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Mendeley is a really useful free online reference manager. Take a look at some of it's features

Mendeley is a really useful free online reference manager. Take a look at some of it's features

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  • 1. Mendeley is a free reference managerAND social network
  • 2. Drag & drop papers
  • 3. Search and add
  • 4. Watch foldersGo to Tools / Options / Watched folders"Tick the folders you want Mendeley to watch. Any new PDFs in these folders will be imported into Mendeleyautomatically" Mendeley.com
  • 5. Highlight points in journal articles
  • 6. Insert your own notes
  • 7. Documents can be marked read/unread
  • 8. Organise your papers into folders
  • 9. Open and work off multiple PDFs
  • 10. Instant citations and bibliographies in WORD“Mendeley supports 2802 citation styles”http://www.mendeley.com/citationstyles/
  • 11. Other functions• “Install Mendeley on an unlimited number of computers for free“• “Mendeley works on Windows, Mac and Linux”• “Download the iPhone and iPad app to access and view your library on thego“SOURCE: http://www.mendeley.com/
  • 12. More functions• Use it online or install it on your desktop• Search and results appear as you type• Create private groups to share papers and notes with colleagues (secure?)• Join public groups to follow research and connect with others worldwide• Import references from Endnote• “The Web Importer lets you import references and documents from a widerange of academic databases”, e.g. PubMed, etc.SOURCE: http://www.mendeley.com/
  • 13. Compare MendeleyScreenshot from SOURCE: http://www.mendeley.com/
  • 14. “Mendeley about to become theproperty of Elsevier Publishing House“Source:http://libguides.lib.uct.ac.za/content.php?pid=242411&sid=2132789
  • 15. Response from UCT Library:“Perhaps Elsevier will continue to allow certaincomponents to be free, but if you want the bellsand whistles version there will be a fee.This is pure speculation on my part however,based on the models of other ‘free’ software”.UCT LibrarianMarch 2013 email
  • 16. Communications Manager @MendeleyMarch 2013 email“Please be assured thatMendeley will always have afree option as it does now,since this is a key part of ourvision and business”Response from Mendeley:
  • 17. Thanks to Nicola and Lucy S. fortelling us about Mendeley