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Estee lauder ppt


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  • Estée Lauder is a brand that believes in the power of each woman’s individual beauty, and works to enhance it. Estée Lader believes in bringing the best to everyone they touch, which is the Mission Statement of this Fortune 500 Company Estée Lauder is a well-rounded and repsectable brand that produces fragrances, cosmetics, skincare products, and everything in between.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Estée LAUDER Final Project MBD Adrienne Steinbaum Ashley Orahood Annya Kanuk
    • 2. The final project presentation map
      • Rules to follow in the PowerPoint.
      • Color story and typestyle should reflect the brand you researched.
      • Use visuals, mostly. (Little or no text is best.)
      • Present information to us, do not read to us with your back to the audience
      • Make a hard copy or download it onto the hard drive of the educart computer.
      • Cite your work
      • Practice alone and with your group.
    • 3. Estée LAUDER
      • Estée Lauder is a brand that believes in the power of each woman’s individual beauty, and works to enhance it.
      • Estée Lauder believes in bringing the best to everyone they touch, which is the Mission Statement of this Fortune 500 company.
      • Estée Lauder is a well-rounded and respectable brand that produces fragrances, cosmetics, skincare products, and everything in between.
    • 4. Slide 2
      • Define the target audience.
        • Slide to include the names of the 3 Claritas groups and a pictorial version of their lifestyles include:
          • Activities
          • Interests
          • Opinions
          • Brands
          • Media Choices
    • 5. ___(Brand)____Mental Mind Map
      • Be sure you indicate the core values
    • 6. Competitive Analysis Brand Elements: 3 Competitors
      • Bobbi Brown
        • Bought by Estée Lauder in 1995.
        • Bobbi Brown’s logo is simple, recognizable, and strong. The capital letters
        • manage to capture a sense of powerful softness, which speaks to the strong,
        • natural femininity the brand seeks to promote in its consumers.
      • Lancôme
        • Owned by L’Oreal Paris.
        • The Lancôme logo is simple, chic, and sophisticated much like the product offered.
        • A rose is often incorporated into both the logo and the product packaging. Roses are a classic symbol of femininity, beauty and allure; all three of which are characteristics of Lancôme.
    • 7. Competitive Analysis: Brand Elements For all 3 brands
        • Lancôme
          • This brand does not have a well-known repeated slogan, however their mission statement (and several advertisements) declare that their goal is to help women “believe in beauty”, and find their own individual beauty.
          • L’Oreal, which owns Lancôme, has the recognizable slogan, “ because you’re worth it.”
        • Bobbi Brown
          • This brand’s slogans pull you in by speaking for women everywhere.
          • A campaign for the brand used the motto, “Pretty. Powerful.” , which was actually created by a consumer in a motto-writing contest.
          • Bobbi Brown wants women to feel confident, beautiful, and powerful while wearing her line of cosmetics.
    • 8. Competitive Packaging: 3 Competitors
      • Lancôme
          • Lancôme’s packaging is sleek and
          • simple, using a consistent color scheme
          • of black, gold, white, and silver.
          • A rose, their symbol, is also incorporated in
          • most packaging.
      • Bobbi Brown
        • Bobbi Brown packaging always focuses on the logo and product name, without including excess information that would clutter the simplicity of the package.
        • Cosmetics come in a glossy black box, almost always using white lettering. The container for the product usually mirrors this black/white color scheme, however for face lotions the writing is sometimes black while the product acts as the white background.
    • 9. Store Visuals: 3 Competitors
      • Lancôme
      Bobbi Brown
    • 10. Brand Colors & Price 3 Competitors
      • Lancôme
        • Lancôme uses mostly gold, black, silver and white in their packaging and type.
        • In advertisements a pale pink is often incorporated along with the rose image.
        • Lancôme prices are very varied depending on the product.
          • Eyeshadows are $17, Juicy Tube Lip Glosses are $18, Volumizing Mascara is $25, firming/lifting lotion is $110, and replenishing lotion with SPF 15 is $140.
      • Bobbi Brown
        • Bobbi Brown’s main color scheme is black and white. However, when she does not use her
        • signature black and white coloring for certain campaigns or special occasions, she uses colors that
        • are eye-catching to her customers.
        • Bobbi Brown’s prices are very varied depending on the product
          • Her Tinted Lip Balm is $18, her top rated Bronzer Powder is $33, Modern Classic Lip and Eye Palette is $75, Brightening Lip Gloss is $22, and Bobbi’s Skincare Basics is $90.
    • 11. Web site/Positioning
      • Lancôme- ”Lancôme is a trusted cosmetics and skincare brand, that believes in the beauty of women, and seeks to enhance it through a high quality variety of products, and service that makes each woman feel comfortable and worthy of being beautiful.”
      Bobbi Brown- “Through Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Bobbi enables every woman to enhance her unique beauty. With straightforward, easy-to-use cosmetics in timeless hues, all formulated to create a smooth, natural, and healthy appearance.”
    • 12. Create a Feature & Benefit table for the 3 competitors.
    • 13. Support your research by showing us an example of the ads TV or print that lead you to report positioning statement created.
      • Quality
      • Sophisticated
      • Reliable
      • Established
      • Consistent
      • Beautiful
      • Variety
      • Mature
      • Beautiful Quality Products
    • 16. Slide 9 Brand Promise
      • Only Brand?)_ promises (sweet spot?) to (target audience?).
    • 17. Slide 12 Brand Spokesperson/Mnemonic
    • 18. Brand Insistence will be created using the Brand Insistence Model plan on this slide
    • 19. Slide 13 Advertising traditional
        • Rough layout
        • Must include Motto for campaign
        • Where will ad run? Why/(Be specific)
    • 20. Slide 14 Promotion Internet
      • Where will promo be?
        • Specifics idea for success
    • 21. Slide 15 Public Relation/Sponsorship/Endorsement
      • Examples:
        • Events with media/Target Group
        • Internet events with media/target group
        • Sponsorship of local causes
        • Endorsements of activities important to your target that will create emotional connection