APM Programme Management SIG flyer   29-5-14
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APM Programme Management SIG flyer   29-5-14 APM Programme Management SIG flyer 29-5-14 Document Transcript

  • APM Programme Management Specific Interest Group ProgM AGM Chairman’s Report: May 2014 Newsletter http://bit.ly/progmnews  Introduction to ProgM  Peeling back the covers on government programmes, Richard Bacon, 18th June 2014  Delivering more for less Conference #apmmore4less 26th November 2013  Reaching out using webinars – including Paul Rayner Tribute  Blogging matters  Taking social media further  Working with others  Thinking systematically  #eva19. Supporting the new ABC “Agile, Benefits, Complex” ProgM Committee Thanks to all those who served on ProgM Committee for the period 2013-2014. The nominations for the coming year are: Adrian Pyne Paul Yeomans Merv Wyeth Ed Wallington Neil Walker Matthew Kidner James Dale Andrew Gray Alan Macklin John Chapman Peeling back the covers on government programmes 6pm on Wednesday 18th June 2014 Holiday Inn, Regents Park, Carburton Street, London, W1W 5EE www.apm.org.uk/events Richard Bacon, MP, co-author of a ‘must read’ book for anyone involved in, or affected by, [pretty much every UK citizen] government programmes entitled ‘Conundrum: Why every government gets things wrong – and what we can do about it.’ APM has a stated ambition to “create a world in which all projects succeed by 2020" – including all Government ones! We hear a great deal about project failure but here is a man whose experience, dogged questioning and forensic analysis make him a formidable member of the Public Accounts Committee. Richard really is in a unique position of being able to provide both a diagnosis and some recommended treatment for the project patient who is suffering with a chronic condition!
  • Great programme managers listen, learn and lead How to be in the top 10% of programme managers – Patrick Mayfield Would you like to know what the elite project managers do, that the rest of us don’t? The answers may surprise you? Based on research into the behaviours of high-performing project and programme managers, Patrick Mayfield and his team came to some surprising conclusions. Conclusions that could alter the way we look at governance and organizational maturity. If you are a traditional programme manager, who believes the answer lies in processes, tools, techniques and templates, this presentation might upset you. Great programme managers engage and lead powerfully Author, expert, consultant and coach, Jane Sparrow, explains how a mix of generating excitement around the ambition, behaving like a leader and using the right tools and processes is the critical mix to create programme success. She'll share real examples of individuals and organisations that have successfully engaged all stakeholder groups to generate successful implementation with a lasting impact on the business. Jane will inspire us, challenge our thinking and show how individual project and programme managers can leave an unseen legacy among people long after the project has become 'the way we do things around here'. She will leave us with practical takeaways that we can go away and put into use immediately. Sendsteps – Audience Engagement Sendsteps increases audience interaction during conferences and other business meetings! Wi-Fi Network: etcvenues Password: etcv5044 Log-in www.sendc.com password: Progm mobile: 079 0496 4140