time. Zulutrade the pays according to the number of users who follow. At the end of May 2009, almost 4,000 suppliers signals. Approximately 15% are profitable, and only one twenty suppliers performance exceptional (over 95% success) • The broker (= broker) is the company that will pass orders actually purchases or sales of foreign currency your account • Zulutrade is the trading platform automated linking the providers signals, and your broker • User Zulutrade: you, me ... As a trading platform Automated Zulutrade, you choose from the interface of Zulutrade (the website) providers of signals. Note: You do not have a direct link with providers signals. This is by Zulutrade for avoid fraud. A supplier of signals passing an order on his behalf. This information is sent directly on Zulutrade which in turn transmits this information to your broker. The broker place the order on your account and Zulutrade confirms the achievement of this order. The closure the position is exactly the same: the supplier signal transmits the order to terminate its position in Zulutrade which transmits to the broker who makes so effective order and finally sending an acknowledgment of Zulutrade reception. All these steps are automated. However, you can intervene to change orders. Note: in a demo account, there is no relationship with the broker. Zulutrade plays a double role, that relay orders from suppliers and the signals passing orders fictitious. Therefore, in a DEMO on Zulutrade, you do not need to open a account with a broker. These explanations seem complicated, I abstract here stages where you operate. 1. You come to open a demo account
  2. 2. (registration on the site Zulutrade: A DEMO account last month, it is free. You can open multiple (practice to test the setup) and you can renew After a month of this experiment. Warning: You do not to open an account with an online broker for the demo, Zulutrade notionally increase from levels of providers signals. 2. If you are convinced of the value of Zulturade, you can open a real account. The process Registration is a bit complicated, here are the various steps: a. Open an account on Zulutrade: https: / / / SignUp_Live.aspx At the end of registration, record on your pc this file agreement (authorization enabling Zulutrade of transmit orders directly to suppliers signals on your account with your broker) b. Register online at one of the online brokers following: FXCM, AVA FX. v. Complete and sign the contract with the broker (possibility to do so online or alternatively by FAX) d. Complete and sign the declaration form Tax - W-8 BEN (to online) e. Fill in the form of risk disclosure additional (to be online) f. Send by email or fax photocopies of 2 pieces ID: photocopies of your passport, driver's license, identity card or credit card. g. Send by email or fax the completed file signed this agreement to the broker. h. Once your registration validated by broker (the validation period is approximately 24 hours), make a transfer to your bank account. Note: Each broker offers several modes of Payment by credit card, bank transfer, by paypal, check, ... 3. Once registration is finalized, choose providers in the interface signals Zulutrade (I advised to sort by Users and select the providers signals the most watched) 4. Depending on the account you open (micro Account <= $ 1,000, mini account <= $ 10,000 + $ 10,000 for a standard account) must be properly set up your interface zulutrade • Micro account: each lot is $ 0.01 or 5 for a 200 lever • Mini account: each lot is 0.1 or $ 50 for a 200 lever • In standard: Each lot is 1 or $ 500 for leverage 200 Question: Is the result guaranteed? Answer: No! I know that writing this message on the forum, I give hope to people looking for a additional salary on the Internet. It is possible to obtain significant performance and earn money. Now I say it clearly and unequivocally, the result is not guaranteed! Following suppliers
  3. 3. signals the most popular, you're more likely to your side to succeed. But the risk is not 0. Test a month DEMO (https: / / / SignUp_Demo.aspx) following the following advice and then you decide to do next give Zulutrade. 1. Watch the following video and replicate steps on your demo account. 2. If you have difficulties to play the video, you must click on add signal provider and select the signals providers clicking twice in succession on Users to sort the providers by popularity signals. Select at least the top 5 (up 10). Setting 3 Max column total for each open trade supplier signals. Margin call bar-o-meter should be close to 100% (for medium risk). You can accept that indicator goes up to 200% if you're willing to take more risks. Leave the Maximum Lots Open at 25 (default). After some time of adaptation, you can change these settings. Question: What capital investment? What has to choose between a standard, mini and micro account account? Answer: The capital investment depends on you. To talk about my experience, I opened my account with $ 1,000. It depends on your ability to invest. The lower limit is $ 300. There is no upper limit. There is institutional investors on who Zulutrade have a higher capital to $ 10,000,000. If you have less than $ 1,000 to invest, open a micro Account with a leverage of 200 (1: 200). Each order a supplier of signals represent your $ 5 capital is a micro lot (still noted 0.01). If you are between $ 1,001 and $ 10,000 to invest Zulutrade, open a mini account with a leverage of 200 (1: 200). Every order from a supplier of signals 50 dollars of capital or a mini lot (again, noted 0.1). If you have more than $ 10,000 to invest, open an account standard. Every order from a supplier of signals represent $ 500 of your capital or a lot (still noted 1). Question: Who makes the positions on my account Zulutrade ? Me? broker? Zulutrade? Answer: On a demo account, take your positions Zulutrade automatically by copying quot;on your account the DEMO trades that carry signals providers. Note, in a demo account, the position is taken immediately but the position is visible in your interface after a within 2 hours. On a real account, Zulutrade automatically transmits levels of signal providers on your account at your broker that performs effectively award the order on your account. Once the order passed, your broker sends confirmation of passing the order on your account. The order history is then visible in your interface Zulutrade under control without delay.
  4. 4. Operation Zulutrade for a REAL Question: Why should I limit the number of trades simultaneously for a given signal provider? Answer: The signal providers are commissioned by Zulutrade depending on the number of users who follow and the number of trades they spend. To avoid a signal provider does too many orders simultaneously, it is preferable to impose a limit maximum. Another reason is that limiting the number of simultaneous trades, limiting the risk to a supplier signals. By taking signals from several suppliers, you quot;averagequot; your risk. Question: How to set the indicator Maximum Open Lots ? Answer: The idea is to invest a portion of your capital, the rest to protect your investment. The rule of prudence that I use is to divide by the 4 amount of invested capital and to divide the resulting number by the value of a lot (ie $ 5 for a micro account, $ 50 for a mini account and $ 500 for an account standard) For example, a capital of $ 5,000 on a mini account with a leverage of 200, the maximum number of lots recommended is 25 = ($ 5.000 / 4) / $ 50 Question: Should I amend the settings my account? And if so when? every day, all weeks? every month? Answer: Yes, I advise you to follow daily (at least initially) to ensure that your account is correctly set. When your capital has grown, you can increase the number of signals, increase the maximum number of lots for a simultaneous supplier of signal and increase the number of lots maximum. After 15 days of satisfactory, you can return once a week. Question: Should I change suppliers regularly signals? Answer: Yes. Every week, for example on weekends, you should check that providers of signals are always selected providers signals most popular. Otherwise, you will need remove providers signals that are no longer popular and add new signals providers popular. The idea is to have on his account signal providers are most relevant possible. Question: Does Zulutrade works like a HYIP? Answer: Not. Zulutrade is a trading platform automated monitoring of suppliers of signals on the currency market. There is no promise of performance. The success of a user does Zulutrade
  5. 5. not guaranteed future performance for this user and for those who follow his example. For those unfamiliar with HYIP (fraud pyramidal type Bernard Madoff), you can read this Wikipedia: Question: What online broker to choose between AVA FX, FXCM, FXDD? Answer: Every online broker has its advantages. FXCM is the broker offering the lowest spreads listings between purchase and sale, thus ultimately more money for you. AVA FX offers a bonus to open your account. FXDD allows microphones Zulutrade accounts. Question: What is FOREX? Answer: I encourage you to go read the bible FOREX available on the excellent site-forex trader: Question: How do I transfer funds? When and how a withdrawal of funds? Answer: You can transfer your funds directly from the website of the broker. You can also done from the web site Zulutrade Interface Zulutrade to deposit or withdraw funds In the same way to withdraw your funds, you can done directly from Zulturade. You can do whenever you want, there is no coercion. Plan 2 days for the transfer is made. Question: Once it starts to walk, my earnings will be paid directly into my account at my broker? Answer: Your winnings will be directly from your broker. Zulutrade is an interface to link signals providers and users and platform to automate the transition to your order broker. However, there is an ease in the interface Zulutrade of your money to manage (add funds withdrawals) but I repeat does not Zulutrade direct your funds, the online broker who possess. Question: Who will inform me of orders and gains or losses? Answer: You are from the interface of Zulutrade follow the orders automatically to your account and gains / losses generated by such orders. Brokers Online typically monitored daily orders on your account. Inquire with your broker. Question: I trade in recent years on the FOREX, Can I place orders manually? Are these orders will be manually placed in conflict with
  6. 6. providers signals Zulutrade? Answer: Yes, you can place orders manually. To do this click on the link TRADE. Choose the currency pair that you want to spend a order. Specify the direction (purchase / sale) and the amount of lots. The past trades manually will not affect the Past trades automatically by providers signals. Question: If I want to stop everything, how proceed? Answer: You can stop at any time. To remove your money, click on the link FUNDS. Question: What are the costs of care orders passed on my account? Answer: There is no child care costs. Question: What is the average length of trades entered into by signals providers? Answer: It depends on the provider signals. You this information on the link Peformance (https: / / / Performance.aspx) and the Avg column Trades (hrs), average trades expressed in hours. Question: A trade is opened on my account for over a week, can I close it without waiting closing signal provider? Answer: Yes. In the Position tab, click the Close button in front of the trade that you want to close. Question: What do the colors and the stars on the page devoted to the providers of signals? Answer: The stars correspond to a system recommendations by users Zulutrade. The green means that the signal provider is ranked in the top 10 suppliers of signals. Point exclamation in a triangle means that the supplier signal is very risky. Question: How is his tax return when trade? Answer: Refer to the legislation in force in your country. Answer for french: Capital gains must be declared in the register of BNC (earnings commercial) non-professional if you have an event further professional or professionals if your only activity. For more information, you invited to contact the tax office manager your file. Question: What does the indicator margin call-o-meter? Answer: Margin call in french Margin call
  7. 7. corresponds to a request for additional funds. This margin is used to cover a reverse movement of the course on the market. I advise you to have an indicator margin call o-meter to 100% and never above 500% (too risky). Question: Can I open my account base currency other than USD? Answer: Yes. You can choose between USD, JPY, EUR, GBP and AUD. Question: I can not register, why? Registration is possible every day to a DEMO. As against, for a real account, the entry can not made only Monday through Friday.