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Gateway reviews - waterfall based or agile ready?


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Assurance of agile projects conference 27th November 2013

Assurance of agile projects conference 27th November 2013

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  • 1. Brian Wernham Gateway reviews: Waterfall biased or Agile ready? @BrianUkulele Visit for delegates’ 50% discount
  • 2. Why are YOU here today? What is ‘Agile’? ‘Agile’ only for web development? ‘Agile’ only for tiny stuff? ‘Agile’ = loss of ‘Agile’ in control? mission critical projects? What is ‘DSDM’? What is ‘Scrum’? Gated assurance processes for agile projects? @BrianUkulele 2
  • 3. This talk: What are Gateway reviews? What is ‘Agile’? Can a Gated approach be used to assure ‘Agile’ projects? … and what about complex change programmes? @BrianUkulele 3
  • 4. Waterfall projects drive a waterfall assurance approach… Traditional Project Design Build Test Deploy White box Assurance ‘P’ Level Process Assurance
  • 5. Waterfall - Let’s dig deeper… What is the waterfall approach? Why does it often cause problems on innovation projects? What are Gateway Reviews? Do Gateway reviews reinforce weaknesses in the waterfall model? @BrianUkulele 5
  • 6. The “Big Design Up Front” mind-set I had better ask for all possible features… At last – a chance to get what I want! @BrianUkulele 6
  • 7. The Big Design Up Front is born… @BrianUkulele 7
  • 8. The result of Big Design Up Front… 8
  • 9. @BrianUkulele 9
  • 10. As difficult as trying to swim up a waterfall… @BrianUkulele 10
  • 11. 11
  • 12. 12
  • 13. Gateway reviews – as interpreted for waterfall projects Source: Welsh Government 2012 @BrianUkulele Acronyms: - Strategic Outline Case (SOC) - Outline Business Case (OBC) - Full Business Case (FBC) 13
  • 14. What does an ‘Agile’ project look like: - a governance perspective Innovation project P/type P/type P/type P/type 14
  • 15. Examples of Agile Methods - A project level method: ‘DSDM’ Source: DSDM Consortium (DSDM = Driving Strategy, Delivering More) 15
  • 16. Examples of Agile Methods - A team level method: ‘Scrum’ Source: Mike Cohn 16
  • 17. ‘Agile’ projects invert the ‘irontriangle’: Source: DSDM Consortium 17
  • 18. Don’t be slaves to process! 18
  • 19. Be outcome focussed: 19
  • 20. ‘O’ for Outcome Assurance… ‘P’ Level Process Assurance 20
  • 21. Taking an appropriate assurance approach… Traditional Project Innovation project Hybrid Programme Traditional Project Design Build P/type Innovation Project P/type Test Deploy Traditional Project P/type Innovation Project White box Assurance Hybrid Assurance P/type Black box Assurance 21
  • 22. Annual ‘O’ Gates Programme Gateway Reviews Programme Close ‘O’ Gate Project Strategic Assessment Initial Gate ‘O’ Strategic Assessment Hybrid Gate Assurance? ‘P’ level Gates 1-5 repeated Process for each project Assurance ‘O’ Level Gate 0 repeated Outcome annually Assurance Source: Welsh Government 2012 – amended to correctly show iterative Gates O @BrianUkulele 22
  • 23. Managing and assuring agile/waterfall hybrid change programmes – a recent article… @BrianUkulele
  • 24. Thanks for listening! Blog: @BrianUkulele Visit for delegates’ 50% discount 24