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Similar to what Facebook / Linkedin does in the the consumer market , Assyst ConnectIn take it to the businesses where teams within an organization that typically work in a silo now are able to expose organization wide or even to partners what they are doing and based on interest generated can collaborate or adapt to better serve the respective communities. ConnectIn brings a capability to individuals the ability to communicate and identify the information coming from various sources and users; collecting and presenting it in a way that is relevant. The key feature of this product is that it has a self learning mechanism, as more and more information is entered it can build on that to present it cohesively to users.

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Social Networking for Business - ConnectIn

  1. Meet Jack Higgins
  2. … a Harvard B School alumnus
  3. ... on the wiser side of fifty.
  4. Jack loves his family
  5. ... which includes Bonnie .
  6. Jack is a partner at Pink Health Inc.
  7. … a 600 strong company that’s into health & wellness.
  8. C al W atch + is their flagship product
  9. … that’s used to track calorie intake.
  10. Jack has this brilliant idea
  11. … of loading C al W atch + onto an iPhone.
  12. … so you can track your calories on the go .
  13. Now, Jack is an ideas man
  14. … which is why they call him Jack The Canny Higgins.
  15. Jack posts a blog
  16. … in Connect In the Group’s collaboration space.
  17. Jack’s blog has a huge following alerted by RSS feed .
  18. Now let’s meet someone else ...
  19. Here’s Michael Bolt the Group’s Product Manager
  20. … and an avid reader of Jack's blog.
  21. Bolt is bowled by the iPhone idea. In fact, Bolt goes nuts over it.
  22. But Michael Bolt is a cautious man. So he runs a poll on Connect In .
  23. Feedback pours in from employees, friends, well-wishers
  24. ... because Connect In isn’t confined to the corporate walls.
  25. Coming back to our story ...
  26. The response to Jack's idea is overwhelming .
  27. Pink Health has a winner on their hands.
  28. Mike goes into overdrive .
  29. Three weeks down the line Jack’s iPhone idea is a reality .
  30. Moral of the story ...
  31. There's no stopping an idea. Not with Connect In behind it.
  32. Hi, I am Mike Martin. To learn more about Connect In , call me at: Ph: 408.725.7104, Mob: 408.406.9933 or write to me at [email_address]