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Stand and Deliver - on sponsorship sales, by Linda Pereira

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Stand and Deliver on sponsorship sales, by Linda Pereira, presented at the Association Congress 2011, London, UK …

Stand and Deliver on sponsorship sales, by Linda Pereira, presented at the Association Congress 2011, London, UK

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  • 2. Stand & Deliver Linda Pereira , M.Ed. CDMPExecutive Director, CPL Events & International Meeting Industry Conusltant
  • 3. With corporate sponsorship of meetings andevents reported to have dropped by morethan 50%, this presentation will address theissue of How to win sponsors and influencepeople. Are sponsors more savvy atmeasuring their return on investment or havewe lost the art of delivering highly tailoredsponsorship opportunities?
  • 4. The party is over. With every kind of company scrutinizing every dollar, chopping unnecessary spending and keeping close tabs on even the appearance of excess, only the most essential meetings are likely to survive.“As we move forward, [meeting] money will be invested, rather than just spent.”
  • 5. The world has changedforever and "businessas usual" is a thing ofthe past. Obtainingsponsorship andsupport formeetings is like gettingblood from a stone, andthe new economicclimate requires a morecreative andprofessional attitude.
  • 6. During this time:• Survival tools for acquiring sponsors and exhibitors• Practical examples of successful financial support for conferences• The business attitudes and language necessary to gain sponsorship & exhibitor buy-in• New approaches and creativity for financing and organising association events• Use new tools and methods of acquiring sponsors and exhibitors• Change your approach to sponsors and exhibitors• Develop new financing models for association events
  • 7. Showcasing Your Talents: Attracting Sponsorship Whoever said that if you wanted something in life then you have to go and get it was not far wrong.
  • 8. Showcasing Your Talents:1. Has your association adopted any initiatives recently as regards diversity & sustainability?2. Has your association added any new member benefits over the last two years?3. Has your association added any changes to your major event in the last two years?
  • 9. MONEY
  • 10. pragmatic choice
  • 11. Sponsors• Language of business credentials ▪ experience ▪ facilities staff ▪ commitment to quality reputation ▪ guarantee • More important to Sponsors than PRICE
  • 12. Host “Vendor Days” on facebook & the ACSNetwork where we feature sponsors &exhibitors for active discussion
  • 13. Innovative Marketing piecesYou have to WOW them, but without breaking the bank
  • 14. CREATING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES• Through Innovation ( Technology/ CSR and Sustainability)• Through Creativity ( New products and new emotions)• Through marketing alliances (Having Sponsorship Ambassadors)• Through communication and visibility (efficient marketing across mediums)
  • 15. Is your headset on backwards?28% Average revenue that executives and business travelers estimated would be lost without in-person meetings with clients77%Customers who require or prefer in-person meetings81% Corporate executives who believe that a slow economy calls for more contact with clients,not less
  • 16. Harvard Business Review Survey of over 2,300 Harvard Business Review readers concluded that 95 percent of business (corporate) people said they believe that face- to-face meetings are key to success in building long-term relationships, and 89 percent agree face-to-face meetings are essential for "sealing the deal."
  • 17. The average business in the U.S. would forfeit 17% of its profits in the first year if it eliminated F2F opportunities. It would take more than three years for profits to recover
  • 18. Business Travel ROI$1US invested in business travel drives…$12.50 US in revenue…and...$3.80 US in profits
  • 20. Branding your event..• What is your BRAND?• What is your trademark?• What is in it for me?
  • 21. Are you a source? Half the challenge is selling the flowers, not arranging them. It’s the image you project before & after you create the design
  • 22. Talk business not logisticsLinda Pereira – International Meeting Industry Consultant
  • 23. Back to basics1. Identify what makes you unique2. Contact former customers3. Reward repeat customers4. Publish a company newsletter5. Support a cause or project6. Develop a positive public image7. Offer quality guarantees
  • 25. 2. Unconventional & irreverent• Constant creative renewal is required• Fresh & memorable• 3D street art, projections, buskers…reverse pickpockets, ‘happenings’…• Free demonstrations• Posters by local artists• Graffiti Jam
  • 26. Resultsrate of return in experience centre area increased by 160%
  • 27. Top Five Best Tips for Attracting Sponsorships#1: Remember That Sponsorships are Partnerships#2: Acknowledge What Your Sponsor has done for you#3: Guarantee Sponsorship Category Exclusivity#4: Do Research Before Approaching a Sponsor#5: Communicate Openly and Regularly with Sponsors
  • 28. LINDA’s TIPS1. Don’ sell too cheap. ’t2. Request a realistic amount of money.3. Run the event like a business.4. Don’’ beg. t5. Talk the meeting as it pertains to increasing the sponsor’’ business. s6. Add value to the package.7. Use the sponsors as a carrot billboard.
  • 29. 8. Generate exposure for the sponsor.9. Know the difference.10. Don’’ promise what you cannot produce. t11. If you can’’ talk business, or you can’’ write t t an effective letter, or you can’ develop a ’t proposal, or don’’ understand selling, you t must hire someone to do it for you.12. Research the potential sponsor.
  • 30. 13. Networking is not about who you know…14. Mass mailings don’’ work. t15. Develop a relationship with the your sponsors.18. Involve them in the planning of the meeting.19. Put it all in writing.20. Once you have made a commitment, the sponsor’’ needs come first. s
  • 31. So…Produce it...Shout about it,Create a buzz,Make it easy,Make it rewarding,Make it accessible,Make it worthwhile...and they will buy in!
  • 32. This has been a Memorable Networking Moment… SPONSORED BY: Linda Pereira PCO& MI Consultantlinda@cplevents.pt