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Chinese Taipei; Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Mr. Roger Jen-Chieh Cheng – CTO, Information Group:

Chinese Taipei; Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Mr. Roger Jen-Chieh Cheng – CTO, Information Group:






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  • Land area and population for Taiwan are small but has a very well established ICT capabilities and environment . T he mobile phone and fiber-optic network penetration rate both reached a mature level. In recent years, the development of the Mobile Internet was fast, the mobile Internet access penetration rate has reached 42% . Taiwan ICT Competitiveness Receive Worldwide Recognition: Ranked 6th in IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2011 and it was the 3rd most competitive country in Asia. Taiwan Internet ecosystem is on par with that of developed countries. A 2012 McKinsey report found that Internet contributed 5.4% to Taiwan Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Internet contribution to GDP is the same with UK is highest of any country in McKinsey’s reports. Another interesting fact is this - Taiwan ranked the 3rd and the Google app-crazed country ranked number 4th getting beyond the U.S. Among countries in Europe, the UK, France or Germany where conspicuous by their absence in the top 10 list. Singapore was No.5, followed by Sweden (No.6), Israel (No.7), Denmark (No.8), Netherlands (No.9) and Norway (No.10). Other countries which were surprisingly missing in the top 10 list were the two biggest mobile phone markets - China and India. Perhaps, when it comes to downloading apps, Chinese and Indians are not that crazy.
  • 1. There are m any ICT products in our life, you might enjoy their convenience every day, but you may not notice that those products came from Taiwan. 2. Most products listed in this page include Laptop, Motherboard, Netbook PC, Server system and WLAN covered over 80% world wide market share. Several items even occupied over 90% world wide market share. 3. Asus, Taiwanese own branded Netbook manufacturer and total solution provider, It’s worldwide first one to created New-to-Market opportunities via EeePC in 2007. Within 2 years, ASUS and ACER covered 70% global market share together in 2009.
  • 1. I invite you to sense the production speed for Taiwan ICT products. According to these figures, can you imagine that I have not finished this sentence, these Laptops, Cameras, Mobile Phones had been completed and sent to you? 2. “Taiwan Inside®” would probably be the most suitable description of Taiwan’s vitality and its position in the worldwide ICT Industry. Sorry for Intel.
  • 1. In addition to the ICT product design and manufacturing capability ranked the world's first. Taiwan also demonstrated strong vitality of the appraisal in the EIU and WEF global competitiveness rankings such as ranked the sixth in 2007 in the EIU among 60 countries and jumped to the second in 2008 only behind the United States. Taiwan ranked the highest in Asia. 2. Taiwan ranked 13th in the world in WEF 2011 among 142 countries around the world. Taiwan also hitting highest scores in eight sectors in 142 countries in WEF, including: the number of patents, industry clusters, the degree of local market competition, and the number of telephone lines, etc. There are 10 indicators listed top 3 globally such as ranked second for the easy level of the capital raising for stock market, and ranked 3rd for relevance of salary and productivity. Furthermore, 16 sectors ranked within top fifth in worldwide such as the adequacy of transparency in government decision-making, the quality of math and science education, scientists and engineers and the number of domestic suppliers, etc Source: http://cdnet.stpi.org.tw/techroom/policy/2011/policy_11_041.htm 3. Also worth mentioning is the game contest which shows dynamic of young generation in IT application infrastructure environment. For instance, quote “ The dizzying world championships of the online battle arena game "League of Legends" concluded Saturday night (Oct. 13) inside the University of Southern California's Galen Center, which typically hosts basketball — not video — games, with underdog Taiwan's Taipei Assassins defeating South Korea's Azubu Frost to win the tournament's $1 million grand prize. The contest served as the latest example of the increasing popularity of competitive gaming — or e-sports, as it's called. The second season world championships of "League of Legends" were organized directly by the game's developer, Riot Games Inc. The studio recently declared "League of Legends" as the "most played game in the world" with 70 million players hailing from 145 countries registering for the game since it debuted in 2009. Riot Games noted an average of 12 million players are now logging on each day” unquote From 'League of Legends' crowns $1M champions’ By DERRIK J. LANG | Associated Press, Los Angeles, 10152012, source: http://news.yahoo.com/league-legends-crowns-1m-champions-084848590--finance.html
  • One of the key factors for the booming development of Taiwan ICT industry was the establishment and implementation of foundation network infrastructure island-wide. In addition to the connection of the foundation network infrastructure and framework establishment in whole island that includes setting up of Science Parks and IT Software Parks. In order to upgrade the capability of digitalization, mobility and intelligence for Taiwan, we have continuously implemented several national programs such as e-Taiwan, M-Taiwan and i-Taiwan since 2002. We wish Taiwan becomes an ICT enabling ubiquitous network society with creativity and innovation power in near future.
  • Changes in ICT Industry Value Chain 1. Taiwan infrastructure energy accumulated in recent years, is now a new wave of transformation of industry value chain that also led Taiwan from the early stage of the international value chain from OEM / ODM gradually into the international own brands of OBM mode. Industry types are from system enabled to solution enabled, and then gradually come to service enabled. Key turning points were Taiwan contributed by brand name reorganization of Acer in year 2000, HTC in year 2006 and ASUS in 2008. 2. Taiwan will continu e to conduct new industry value chain transformation and quenching that will keep on serving as the guide to integrate into key elements of UE / UI, Design, R & D, Mfg, system and channel integration. Taiwan will also keep on quenching for continuously play the key role in the international ICT value chain.
  • The driving force for another new era of ICT is Cloud Computing. Taiwan thinking paradigm shifted from past IT devices to cloud devices. Therefore, lots of Taiwan world's first ICT products were replaced by cloud and end-devices. Those products gradually establish the linkage and high-value-added by the combination of software with service, from the cloud terminals to the new cloud services & solutions.
  • E-Government program is one of the key ICT projects in Taiwan. Through successful implementation of 3 national programs (e-Taiwan, m-Taiwan, i-Taiwan), the e-Government project has achieved fruitful results and earned international recognition. The Institute of e-Government, Waseda University released the 2012 World e-Government Ranking, Taiwan ranked No. 10.
  • Cloud computing driven strategy for Taiwan: Four- o riented key elements for development of cloud solution and services includ e commerce, cloud, connectivity and client. First, to establish a cloud service and server data center. Via information equipment to connect cloud device, to leverage well-established broadband infrastructure and cloud servers (data center) to develop E2E (Cloud Device End to Cloud Service End) Solution and Services.
  • ITRI, serving as Innovation Engine and Strategic Arm for emerging technological development, is one of the driving forces behind Taiwan’s prominent high tech industries. Over the past thirty-eight years, ITRI has established many technologies across diverse domains and spun-off more than 72 companies such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), global top semiconductor foundries.
  • ITRI got recognition here and abroad by world’s prestigious and well-respected organizations. ITRI’s breakthrough technologies include FlexUPD, the first paper-thin, low-cost flexible display technology, the next-generation 3D display technology with Integral 2D and 3D for the naked eye, and fire-resistant material REDDEX. , FlexUPD receives overall Gold Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award; besting nearly 600 entries. ITRI also received a runner-up award in the semiconductor category for its Micro-deformable piezoresistive sensor (MDPS) technology. This is the second consecutive year ITRI has won the category, receiving the 2009 award for FleXpeaker, a paper-thin flexible speaker technology.
  • Scope of Research within ITRI ITRI’s research covers six domains. ICL is working on Information and Communications domain. The SoC Technology Center is also in the same domain. The other domains are Electronics & Opto-Electronics, Nano Technology Materials and Chemical, Energy & Environment, Biomedical Technology, Advanced manufacturing and Systems. ITRI has aggressively researched and developed countless next-generation technologies including green energy, mobile digital life, cloud computing, flexible displays, 3-D ICs, RFID, light electric vehicles, and tele-care technologies. For five consecutive years ITRI has received prestigious international awards for outstanding technology innovation, such as the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Award, R&D 100 Awards, the iF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award, to name a few.
  • Dedicated to the vision on enabling a Green, Intelligent, and Healthy Society, ICL is executing its industry-enabling strategies by developing software-centric, service-oriented circuits, information, and communications technologies, in addition to stressing system integration, in the following focused areas: Smart endpoints, mobile enabled cloud services, intelligent vehicles and transportation systems, green energy and health care. create: more powerful and smarter electronic devices smart cities including safe and sustainable mobility enhanced healthcare and new health applications e.g. predictive medicine Behind our R&D efforts are a key concept called S3C concept. To shift from the technology-driven R&D to a human-centric and market-oriented R&D, we have tried to incorporate three S into our core competence, 3C. 3 “S” stand for “Solutions”, “Services”, and “Software.”. The three S’s help drive ICL’s technology development toward service-oriented, software or solution-based direction. 4C MG: Computer, Communications, and Consumer Electronics, Control, Medical and Green
  • 顯示中心與 Princeton Univ. 簽訂一「 Research Agreement 」,合作之技術為:高壽命顯示器下板技術產業化。此案基本上為技術引進合作案 , 引進 Princeton Univ. 之 a-Si TFT 技術後 , 再導入本院 TFT Array 下板技術開發 , 此技術雖屬成熟技術 , 但對方卻獨特研發出 long life 特性 , 希望引進以加速提升本院研發技術發展 , 未來並規劃移轉台灣面板產業。   去年國際中心之種子計畫有 support 顯示中心執行此案。 此案為 FY98 之案子 , 今年 (FY99) 有延續 

Chinese Taipei; Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Mr. Roger Jen-Chieh Cheng – CTO, Information Group: Chinese Taipei; Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Mr. Roger Jen-Chieh Cheng – CTO, Information Group: Presentation Transcript

  • ICT Development in Taiwan Achieving a Golden Decade for Taiwan Roger JenChieh Cheng, CTO Information and Communications Research Lab. Industrial Technology Research InstituteCopyright ITRI 工業技術研究院
  • Agenda Status of ICT Industry Development Strategy Introduction to Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) & Information and Communications Lab. (ICL) ConclusionCopyright ITRI 工業技術研究院
  • Taiwan Outlook Land Area: 36,193km2; Taiwan also is… Population: 23 M  A major procurement Mobile Phone penetration center for global ICT rate : 125% companies & buyers Mobile Internet penetration  WEF 2012: Taiwan Tops rate: 42% World in Industry Cluster FTTx Household penetration Development. Ranking: No.5 (3.53M  IMD 2011: Taiwan’s Houses) WW technology ranking infra.: 6th/59 countries  2012 McKinsey: Internet contributed 5.4% to TW GDP. That is highest of any country. 3Copyright ITRI 工業技術研究院
  • Taiwan’s World Leading ICT Products Being a Leading Global Supplier of ICT Products, Taiwan has more than 12 products ranked No. 1 in the world. 2012 WW 2012 WW Product Market Product Market Share Share Notebook PC 93.7%* Cable CPE 83% Motherboard 94.0%* WLAN NIC 88% Netbook PC 88.3%* DSL CPE 63% Server (System/MB) 88.7%* PND 74% LCD Monitor 71.9%* IP Phone 61.0%* WiMAX CPE 60% Ethernet LAN Switch 78%  In addition, Smartphone and ODD ranked 2nd place in 2010 worldwide ICT product market share.  * : for 2010 Source: ITRI/IEK, 2012, MIC/III, April 2011.Copyright ITRI 工業技術研究院
  • Taiwan Inside® -Partnering with the World The Speed of Taiwan ICT Production…  Every 0.35 seconds, a Notebook Computer  Every 0.68 seconds, a Desktop Computer  Every 0.21 seconds, a Motherboard  Every 10.7 seconds, a Server  Every 3.70 seconds, a CDT Monitor  Every 0.27 seconds, a LCD Monitor  Every 0.36 second, a Optical Disk Drive  Every 0.63 second, a Digital Still Camera  Every 0.20 seconds, a WLAN  Every 0.28 second, a Mobile Phone  Every 8.54 seconds, a PDA Source: MIC/III, April 2011. • 85% of PCs installed in the world with Windows® OS are produced by Taiwanese IT companies. • About 80% of worldwide data comm. equipment is produced by Taiwan networking communications equipment companies. • “Taiwan Inside®” would probably be the most suitable description of Taiwan’s vitality and its 5 position in the worldwide ICT Industry.Copyright ITRI 工業技術研究院
  • Taiwan’s S&T Competitiveness EIU: 6th 2007, 2nd 2008 among 60 countries; WEF:13th 2011 among 142 countries WEF/2011 Technological Innovation and • Taiwan’s IT industry competitiveness readiness factor sophistication factor ranked No. 2, next to the US. • R&D environment ranked No.1 1 Netherlands 1 United States 2 Sweden 2 Switzerland 5 Switzerland 3 Japan 7 Singapore 4 Germany 9 Canada 5 Finland 11 United States 6 Sweden 12 Singapore 10 Taiwan 21 Japan 11 Singapore 24 Taiwan 18 South Korea 77 China 32 China Source: : EIU, Sept, 2011; The Global Competitiveness Report 2011 (WEF) 6Copyright ITRI 工業技術研究院
  • Solid ICT Infrastructure Established•One of the key factors for the booming development is infrastructure•National Program to upgrade digitalization, mobility and intelligence. Taiwan High Speed Rail Hsinchu Science Park Taipei Taipei Wireless City Hsinchu Ubiquitous Network Society Nankang Software Park Taichung Software Park Taichungi-Taiwan Central Taiwan Science Park Kaohsung Cyber city M-Taiwan Tainan Kaohsung e-Taiwan Southern Taiwan Science Park Southern Software Park 7Copyright ITRI 工業技術研究院
  • Changes in ICT Industry Value Chain OEM→ ODM→ Global Logistics→ Global Branding OBM Add-value Global Service Brand Regional Channel Brand UE/UI S ize ODM, ODM Process Smart Smart Tablet R/D Phone Design System Production io n at OEM Supply g r te Chain In R&D Mfg. Production Technology Product Business Process Services Model Time 1980 1990 2000 2010 2020 System Enabled Solution Enabled Service EnabledSource: MIC, Aug. 2011. Important turning points: Acer(2000), HTC(2006), ASUS(2008) 8Copyright ITRI 工業技術研究院
  • Cloud Computing Drives New Era of ICT Semiconductor Software Service Industry Industry Foundries Cloud (TSMC, UMC) Computing Analogy Enable Enable Fabless Datacenter-less Chip Design SaaS provider (e.g. nVidia, MTK…) Storage Software companies deliver services to wordwide, don’t care about H/W, Infrastructure Enable the transformation of IT H/W industries, combining with software services to offer high value added smart cloud services & solutions Source: “Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing” Feb. 4, 2009 & Revision 9Copyright ITRI 工業技術研究院
  • Taiwan’s e-Government Journey one of Key ICT projects Taiwan’s e-Gov ranked global #1 by Brown Univ. & #2 by WMRC (2007) WMRC: World Market Research Center 10Copyright ITRI 工業技術研究院
  • Taiwan’s ICT Transformation Strategy  Leverage well-established broadband infrastructure and cloud servers (data center) to develop E2E (Cloud Device End to Cloud Service End) Solution and Service ( Gov as pilot run )  Leverage cloud services, e Gov. and cloud devices to speed-up G-clouds and Service End End Cloud Cloud Service Device (Solution (Device) ) IT Software & IT Hardware Service Industry Industry Cloud Server BB Data Center Infra. (Device (Equipment System) ) OEM/ODM Infrastructure 11Copyright ITRI 工業技術研究院
  • Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) Innovation Engine and Strategic Arm to TW A national research organization founded in 1973 to strengthen competitiveness of Taiwan.• To create economic value •Human Resources: through innovation and 5800, R&D:84% technology R&D •Annual Budget: US$• To spearhead the development of 650M emerging new industry •Own Patents: 17,659• To enhance the competitiveness ( Apply rank 6th in US ) of industries in the global market •Spin off: 72+ famous companies PHISONCopyright ITRI 工業技術研究院 12 12
  • ITRI’s International Recognition Wall Street In additional to being Journal RD 100 national Lab, ITRI also among 2010, got recognition abroad 2011, 2012 by world’s prestigious and well-respected organizations Paper-Thin Display WSJ TIA 2010 Gold Award; 2010, 2011, 2012 R&D 100 Award Micro-deformable 3D display technology with Fire-resistant material piezoresistive sensor integral 2D and 3D i2/3DW REDDEX (MDPS) technology (WSJ (2010 R&D 100 Award) (2010 R&D 100 Award) 2010 TIA)Copyright ITRI 工業技術研究院 13
  • Scope of Research within ITRI http://www.itri.org.tw/eng/ Information & Information & Medical Medical Communications Communications Device & Device & Biomedical Biomedical Electronics & Electronics & Opto- Opto- electronics electronics Mechanical Mechanical & Systems & Systems Material, Material, Chemical Chemical and and Nanotech. Nanotech. Green Energy Green Energy &Environment &Environment •Advanced Technology Research • Industrial Services • IP Business and New Venture 14Copyright ITRI 工業技術研究院 │ ITRI CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENT DO NOT COPY OR DISTRIBUTE
  • Information & Comm. Lab. (ICL) • Founded in 1990, with 810 employees (95% RD) • Annual Budget: US$80M • Vision: (direction for value creation) – ICT Enabled Green, Intelligent, and Healthy Society • Strategy (3S) – Software centric, service oriented circuits, information, and communications technologies, stressing system integration • Focus – Smart endpoints cloud services, intelligent vehicles & transportation systems, green energy, health care Shift from the tech.-driven R&D to a human-centric & market-oriented R&D among ITRI 15Copyright ITRI 工業技術研究院 │ ITRI CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENT DO NOT COPY OR DISTRIBUTE
  • ICL’s Business Models 16
  • ITRI World Wide Office & Collaboration Network Canada CGW NRC Moscow. Office Russia ProSensus Semiconductor Insights EU. Office RAS (IOFFE, ICPC, PTI…) MAIITRI Inc. NA EC Government Norway MSU Tokyo Office ETSI SINTEFUSA Germany Japan AZO Netherlands Malaysia China AISTACM Broadcom BASF Australia ASML Trident CAS AsahikaseiCMU Cornell U. Bayer Holst Center IDE-JETRO CSIROCorning Dow Chemical Evonik Degussa NKI JST ProdriveDeloitte Financial DuPont Fraunhofer Korea IXC TNOHP Honeywell LZH To-BBB India Displaybank Kyushu U.IBM Intel PTB Keio U. TurboTech ETRIMotorola Kodak R+P KTTC Kyoto U. New Zealand TU Darmstadt NTT IRLMacromedia Marvell France Thailand KIER NZTDCMIT TU Berlin NiCT NDT BioSystems TISTR TÜV NECPrinceton U. PSU CEA/LETI NSTDA Hong KongQualcomm Sun UK GOCAD Nagoya U. NIMT HKUSTRohm and Haas Microsystem ANT Software OpenCASCA Osaka U. D GITSSRI Sarnoff Cadence Hungar RIKEN Flexink Singapore SekisuiTI Telcordia HA y Genome Glowtec ChemicalU. of Cincinnati U. of California S GlaxoSmithklin Israel IESE SONYUCB U. of Florida e Teva Pharmaceutical I2R TELUCSB US Hybrid Ilika Nanyan Technology U TorayU. of Texas Austin U. of TechnologiesUnderwriters Lab Washington Merck South Africa Taiyo Yuden Wi-Fi Alliance Oregan Matla Tohoku U.. Xantech Networks U. of Tokyo Oxford Inst. Waswda U. 17 Romax Zerosoft U. of (signed contracts within 2006-2011.06)
  • Conclusion • Taiwan has received global recognition for its leading ICT development. • Taiwan is on the road of transforming to a smart service solution provider by leveraging its well- established broadband infra. & cloud servers to develop E2E solutions/services • Taiwan is a good platform to showcase innovative services and be your best partners. • ITRI serves as a strategic arm and think tank for Taiwan and would like have collaboration with all of you 18Copyright ITRI 工業技術研究院
  • ‫شكرا‬ 謝謝 Merci Selamat ありがとうございます Dank U Wel Thanks Terimakasih Muchas Gracias Gracias Muito Obrigado Danke Schön धनयवाद Kamsahanita19