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Research, realities and relationships for membership growth by Christine Marsh

Research, realities and relationships for membership growth by Christine Marsh






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  • A critical insight is that the component parts of any organization, the functions, are “wired together” by the products and services they get from and and provide to each other in the course of doing business. ( This macro relationship view must precede detailed process analysis for performance improvement or ongoing goal setting and planning .)
  • A critical insight is that the component parts of any organization, the functions, are “wired together” by the products and services they get from and and provide to each other in the course of doing business. ( This macro relationship view must precede detailed process analysis for performance improvement or ongoing goal setting and planning .)
  • A critical insight is that the component parts of any organization, the functions, are “wired together” by the products and services they get from and and provide to each other in the course of doing business. ( This macro relationship view must precede detailed process analysis for performance improvement or ongoing goal setting and planning .)

Research, realities and relationships for membership growth by Christine Marsh Research, realities and relationships for membership growth by Christine Marsh Presentation Transcript

  • Research, Realities & Relationshipsfor membership growthChristine Marsh CPTPrincipalPrime Objectives
  • Research, Realities & Relationshipsfor membership growthChristine Marsh CPTIFTDO Board MemberMembership Committee
  • Federation of organisations,not a membershiporganisation seekingindividual membershipsCurrently represents more than500,000 professionals in over30 countries
  • 1. Research: undertaken & key findings2. Reality: meeting member expectations3. Relationships: collaborating with other societies and organisations4. On-going research: improvements that could add value5. Transition: concept into actions
  • Founded in 1972 in order to:develop & maintain a worldwide networkcommitted to the identification, development& transfer of knowledge, skills & technologyto enhance personal growth, humanperformance, productivity & sustainabledevelopment www.iftdo.net
  • Structure and Governance Executive Board supported by an Secretary General and working committees.Egypt, Poland, Nigeria, India, UK, US, Bahrain, Jordan, Australia, Mauritius, Ireland, KuwaitA truly diverse body acting on behalf the most multinational,multicultural Training and Development organisation in the world.
  • Interdependent Committees • Conference Coordinating Committee • Membership • Developing Countries • Global Awards • Resources.
  • Internal Customer- Supplier Network The Organization Function A Function C Function BCMP Associates
  • IFTDO Board - Committees Marketplace Conference Coordinating Committee Host Message Host Candidates Requirements Updated (Value Content & Communication Identified/ Developed & Host Proposals Presented (as Appropriate) for IFTDO Proposition-Host Vehicles Proposals & IFTDO) Determined Obtained Board Action Value Competing Prop. “Investment” Opportunities Membership IFTDO Services Offerings Message Membership Value Designed &/or Profile Content Trends Proposition Modified as Finalized & Established (as Want/ Need & Presented & Approved) & Improvements Updated Approved Updated Communicated Updated Develop’g IFTDO Countries Current Members Associate Awar ds Re sources Members Full ¥ MembersCarol M. Panza, May 17, 2011
  • Contact between Board & The IFTDO web site is our “face” to members, potential members, potential conference delegates and even potential Committee members and current & lost members must be ÒMarketplaceÓ IFTDO Board “donors,” in addition to our member organizations and our conferences. However, given the way that people seek accomplished via the Secretary General. In any case, the research information, the web site is particularly important in communicating our value proposition via a format and content that are objectives of the Membership IFTDO should be able to compelling and credible enough to prompt people to look further. Committee are most appropriately articulate a value proposition that will show CCC handled via interviews rather than an electronic survey, in any case. benefits to members in Potential member research is absolute terms and in Host ÒMessageÓ Host Candidates C o m p e ting comparison to other Host Proposals another issue and will depend on Requirements Content & Identified/ “Inv e stm e nt” places they can invest Presented (as Board members & Federation Updated (Value Communication Developed & O p p o rtunitie s (including doing Appropriate) for members, it would seem. Proposition-Host Vehicles Proposals nothing!). Board Action ?? & IFTDO) Determined Obtained ¥ Conference Host • Dir ec t Contact Requirements (Blue Book ¥ Host Opportunities • Web Site ¥ Availability (Years) & Benefits • Confer enc es ¥ Membership Trends The value proposition articulated and “promoted” to renewing and new ¥ Membership Value Proposition ¥ Delegation Incentives ¥ Wants & Needs (Lost, Current & members is connected to the conference host value proposition and vice ¥ Delegation Incentives Questions ¥ Other Member Benefits Potential Members) versa. Further, it would be enhancing to the conference host value ¥ Conference Messaging Needs ¥ Delegation Trends proposition if we were able to be more proactive in supporting the ¥ Improvement Requirements development of attendance (through delegations, for example, from member ¥ Scholarships organizations). That is, offers of member discounts PLUS delegation ¥ Discount Offers discounts which could be “sold” by IFTDO as authorized. In addition, - Delegations perhaps the Resources Committee could generate funding for Conference Membership - Reciprocal & Special Delegate Scholarships, from Developing Countries? Developing Countries IFTDO Value ÒServicesÓ ÒMessageÓ Membership Proposition Designed &/or Offerings Profile Content Trends, ÒWants & There may be potential to develop relationships with donor ¥ Wants & Needs Qs organizations &/or large/prime contractors working in developing Updated Modified as Finalized & Established (as NeedsÓ & ¥ IFTDO Value Prop. countries, which could support the building of an RFP data base and (Research Based Presented & Updated Approved) & Improvements contractor data base as additional benefits of membership. There may & Confirmed) Approved Communicated Updated also be opportunities to raise money for targeted awards or • Member Tools & “scholarships” to benefit organizations and professionals working in Incentives developing countries. • Booth ¥ ÒWants & NeedsÓ Development and ¥ Reciprocal Memberships • SG ¥ Members (FM, AM, RM) articulation of the value ¥ Specially Funded Offers • Web Site ¥ Member/Qualified Leads proposition involves all (Resources Committee?) • Confer ences ¥ Services/Offers Ideas committees, as does, - Membership proactively “selling” - Conference Scholarships membership & conferences. D e v e lo p ing - Delegation Discounts ¥ IFTDO Value Proposition Current Members ¥ Wants & Needs ? ¥ Award Programs C o untrie s ¥ Special Offers ¥ Winner White Papers/ C o m m itte e Articles IF T D O A sso ciate s A w ard s Donor/Funding Source Options R e so urce s M e m b e rs C o m m itte e ¥ Special Program Ideas C o m m itte e ¥ Applicant Development ¥ Funding (Existing Awards) Recommendations ¥ New/Additional Awards Funds ¥ Awards Donor Guidelines IF T D O ¥ ÒIntelligenceÓ/Wants & Needs F ull ¥ Qualified Leads (Members, ¥ Conference Host Inquiry Conference Delegates) ¥ Conference Host Proposal M e m b e rs ¥ Member Applications ¥ Additional Information as ¥ Donor/Funding Source Options Required ¥ Signed Contract ¥ Bank Guarantee ¥ Annual Dues ¥ Annual Dues An important source of new members is existing members. There is an opportunity to offer an incentive for ¥ New Members ¥ New Members members (including AMs and RMs) who bring in new members. It is enhancing to members, and should be ¥ Member Leads ¥ Member Leads talked about as such, when new members are added, but a special discount on their own membership, or ¥ Wants, Needs & Obstacles ¥ Wants, Needs & Obstacles some other incentive is worth considering as well.Carol M. Panza, May 17, 2011
  • Outreach Issues How do we reach potential members to present our value proposition, which has beenGeneral designed or updated using voice of the customer information? We have a few sources, namely, existing members, conference delegates, our booth at other conferences as wellThe two committees that currently provide the most broad-based external as our own, the web site, and Board member activities.contact for IFTDO(and the “face” of the Federation to the world) are theConference Coordinating Committee and the Membership Committee. These Existing Members – To make the most of this source we should have a “jobtwo committees also have to do with the primary and ongoing sources of aid” that clearly articulates the value proposition and in a way that membersrevenue for the Federation in the form of funding for Board Meetings and will find easy and engaging to communicate, when speaking to colleagues whorevenue from conferences for the CCC and dues for Membership. represent prospective member organizations. We should also consider incentives such as a discount on your own membership, for example, for eachThe way committees operate and even their goals are at least somewhat new FM or AM you bring in.dependent on the Chair and other members of each committee. For example,the Membership Committee did not have a set of accountabilities, no less a World Conference Delegates – The opportunity to present a short Whydefined operating process. This is likely to be, in part, a function of the fact that IFTDO? Pitch during a plenary session at each World conference thatall committee and other work undertaken for IFTDO is voluntary. expresses the IFTDO value proposition might be considered for an updated Blue Book. There is an opportunity to construct a package (job aid) for sharingThe CCC is the most structured committee, probably because it is the most conference highlights after the conference with colleagues and members ofcritical and central to the financial viability and ongoing operation of the our member organizations. Since this would likely cost something to build andFederation. However, the CCC continues to use the same Blue Book that has distribute, it would probably require a charge. So, the question would bebeen in place for a long period, developed during a time when conferences and whether or not delegates would want it, if it wasn’t free? Or, could we findthe demand for them were very different from where this marketplace appears to sponsors to fund such a thing as a giveaway and to which they would like tobe going. The value proposition has changed, while our required fee structure add their logo as a sponsor?has remained the same but for an escalator to allow for inflation, which acts toraise fees. That leaves us in a place where we cannot guarantee that the IFTDO IFTDO Booth – The IFTDO Booth has been developed beyond its very basicname will generate delegates for the host organization (net new/additional roots and has a look that is much more professional, particularly consideringattendees) and we do little to support the process of building delegations over that our investment was modest. There continues to be an opportunity toand above email to members encouraging them to spread the word and promote further upgrade the booth and to run a laptop in the booth that could play thethe conference within their own organizations. promotional disk or disks from upcoming conference hosts; show still shots or videos from past conferences; interviews with members, award winners, etc.,The Value Proposition and/or, as possible, provide access to our web site.Whether we are talking about the CCC, Membership, Awards, or the new IFTDO.net – Given the current environment, what is on the internetDeveloping Countries and Resources committees, there is always a value representing any organization is very important to their credibility as well as inproposition. Organizations propose to host our conferences because they the case of IFTDO, to facilitate (or, unfortunately, discourage) membershipbelieve that they will benefit (otherwise why commit to $100-150K in additional applications and conference registrations. The appearance and the range ofcost?). Organizations join or continue their investment in membership in return “services” accessible on the web site both public and members only, serve tofor benefits from that membership. Organizations invest the time and effort in highlight the value of membership while also ensuring that our face to theAwards submissions because there is prize money, but also because of the world is professional and high caliber. We also need to ensure that memberspotential for recognition. To remain viable, we need to maintain a focus on our have easy to use job aids for keeping their own information, links and input intovalue proposition. To put it in commercial terms, we need to develop and/or the IFTDO calendar, for example, up-to-date or contributed properly. There ismaintain a competitive advantage over other places that organizations can work being done on the development and posting of author guidelines and ainvest their time and money resources. If we are not consistently working on our move to offer/request that Award recipients present their winning submissionsvalue proposition, we are not supporting our ability to be successful with our in the form of an article that can be posted on the web site and/or available tooutreach, i.e., selling IFTDO membership and selling conferences. share within member organizations as authorized and appropriate. Creation of an Editorial Board has been suggested as a way to ensure quality and alsoVoice of the Customer potentially to assist authors.How do we ensure that our value proposition really has value? That is, we For supporting the success of conferences, could we look at the Blue Book to ensurecannot assume that we know what potential members and conference host that we have a truly marketable value proposition AND actively, proactively assist in theorganizations really want, need and value. We need to ask them. We need promotion/development of delegations, in cooperation with the host? What about a linkaccess to the voice of the customer (current, lost and potential). That research to registration on our web site, special scholarships particularly for developing countriesshould not be multiple choice questions administered via software/online. and discount/delegation incentive programs?
  • Data Interpretation – Viewpoint?How do you use data to make an informed decision?Spin on the same data: W = We/The Company WW W = Presenting Figures W W = Me/W.I.I.F.M? WW = Environment/Market
  • 1. Research: undertaken & key findings The Voice of the Customer How do we ensure that our value proposition really has value? How can we listen to the voice of the customer: - Current - Lost - Potential
  • IFTDO October 2011 - Member Research Survey Questions Demographics 1.Membership Category 2.Organization Type 3.“Respondent” Position/Title Content 4.Why we joined IFTDO 5.Satisfaction and Improvement Opportunity 6.How IFTDO can encourage membership renewal 7.Issues facing clients, constituents, or members 8.How you could strengthen or promote IFTDO
  • Why we joinedMost frequently occurring responses• Interaction/networking opportunities• Reputation as a prestigious organization• Availability of up-to-date research
  • Satisfaction •Good• We trust IFTDO – Prestige• Contacts and conferences• Learning expertise• Dissemination of useful information
  • Improvement Opportunity• Research• Data Base content (expertise, focus . . .)• Broaden geography – Latin America, Asia• Conferences & membership more diverse with rewarding interaction
  • How IFTDO can encouragemembership renewal• Research - up to date with latest and best practice available• Networking/exchange partnership & business development• Credentials and accreditation requirements
  • Membership Committee – Action Plans• Establish and/or modify member services• Develop IFTDO’s web site to provide several services to members• Identify appropriate organisations and “negotiate” Reciprocal Memberships• To identify potential new members and consider incentives for attracting them to join• To take maximum advantage of the opportunity to communicate our IFTDO value proposition (attract new members) at and/or via World Conferences• To upgrade IFTDO booth at the Conferences
  • 2. Reality: meeting member expectations • Global and Regional conferences • Committee and Board Participation • Publish and Present • Awards and Recognition • Resources • Representation • Projects
  • 2011WARSAW
  • Global Awards & Certificates of Merit a
  • 2012KUWAIT
  • Under the Patronage of The Prime Minister
  • 41st IFTDO World Conference, Kuwait 15 – 18 April 2012 Challenge of Expansion Resolving Issues that Impact on Performance
  • 3. Relationships: collaborating with othersocieties and organisations
  • Leading international association dedicatedto improving productivity and performanceEvidence based performance improvement• Performance analysis• Cause analysis• Intervention selection www.ispi.org
  • American Society for Training and Development Empower professionals to develop knowledge and skills successfully www.astd.org
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Supporting and developing those responsible for the management and development of people within organisations www.cipd.co.uk
  • 4. On-going research: improvements that could add value
  • 5. Transition: concept into actions• New Membership Category• Web Site – Planned Upgrade• Global Awards and Publications• Benefits of Membership
  • New Membership Category - AdvocateIn collaboration with the Resources Committee.• Plan to introduce a category for large influential organisations/corporations• Defining eligible category members and outlining the invitation criteria and process• Need to determine any legal implications for required amendments to our Articles of Association
  • Web Site – Planned Upgrade• Uploading of photos and video from past conferences.• Improve Member page
  • Global Award & Certificate of Merit and PublicationsSolicitation of abstracts and articles for publication - IFTDO Newsletter/website
  • Benefits of Membership• A session and space at the next IFTDO Conference to promote membership
  • Research, Realities & Relationshipsfor membership growthChristine Marsh CPTIFTDO Board MemberMembership Committee