Convert an i phone app idea into a sucessful development


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Submitting viral iPhone apps in Apple store is a difficult task for iPhone app developers. Mobilepundits offer ideas for creating apps that can actually work for customers who want to be successful in this competitive market.

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Convert an i phone app idea into a sucessful development

  1. 1. Mobilepundits Convert an iPhone app idea into an successful development “hey we have a idea for developing great iPhone apps” Prepared by: mobilepundits
  2. 2. This is for you According to my knowledge in mobile market seems no shortage of iPhone app development ideas. As a well known iPhone app development service provider in across the globe we get many queries in daily basis.”How much cost to develop my iPhone apps ” This is a valid question but no one sure without going an iPhone app development process and scope in future. This slide gives an overview of basic steps to convert iPhone app development idea into successful apps. Prepared by: mobilepundits
  3. 3. The method Steps that bring from a beginning idea to the final iPhone apps that available in the Apple app store. First there is an idea that seems good, But the query arise how really better is your idea? Is it gives best reverse of investment for developing an iPhone app? Checking an idea and validation its probability is one of the most important steps for taking you on spending into wrong idea! Once the idea is following these standards then confirmed the development process. Validation and idea checking do it yourself or getting a advantage that is only for you. Submitting to App store and getting the app on user phone next. Just submit the iPhone app into the app store and won’t sell it! Prepared by: mobilepundits
  4. 4. The Idea Just got a great iPhone application idea.” That is obviously is very first step to get success of iPhone app. Please make a surety about the reputation of end user and what services they will give. Here we are not going to discuss about how to create a great idea but we are going to discuss about validations and do some checking of your great idea. Prepared by: mobilepundits
  5. 5. Prepared Steps for checking the idea “i hope it can actually work” The very first question would arise in your mind what you want to achieve with your iPhone apps. Basically there are two ways to get high return of your Investment. Make a huge value of your investment through Apple app store sales Use it as a marketing tool to promote another service or product If we consider a first case then the money in dollar will return you can make with apps but if we consider in the second case then it will consider the marketing effects. Assume that you want to make a huge amount from iPhone apps then you would understand the economy of iPhone in Australia like how many tech savvy are using iPhone and how much money can you make from this segment. If your idea would be planning as become a number one in Apple app store in the right category you target then sure you get a high return of investment. Mobilepundits is highly recommended that clients ensure that idea can enter the top 10 apps in Apple app store. Otherwise consult from experts.
  6. 6. iPhone apps Development Part “If you get surety that your idea could be flying?” Then it’s time to get other part of iPhone “development cost”, If you are committed to develop the best iPhone apps which gives a huge return of your investment then you should move ahead and engage the development process. However you have still doubt in this situation then don’t waste your money as well as time. Assuming you are not a developer or new in development field then here we discuss some point such as get some quotes from expert development company, scope of your apps, sure about your decision and choose the best iPhone app developer that you can afford. Find a group of beta testing and submit your iPhone app after fully tested into the Apple app store. We sure about the apps would be approved within a few weeks. There are many little things that go wrong into these steps so help our professional iPhone app developers and don’t forget your app marketing otherwise you don’t get high investment. AND DON’T FORGET MARKETING Prepared by: mobilepundits
  7. 7. After get app approval If you have create a good marketing strategy you should have a huge initial boost up in every download of your iPhone apps and able to make a millions of $. Make sure you going to keep the right direction and keep the momentum up. Monitoring your apps usage, communicate with your app users, price elasticity, use tools and promotions, if these ideas get filed then you add features users may like. Prepared by: mobilepundits
  8. 8. Thanks for more information click Mobilepundits: Prepared by: mobilepundits