APM Portfolio SIG Annual General Meeting 2014


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A full presentation given to Portfolio delegates giving an updated insight into the previous year's sucess

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  • APM Portfolio SIG Annual General Meeting 2014

    1. 1. Portfolio Management SIG AGM 10 June 2014 1
    2. 2. 2 6.00pm AGM • Welcome & Apologies • Chairman’s Report 2013/14 • Election of Committee • SIG Strategy & Plans 6.40pm Presentation by John Bennett 7.30 pm Closing Comments & Next Steps 7.45 pm Finish AGM 2014 - Agenda
    3. 3. Key events Communicating risk across the project portfolio (July) PfM: How do I even get this on the executive agenda? - Alan Dinsdale (Oct) Creating and sustaining an environment for success (March) [8 top-class presentations plus 2 inter-active workshops] 3 Report for 2013/14 • Project Success Research• Competence Framework Committee Support for APM Initiatives News/Blogs Help! 50% of my projects are the wrong ones, but which 50? (July) Portfolio mgt - how do I even get that near a meaningful agenda? (Aug ) Portfolio mgt - helping plot a strategic pathway in a complex world (Feb ) SIG Newsletter and article in Network (June) SIG membership now over 800 Strategy updated & aligned with APM 2020 Vision
    4. 4. • “PfM in action” – more examples please from SIG members • Blogs – your views, ideas and topics you find challenging? • CxO initiative – APM results soon, to support cross-SIG plans 4 Looking Ahead • July 2014 – New Committee host open workshop to develop PfM strategy building on the outputs from March 2014 Conference for wider distribution • Sept 2014 – joint venture (Change Management SIG) • Oct 2014 – PfM SIG presenting at APM Knowledge Forum
    5. 5. Which PfM topics do you want addressed? What kind of activities/events do you want? How can we help you be more engaged? Specialist topics – how do you want to be involved? Are we doing the right things? What else should we be doing / leading on? 5 What do you think? Let us have your views – look out for a short survey soon
    6. 6. We share a passion…….. "To develop and promote the professional discipline of Portfolio Management“ 6 Committee – 2014/15 David Dunning Ruth MoyesSteve Leary John T Macgregor Mike Florence Stephen Parrett Daryush Abbasi
    7. 7. Making available a resource of good practice information Create the knowledge and resources needed for project success Share research and good practice Recognise the benefits of professional project management at Board Level Engage organisations Create a profession learning and collaborating together Develop innovative research Towards a world in which all projects succeed Supporting APM 2020 Strategy 7 Developing New Knowledge (e.g. creating source material based on “what works”) Working With APM (e.g. collaboration with other SIGs and pan-APM initiatives) Engaging SIG Membership (e.g. opportunities for participation in SIG activities) Engaging with the CxO Community (e.g. supporting APM research into this group) Disseminating Knowledge (e.g. providing access to PfM Knowledge) Embed organisational good practice and adopt standards
    8. 8. Strategic themes Current SIG Future SIG Develop new knowledge Disseminate knowledge Closer working with other SIGs Engaging CxO community SIG members more involved 88
    9. 9. How you can help Develop new knowledge Disseminate knowledge Closer working with other SIGs Engaging CxO community SIG members more involved Current SIG Future SIG PfM research and analysis Academic papers Case studies Best practice Collate findings Contribute new knowledge PfM research and analysis Portfolio Mgt SIG collateral Collate findings Contribute new knowledge 9
    10. 10. 10
    11. 11. 11 Presentation by John Bennett The challenges of managing a dynamic drug development portfolio
    12. 12. Closing Comments – Three Perspectives 12 3 perspectives of PfM and the challenges being addressed by our strategy Explain how PfM tackles business issues Highlight what PfM can do for them Demonstrate how to get PfM started Executive Provide ideas to improve support from above Create access to examples of PfM in real life Show PfM synergies with associated processes Practitioner Improve PfM profile – PgM & PjM well known Identify pathway for aspiring portfolio managers Enhance recognition by other P3M communities Profession
    13. 13. 13 Next Steps Blogs – keep your views coming.............................. Post-AGM comms • SIG survey of members • Call for volunteers to help with future plans 8th July 2014 Opportunity for members to join new Committee and develop plans for PfM guide and take strategy & research forward Autumn Publication of initial outputs from July
    14. 14. To find out more about upcoming events please visit our website www.apm.org.uk/events This presentation was delivered at an APM event