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Capstone Module 7 Ass 2 Presentation



Disconnection Between a Woman\'s Genital and Subjective Arousal

Disconnection Between a Woman\'s Genital and Subjective Arousal



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  • Genital arousal and subjective arousal make-up the two states of women’s sexualitySubjective arousal does not need to be present for genital arousal to occur
  • suppress inner thoughts of arousal involving erotic stimuli, desiring and imagining sexual acts Past and present history of rape, incest, as well as beliefs of only breeding, genital lubrication (arousal) is present to protect the woman from injury. Only felt control over appalling situation in their mind equaling no mental arousalMen are allowed to show arousal meanwhile women are not however are to be “eye candy” and sexual beingsStress is a major factor in depleting sexual arousal
  • Positive= sexual excitement; Negative=unenthusiastic sexual situationPositive/negative conscious judgment concerning sexual stimuli also stimulates genital arousalMood is set right and there is an equality between both participating individuals then the women will express an aroused state
  • Engorgement provides measurable signs of sexual arousalVaginal Pulse Amplitude (VPA) correlated increase of heartbeats equals an increased engorged stateErotic stimuli generates the genital arousalSubjective arousal does not need to be present for genital arousal to occur
  • Subjective arousal: self-reports after viewing erotica stimuli rating their arousal level on numerical scales from no arousal to highly aroused associated with an orgasmGenital arousal: vaginal photoplethysmograph-clear acrylic tampon shaped device to measure engorged tissue while viewing sexual stimuliTo measure all possible states of arousal from none to highly, sexual stimuli contained non-erotic & erotic films and pictures
  • Presents findings of a disconnection occurriArousalto chimpanzee intercourse displays a fluidity in women's arousal involving the level of sexual activity versus the preferred genderFluidity causes an internal conflict as to what stimuli is arousing versus sexual orientation
  • Factor in degeneration of arousal as well as forms of sexual dysfunctionCortisol released is fight or flight response to supply energy to the bodyIncreased levels of cortisol indicate low scores on the Female Sexual Functioning Index (FSFI) in desires, satisfaction and sexual functioningDisplays an interference between sexual desire and arousal due to stress only subjectively not genitally
  • Disconnection does occur through measurements of subjective and genital arousalWomen were not subjectively aroused but were genitally aroused by Bonobo chimpanzee coitus; subjectively stated arousal by male-female acts however genitally more aroused by female-female sexual acts thus creating conflict among states through the questioning of sexual orientation, embarrassment as to what generates arousal and viewing stimuli as not sexually appeasingHigher stress levels equal higher cortisol levels which lowers sexual functioning, desire and satisfaction
  • One must view the sexual experience as sexually exciting and comprehend that genital arousal is present in order to begin to manipulate the thought processUnconscious conditioning of genital response can occur through the pairing of genital stimulation while viewing a reinforced stimulus this enhances the sexual arousal response to erotic stimuli
  • Pending inquires concerning the disconnection among women’s genital and subjective arousalDo women desire to revolutionize their sexuality thereby enhancing the aroused states or do they desire to maintain in the conflicting states without accepting this newly gained knowledgeMore research will be conducted to procure evidence towards these interesting inquires

Capstone Module 7 Ass 2 Presentation Capstone Module 7 Ass 2 Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Disconnection Between a Woman’s Genital and Subjective Arousal
    Angela Streck
    Argosy University
  • What is a Sexual Disconnection?
    Genital arousal occurs without mentally acknowledging the engorged state
    Genital and/or Subjective arousal is not realized or is ignored
  • Why is there a disconnection?
    Suppression of sexuality
    Genital lubrication is a method to fundamentally protect from injury
    Conflict concerning double standards
    Every day stress
  • What is Subjective Arousal?
    Emotions-positive & negative-compile sexual excitement
    Psychological & emotionally desiring sexual stimuli coupled with positive emotional, cognitive feedback creates a “turned on” state
  • What is Genital Arousal?
    Increase of blood flow with vaginal lubrication as a result of vaginal engorgement
    VPA reflects changes in vaginal engorgement with each heartbeat
    Occurs during the presence of sexually erotic stimuli
  • Measure of Arousal in Research
    Subjective: conduct self-reports rating erotic stimuli based on scales
    Genital: viewing sexual stimuli, vaginal photoplethysmograph measured un-engorged & engorged tissues
    Sexual stimuli contained non-erotic & erotic films & pictures
  • Research Results
    Physical arousal present with self-reports indicating no arousal
    Increase in genital arousal to chimpanzee coitus; self-report of no arousal
    Subjective self-reports stating aroused states to male-female acts
    Genitally, however, more aroused by female-female erotica
  • Stress
    Contributing factor in disconnection between aroused states
    Cortisol is released in stressful situations
    Higher cortisol levels lower sexual functioning
    No correlation between cortisol levels & genital arousal
  • Evidence
    Disconnection does occur
    Displays a fluidity of arousal in levels of sexual acts vs. preferred gender thus generating conflict
    Stress negatively influences subjective arousal
  • A Change in Aroused States?
    One can manipulate a negative sexual situation into a positive sexual experience
    A lack of subjective arousal?Retrain the thought process into a sexually exciting phenomenon!
    Unconscious conditioning of genital response is possible
  • Pending Inquires
    Will women desire to change their states of arousal to a more enhanced sexual experience?
    With the transformation of thought and mentality, do women desire to renovate their subjective arousal in accordance to their genital arousal?