B&Q's journey to creating and delivering sustainable change: Karan Bawa, Head of Programme Management Office


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In their first jointly organised conference, the Portfolio Management (PfM) SIG and Benefits Management (BM) SIG hosted around 80 people at the ETC in Hatton Garden, London on 6th March for a packed agenda of speakers, workshops and other interactive sessions.

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B&Q's journey to creating and delivering sustainable change: Karan Bawa, Head of Programme Management Office

  1. 1. Creating & Sustaining An Environment for Success B&Q’s Journey To Creating & Delivering Sustainable Change 6th March 2014 Karan Bawa – Head of B&Q Programme Management Office B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  2. 2. The B&Q Journey Understanding The Business Context & Ambition - Externally & Internally Engaging The Leadership Making Some Choices Setting Up The PMO Striking The Balance Between Rigour & Agility Tools & Techniques 2 B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  3. 3. The Context B&Q is the largest home improvement and garden centre retailer in the UK, employing more than 30,000 people nationwide with 362 stores. We offer around 45,000 inspirational home improvement and garden products aimed at DIY'ers and trade professionals The UK home improvement market is around £44bn (£28bn retail and £16bn trade) and this market has largely been flat since 2008 B&Q’s turnover has been hovering around the £4bn mark since 2005 3 B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  4. 4. The External Context - Top Brands In The UK Who recognises the B&Q brand? 4 B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  5. 5. The External Context – Our Sector Multi-channel Sheds Specialists Discounters Trade players Generalists Online players Grocers and general retailers The market is not growing and we’re under greater pressure from new entrants 5 B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  6. 6. The Internal Context Past Current Strategy Strategy The right stuff at the right time Agreed portfolio & measures Standard process and methods Executed in the right way Projects Projects • Weak linkage between strategy and projects • Lack of / non-standard process and method across B&Q • Up skill project management capabilities • No strategic view of initiatives 6 • Create strong linkage between strategy and projects • Introduce standard processes, methods and Project & Financial governance B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  7. 7. Creating a Virtuous Circle Strategy Strategy • A clear measurable strategy • At the right level New Operating Model PMO • Create the roadmap • Apply process and method • Deliver desired outcomes PMO • OM supports the strategy • Informs the organizational design • Creates a responsive business Landing Change • Land change and make it stick • Handover to business as usual • Extract value 7 B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  8. 8. What Type of PMO? Weather Station The weather presenter who reports what’s going on but does not influence or change anything in any way Air Traffic Control Provides standard process and method, alerts to potential issues and problems, assists and guides where required Command & Control All project resources report into the PMO. The PMO is responsible for process, method and execution, there is absolute adherence to methodology, provides project approval or rejection recommendations to the board Air Traffic Command (Hybrid) Provides standard process and method, takes ownership and is responsible for ensuring projects are set-up for successful delivery, does not own the resources 8 B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  9. 9. The PMO Set-Up Our Purpose: To enable our projects, programmes & sponsors to be successful Process • To ensure standard world class processes exist for all projects • Provide standard project management training • Establish the B&Q Functional Operating Model and to drive improvements 9 Quality Planning • To embed quality in every stage of the project lifecycle • To be the custodian of the business project portfolio • To strive to eliminate defects and rework • To plan all business projects in a standard way • To ensure lessons learnt from previous projects are incorporated into future projects • To balance capability and capacity between project delivery and business ability to consume Business Change Financial Governance • To deliver sustainable change within B&Q • To apply a consistent lens to all investment projects to ensure they are set up for success • To provide a consistent approach to change management execution • To ensure high levels of consistent communication and stakeholder engagement • To be the single point of financial approval and to do this with reference to agreed budgets B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  10. 10. Spreading The Word A talk about the PMO to the whole of the B&Q Head Office 10 B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  11. 11. Engaging Our People 11 B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  12. 12. Tailored Service & Governance New Gold Silver Streamline / Re-design Extent of Change Transformational Governance & Rigour tailored to match scale & complexity Bronze Business Function Pillar Multiple Pillar Enterprise Scope of Change 12 12 B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  13. 13. Effective Project Management Framework – Gold/Silver/Bronze 13 B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  14. 14. Reporting Portfolio Summary: Project RAG Status Portfolio Highlights Red 1 • Amber Portfolio Risks & Issues 4 Green 3 • Decisions Required/ Pending: Priority Projects: Initiative Status Current Stage Project A A Delivery Project B A Delivery Project C R Delivery Project D A Implementation Project E G Implementation Project F G Closure Project G G Strategy Project H G Status Summary Strategy 14 14 B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  15. 15. Access for All – PMO SharePoint Site 15 15 B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  16. 16. The PMO ‘Nerve Centre’ All key projects are documented in a standard way and managed in a highly visual manner 16 B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  17. 17. What Value Do We Deliver? • Robust decision making, active risk management and robust benefit tracking alone have resulted in multiple £m savings • 60% increase in projects delivered to original time, cost, quality & the right value for our customers, B&Q & our colleagues • Ability to select the right projects that help deliver our strategy • Business focused, standardised processes and tools • Single view of all B&Q project costs and benefits • Full alignment between strategy, financial planning, capacity planning and PMO • Business talks a common language 17 B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)
  18. 18. The PMO Motto… 18 B&Q Programme Management Office (PMO)