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Assyst ConnectIn provides the ability to bring content and people to you as a user that is relevant to you. This is done through an adaptive learning process that constantly reviews your profile to see what you are doing as well as review articles that you post as well those that you review and comment on. The kind of information includes but is not limited to other people's skills (allowing you to reach out to them), articles, files, videos and a whole list of other contents that are posted. In a typical site one gets lost while here it keeps bringing information more relevant each time as it tracks your keystrokes.

Like to see how your organization can benefit by deploying Assyst ConnectIn call us at 703-230-3100 or email or visit

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  • Thank you for all your comments..ConnectIn is gaining acceptance in the industry with many new customers signing up.. Please continue to share your ideas and thoughts so that we could improve our solution.
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  • Hmm.. If only so simple - but love the concept -- A slightly better option may be - With hooks to outside businesses and networks. Sort of a meets business
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  • Great idea and well presented. If you need ideas for your enterprise and network search for EduTechNia @ SlideShare.
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  • Gr8 presentation. It surely looks like a wonderful tool!!!!!!!
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Social Networking for Enterprise - HR ConnectIn

  1. Meet Laura Lindstadt .
  2. Laura is fresh out of Tech School
  3. And has joined Acme Software Inc.
  4. Leading a 20 member team on a Flex project.
  5. Laura needs a crack team of Flex experts. But she’s new to the company …
  6. … and knows little about her colleagues or the skill sets that they pack.
  7. But Laura knows where to look.
  8. She logs into Connect In , the company’s collaboration portal
  9. And runs a search under Flex.
  10. Voila! Up comes a list of all the Flex Professionals on the rolls.
  11. Heading the list is Dick Trevor .
  12. Laura checks out Dick’s profile on Connect In .
  13. Wow! This guy is a wizard with Flex!
  14. Laura uses Connect In to chat with Dick.
  15. The ice is broken. A bond is created.
  16. Dick introduces Susan .
  17. And Susan introduces Karen .
  18. Soon they have a team
  19. … spread across half the globe
  20. … using Connect In to stay in touch and to collaborate .
  21. The project is on a roll.
  22. Moral of the story ...
  23. Networking is a piece of cake with Connect In
  24. is a Workforce Collaboration Tool from Advanced Software Systems Inc. Sterling, VA 20166 Connect In
  25. Talk to us! To learn more about Connect In and to see how we can leverage our experience to your benefit, call us at (703) 230.3100 or write to us at © Advanced Software Systems, Inc., All Rights Reserved.