Test 1 paper of yaqeen badge
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Test 1 paper of yaqeen badge






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Test 1 paper of yaqeen badge Test 1 paper of yaqeen badge Document Transcript

  • 1 Gulshan-e- Noor Scout Unit Test Yaqeen Badge Duration: 2 HursQ 1 Describe the uses of Reef Knot Sheet Bend Sheep Shank Clove Hitch Bowline One Turn and Two Half Hitches Whipping Man harness Knot Timber Hitch Sheer Lashings Pole Lashings Fireman Chair Knot Crown Knot Rolling Hitch Square Diagonal Tripod Lashings
  • 2Q 2 What is the Basic Principles of Health and HygieneQ 3 Know and Demonstrate How to Treat Scratches, Clean Wound and Practical Application of DressingQ4 Describe the Methods and Uses for Triangular and other BandagesQ 5 How to Stop Bleeding from NoseQ 6 Know Highways Rules and its Regulations
  • 3Q7 Draw CompassQ 8 What is the Principles of Balance Diet and its Execution / AdministrationQ 9 Tell about Pressure Points in Human Body and know how to Stop Bleeding from Internal WoundsQ10 How Treatment for Sprain
  • 4Q 11 how to treat Patience having Insect Bite, Bee Bite and Horn biteQ 12 How Treatment of Burns, Scalds, Bleeding from Nose, Shock except Electric ShockQ 13 How to Draw a Map Using Triangular Method
  • 5Q 14 What is Estimation and Draw Two (2) Different ways) and Know his Personal MeasurementQ15 How to Treat (i) Heat and Sun strokes, (ii) Electrical Shock and Faints
  • 6Q 16 How to Diagnose and Provide Treatment to Person having FractureQ17 Describe the Danger of High and Low Blood PressureQ18 Check List of Camping (Personal Use and Group Use)Q 19 what is Rights of Allah and writes the names
  • 7Q 20 What is the Rights of Humans in Islam and writes the namesQ 21 what is the reason of GLOBAL WARMING and how we control it?Q 22 what is the reason of Fire in Forest
  • 8Q 23 what is Ghazwah, how may Ghazwah and names and tell 5 Lines of each1234
  • 95