Project leadership webinar 02.09.14


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Susanne Madsen presents a thought provoking webinar for APM on project leadership that helps you lead yourself and others more effectively in a project context. Susanne discusses the differences between management and leadership and how to increase performance, become a project leader and differentiate yourself from the competition.

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Project leadership webinar 02.09.14

  1. 1. Project Leadership - Are we too busy with the urgent to focus on the important? Susanne Madsen
  2. 2. What do you think is needed in order to deliver better projects? (tick as many as you like) 1. Better project management processes? 2. Better people management skills? 3. Better leadership? 4. Better buy-in from project sponsors?
  3. 3. PMI Pulse Report
  4. 4. Susanne Madsen § 17+ years experience as a project and programme manager § Managed programmes of up to $30m § PRINCE2 and MSP Practitioner § Corporate and Executive Coach § Trainer, Coach, Speaker, Consultant § Books: “The Project Management Coaching Workbook” & “The Power of Project Leadership”
  5. 5. Management Leadership § Task-oriented § Skills-based § Events and processes § Methods, calculations § Authority § Rational thinking § Tell § Push § Knows it all § People-oriented § Attitude and behaviour § Visionary, inspirational § Motivational § Values others § Empowers others § Ask § Pull § Risk-taking Management Leadership
  6. 6. The Project Leadership Matrix™ Project Leadership x
  7. 7. Lead with Vision
  8. 8. Customer Wants versus Needs
  9. 9. Delivering value and long term benefits Effect Relevance Time Quality Cost Sustainability Source: Knut Samset
  10. 10. Connect with People / Build Relationships
  11. 11. Connect with People – how to do it? § Prioritise people – also those who work remotely! § Schedule one-2-one meetings for their benefit § Find out what they like most/least about their job § Ask questions – don’t just tell people what to do! § Involve people in the decisions that affect them § Praise people for a job well done!
  12. 12. Imagine your team members were volunteers!
  13. 13. Watch Daniel Pink’s video: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
  14. 14. Engaging senior stakeholders § Spend time getting to know each stakeholder § Ask questions and listen § Build trust - be honest! § Partner with them and communicate in a way which suits them § It is your responsibility to ensure your communication is understood § Engage the project sponsor
  15. 15. Power and Influence Matrix Walk into the lion’s cage! Allies High Low Opponents Low High Power and Influence Supportiveness
  16. 16. Work with Intent
  17. 17. Poll: Which statement is most true for you? 1. I hardly ever fire-fight or waste my time. I feel I am as proactive as I can be. 2. I am often proactive but would still like to learn how to optimize my time better. 3. I fire-fight too much and find it hard to set aside time for more proactive activities. 4. I almost always fire-fight and don’t know how to break free from it.
  18. 18. Work with Intent – how to do it? § Eat That Frog! § Start your day with 90 minutes of clear focus! § Check email less frequently § Eliminate time waste, interruptions and multitasking § Ask: “Am I inventing things to do to avoid the important?” § Ask: “Am I being productive or just active?” § Delegate; train others to take on more responsibility § Use Pareto’s Principle (the 80/20 rule)
  19. 19. Are you ready to leap?
  20. 20. Take a helicopter view 1. How can I better lead with vision? 2. How can I spend my time more proactively? 3. How can I better inspire my team to contribute? 4. What are the 20% that contribute to 80% of my results? 5. Which important activities have I been putting off? 6. Who do I need to spend more time with?
  21. 21. Ask for Feedback! § Ask three questions 1. What should I stop doing? 2. What should I start doing? 3. What should I continue to do? § Ask your main client or stakeholder 1. What are you concerned about? 2. How would you like me to keep you updated? § Ask your team 1. How can I better support and challenge you?
  22. 22. More Information: “Highly recommended. All my team have a copy. I'm that confident of the effect it will have on my business.” – Paul Daniels, MD, L&M Ltd. 25% Discount:
  23. 23. FREE Access to Project Management Resources § Get access to my personal project management resources § Templates, Worksheets, Webinars, and links to the best project management forums § Project Initiation Document, Progress Reporting, Steering Committee Presentation etc. To get FREE access please go to and register your interest
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