Capability BriefAdding Dashboarding Capabilitiesto CA Clarity PPMTMThe popularity of the dashboard is continuing to grow a...
Combining Clarity PPM with Xcelsius provides a single and comprehensivesource for all project related information and offe...
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CA Clarity - Xcelsius Dashboards


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Advanced Software Systems Inc ( Assyst ) a CA Clarity Implementation Services Provider offers Xcelsius Dashboards Consulting and Development Services. Call Assyst's CA Clarity Team at 703-230-3100 xt 4638, or email at for additional information.

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CA Clarity - Xcelsius Dashboards

  1. 1. Capability BriefAdding Dashboarding Capabilitiesto CA Clarity PPMTMThe popularity of the dashboard is continuing to grow asorganizations look for easier ways to access information withinlarge data sets and to analyze that information to manageperformance, make better decisions and lower overall costs.Interactive dashboarding allows executives and general usersdo what-if analysis, easily drill down for additionalinformation, change variables, and view key metrics with easyand interactive sliders, filters, and other tools.As the fastest growing dashboarding solution on the market,Xcelsius is the primary dashboard development tool of theSAP Business Objects suite of business intelligenceproducts. Xcelsius is a dynamic and customizabledata visualization software package thatenables development of both insightful andengaging dashboards from various datasources throughout a typicalorganization.
  2. 2. Combining Clarity PPM with Xcelsius provides a single and comprehensivesource for all project related information and offers a robust and reliable toolto carry out multiple project management tasks with ease, speed & efficiency.Xcelsius extends the power of • Platform independence the required information from existingbusiness intelligence environments by Xcelsius dashboards and data systems to generate various types ofoffering interactive devices including presentations can run on any PC, Mac, reports. By clubbing Xcelsius withgauges, charts, widgets, drop-down PDAs or other devices having Adobe Clarity, they now enable even usersmenus, and sliders. These intuitive Flash player. with no technical background toand user-friendly devices simplify the generate these reports in the form of • Live data connectivitydisplay of complex business data and Xcelsius dashboards connect to easily understandable and interactiveprovide decision makers with an easy dashboards, thus enhancing the valueway to interact with data and check existing BI systems, XML-compliant of the Clarity PPM implementation. databases, and SOAP-based Webout future business scenarios with the services, ensuring up-to-the-minute Combining Clarity PPM with Xcelsiusclick of a mouse. provides a single and comprehensive information, whenever and wherever source for all project relatedXcelsius models can be exported into a you view it.variety of formats, such as information and offers a robust andPowerPoint, Flash, PDF, Outlook, AIR, reliable tool to carry out multipleand the web (using HTML). These Xcelsius & Clarity project management tasks with ease,models retain their full interactivity CA Clarity PPM V 12.1 comes bundled speed and efficiency. It results inand require only Adobe Flash Player to with four standard Xcelsius measurable benefits to clients by wayrun. The user doesn’t require any Dashboards: Project Status, Resource of increased productivity, fasterprogramming skills and with a simple Dashboard, Financial Dashboard and completion of IT initiatives, reducedpoint-and-click can easily transform Portfolio Review. These highly visual risk of failure and lower workload oncomplex data from multiple data and interactive dashboards are in-house teams.sources and reports into a single, easy- designed to help senior executives ASSYST’s dashboards are highlyto-understand dashboard in minutes. make smarter portfolio decisions by configurable, and extremely easy toMore importantly, it enables accessing dynamic, business critical use. A Visio-like drag and droppresenters to modify their underlying information to review current project interface makes it simple to assemble,data assumptions on the fly, simply by status, assess and optimize resource mix and match performance datamoving sliders or dials on their screen. utilization, and tabulate cost variance using graphs, gauges and otherXcelsius also includes graphical (CV) and cost-performance index (CPI). widgets. The dashboards also utilizeinterfaces and real-time methods that They can be adapted to suit various industry standard color coding asprovide guided analysis and for customer-specific requirements. visual indicators of projectdynamic monitoring of organizational Clarity’s new dashboard capabilities performance parameters and providemetrics and key performance include support for mobile devices, complete drill down abilities thatindicators (KPIs). and give users across the enterprise allow a user to start from a summary quick access to meaningful business view and zero in on underlying details. intelligence from nearly anywhere,Benefits of Xcelsius enabling them to move from static to Clubbing Xcelsius with our Clarity more dynamic and fact-based decision practice we help organizations to:• Point-and-click ease making and better business alignment.Xcelsius’ intuitive interface, including • Quickly build sophisticated New pre-built Business Objectspre-built components, skins, maps and Universes allow users to more easily dashboards and visualizationscharts, and one-click export, enables create investment, resource,non-technical users to develop • Customize dashboards to meet timesheet, and financial dashboards in next to no unique business needstime. Getting more from • Connect dashboards to external• Stunning presentation data sourcesCustom graphics and interactivity Clarityallow users to develop and present • Maximize the value of IT projectscompelling yet easy-to-understand By clubbing Clarity PPM with Xcelsius, ASSYST helps clients draw greater and solutionsfinancial reports, sales forecasts,reports, and more. All this can be benefits from their Clarity • Deploy dashboards in Microsoftdone via the Web, MS Office, MS implementations. ASSYST has a strong Clarity practice. Our Clarity trained Office, Adobe PDF, portals, or onSharePoint, Adobe PDF, and anyenvironment that supports Flash. and certified resources have for years the Web been helping organizations align PPM• Visual modeling implementation with their business • Transform the way business is runSliders, gauges, filters, numerical input goals. They ensure data integrity and by providing actionable visualtools, and other visual components accuracy across disparate systems and informationallow users to quickly evaluate back office applications, and performmultiple "what-if" scenarios in real- the necessary data conversion to • Maximize the value of businesstime, with the click of a mouse. enable the Clarity PPM system to pull intelligence with rich user interface 22866 Shaw Road, Sterling, VA 20166, Phone: 703-230-3100, Fax: 703-230-0640 Email: