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The six questions between you and success   Kathy Ennis
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The six questions between you and success Kathy Ennis


Published on

Working together for success, 14th October 2013

Working together for success, 14th October 2013

Published in: Business, Career

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  • Who are they?Who am I?Objectivesby the end of this session you will be able to:state the 6 questions you need to know in order to shape your business or your career describe the process for identifying the skills you need to developdefine your business / career driversdescribe how to make progress / change happen for you (not to you!)
  • So here are the six questionsWho am I?Where am I now?How satisfied am I?What changes do I want?How do I make those changes happen?What if my plan doesn’t work out?
  • Question 1: Who am I? (Impression Management)We are many people in one body:Child, Employee, Spouse/Partner, Business Owner, Parent, Consumer, Friend, Leisure-User, Home Maker, StudentYou need to define who you are in relation to all these personasYou need to identify what is important, what can be put on hold, are there ways of doing things differently?Who Are You?What are your personal values? (5 Words exercise) – Personal Brand, Authentic, CongruentWho are you in your personal life?What is you work / career persona? – is there a mis-match between you and your workplace (personal values)What is your business persona? – do you feel confident? Do you feel like you are putting on an act? Do you ask for help and support in the right places and from the right people?
  • Here’s a way of analysing how you spend your timeDo a time and motion study on yourself over a short time – 2 weeks / a month (don’t fake it!)What you find is that you may have to make compromises to get to your goal / targetIt’s important to let others (those important to you) know what you are doing, what you are willing to compromise and not let them steer you off course (selfishness, jealousy, other???)
  • To know where you are you often have to know where you want to be, that way you can make a judgement about what you have to doWhen I work with my mentees we take time to develop their 5 year planWe work backwardsIt is much easier to identify the first step forwardsToo often people don’t look further then the tip of their nose
  • To get from A to Z you need to know where A isHere are some examplesSome of these may resonate with you or not
  • To answer the question ‘Who am I?’ in relation to your career or your business you cannot ignore the skill set you needWhat is it?Do you have the skills?Do you need the skills?Criteria could be:very competent competentadequate for the taskundevelopedMy problem with SWOT Analysis – making slightly less weak weaknesses??
  • Naomi Campbell famously said that she wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10,000What gets you out of bed in the morning?
  • Take a little time to jot down what satisfies you and what gets up your noseOnce you name it you can do something about itPipes and Drains
  • James Dyson – 5126+Success takes time, patience and perseverance – not just in track and field. Exactly 5,126 attempts to make the first bagless vacuum cleaner were failures – some catastrophic disappointments, some minor defects. It took 15 years. Prototype 5,127 was the success.Stuff happens!It’s much easier to make alterations / changes within a structureIf things are in chaos it is often difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnelDo you have an independent 3rd part to give you feedback and support?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Kathy Ennis The Small Business Brand Builder The 6 Questions Between You and Success
    • 2. for those who don’t know me Kathy Ennis The Small Business Brand Builder /KathyEnnisYourBrandIsYou @kathyennis
    • 3. the 6 questions 5. how do I make change happen? 3. how satisfied am I? 1. who am I? 2. where am I now? 4. what changes do I want? 6. what if my plan doesn’t work out?
    • 4. question 1: who am I? 4
    • 5. time analysis record – actual Percentage of time Spent Life Role Child Employee / Business Owner Spouse or Partner Parent Consumer Friend Leisure-User Student Home Maker 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70 – 100%
    • 6. question 2: where am I now?
    • 7. I’m bored and in a rut I don’t know what I want I want to find out what’s really important to me I know what I want but I don’t know how to get it I’m retiring soon and I don’t know what to do I’m about to lose / just lost my job I want to return to a job after bringing up my children I want to be clearer about where I go from here in my business or career I’d like to know what I am really capable of achieving I’d like to learn to accept what I’ve got, to feel more at peace with myself I find it difficult to choose among the things that are important to me I’m quite satisfied with my job at the moment, but I feel I may be missing out on something
    • 8. my skills Very Competent Competent Want to use a great deal Want to use sometimes Want to use rarely or never Skills I would like to develop
    • 9. questions 3: how satisfied am I? what drives you?: • • • • • • • • • material rewards power/influence search for meaning expertise creativity affiliation autonomy Security status
    • 10. my major satisfiers People Activities In my business/ career In my life my major dissatisfiers People In my business / career In my life Activities
    • 11. question 4: what changes do I want? technique • describe yourself as you are now • describe yourself as you were 10 years ago • describe yourself as in 10 years from now Keep it in the first person • which of the descriptions did you find most difficult? • why?
    • 12. question 5: how do I make change happen? •by having goals •by being strategic •by being SMART specific measureable achievable realistic timebound
    • 13. question 6: what if it doesn’t work out? • get rid of bad feelings • have someone to talk to who can offer you information, advice and guidance • talk constructively to yourself • look after yourself under stress
    • 14. what’s your biggest concern right now … Kathy Ennis The Small Business Brand Builder /KathyEnnisYourBrandIsYou @kathyennis Kathy Ennis The Small Business Brand Builder … can I help?