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  • 1. PROGRAMMING WITH COM ON WINDOWS(SAMPLE ASSIGNMENT) Our online Tutors are available 24*7 to provide Help with Help with Programming with COM on Windows Homework/Assignment or a long term Graduate/Undergraduate Help with Programming with COM on Windows Project. Our Tutors being experienced and proficient in Help with Programming with COM on Windows ensure to provide high quality Help with Programming with COM on Windows Homework Help. Upload your Help with Programming with COM on Windows Assignment at ‘Submit Your Assignment’ button or email it to . You can use our ‘Live Chat’ option to schedule an Online Tutoring session with our Help with Programming with COM on Windows Tutors. Windows screenshots Allows listing MS Windows' windows, setting their size, giving focus, and take screenshots. screenshot_example.m %% Compile everything. Do only once mex listwindows.cpp disp('Compiled listwindows.cpp') mex screenshot.cpp disp('Compiled screenshot.cpp') mex setwinsize.cpp disp('Compiled setwinsize.cpp') mex showwindow.cpp disp('Compiled showwindow.cpp') %% % Sample script to show how to get info and % take screenshots of windows % Searches for windows with 'MATLAB' in title [coords, titles, HWNDs] = listwindows('Notepad'); % Take a screenshot of the first one imgu32 = screenshot(HWNDs(1)); % Convert the image format. % This is only used because img is in uint32 info@assignmentpedia.com
  • 2. % format, and needs to be split into RGB values. img = uint322RGB(imgu32); % Display image image(img) %% Additionaly, you can resize the windows, and put them in front showwindow(HWNDs(1)) setwinsize(HWNDs(1), int32([500, 200])) visit us at www.assignmentpedia.com or email us at info@assignmentpedia.com or call us at +1 520 8371215