Mind map your WBS to project success


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This was a presentation given by Lawrence Keltie of Matchware to the APM Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire branch membership on Wednesday 21st May 2014 in Leeds.

Wouldn't you like to know how to simplify a project's lifecycle?
This presentation focussed on how you can - using mind mapping technology and techniques. Lawrence Keltie discussed the benefits of Mind Map theory and why it is useful in communication and planning.

In this interactive and informative presentation, Lawrence demonstrated fundamental mind mapping techniques and how they are applied to various methodologies.

Tired of sticky notes and whiteboard sessions?
Mind mapping is an effective method to use in requirements gathering sessions and the construction of the WBS (work breakdown structure). When mind mapping is coupled with technology it simplifies the process and enhances communication.

During this presentation, Lawrence explained the mind mapping theory and how that theory can be applied to business analysts and project managers. He also demonstrated best practice techniques in mind mapping and how it relates to technology. Participants learned how to simplify the project life cycle and improve communication of a project plan.

Mind mapping has traditionally been presented as a tool for planning and organisation, an effective way to develop, organise, and present multiple facets of the project plan. Primarily used for the construction of the WBS, advanced uses of this technique also simplify the complex process of communicating the project plan. Those uses were demonstrated through direct audience interaction during this presentation of an unquestioned, versatile and valuable tool for use by project managers.

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  • I am delighted to see colleagues in Northwest Branch embracing the use of mindmapping for projects. Well done Lawrence. I have previous posted on this topic in the APM web site - worth a revisit! http://www.apm.org.uk/content/mindmapping-key-skill-p3m-practitioners
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Mind map your WBS to project success

  1. 1. Presented by: Lawrence Keltie
  2. 2. What is a Mind Map?  An organic way to display a Work Breakdown Structure
  3. 3. Work Breakdown Structure
  4. 4. Benefits of Mind Mapping  Increased Productivity  Better Communication  Enhanced Recall and Memory  Easier method of Organisation Utilising Mind Maps  Project Management  Strategic Planning  Problem Solving  Note Taking  Brainstorming  Knowledge Management  Risk Management  Decision Making
  5. 5. Communication Breakdown Organic(Right brain thinkers)vs. Linear(Left brain thinkers) • A study conducted by University of North Carolina indicated 65% of all mistakes in the work place were a result of miscommunication. • The other 35%....?
  6. 6. Consequences of Communication Breakdown  Different Expectations  Inaccurate Requirements Gathering  Missing Deadlines  Over Budgeting  Project Failure Solution?....
  7. 7. Solution = Mind Mapping Technology
  8. 8. What Does Mind Mapping Do For You?  Enhance Brainstorming and Collaboration  Optimise the WBS Process  No Recreation of Data