18 tips for the christmas traveler to sleep like a baby

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18 tips for the christmas traveler to sleep like a baby-Christmas is almost here, with all the wonder and flurry that it represents. Traveling to other destinations to celebrate can be both exciting …

18 tips for the christmas traveler to sleep like a baby-Christmas is almost here, with all the wonder and flurry that it represents. Traveling to other destinations to celebrate can be both exciting and tiring, too, if not adequately prepared. These 18 sound suggestions will encourage you to have restful travel and rejuvenating sleep.

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  • 1. Searchfastvista.comQuote of the DayA man of personality can formulateideals, but only a man of character canachieve them.Herbert Read18 Tips for the Christmas Traveler to Sleep Like aBabyChristmas is almost here, with all the wonder and flurry that it represents. Traveling toother destinations to celebrate can be both exciting and tiring, too, if not adequatelyprepared. These 18 sound suggestions will encourage you to have restful travel andrejuvenating sleep.Sleep... the all-important elixir of life!Though the average adult typically needs eight hours of sleep each night studies showthat our hectic North American lifestyle is contributing to sleep deprivation. Manypeople are shortening the amount of time they allot for sleep to accommodate theirbusy lives, even at the risk of their health and safety.Sleep is a vital function... not a luxury to be frivolous with!All humans need two types of sleep; Non-Rapid Eye Movement sleep (non-REM sleep)
  • 2. < HOMEPAGEand Rapid Eye Movement sleep (REM sleep). Our deepest physical rejuvenation comesduring NREM sleep, when our bodies and brain slow down the most, occuring in thefirst third of our sleep period. Our mental and physiological rejuvenation occurs duringREM sleep, a time of fast eye movements, very active brainwave patterns anddreaming. This period is longer and occurs during the second half of our sleep cycle.Without this quality sleep, a deficit grows and we suffer the consequences.You may already have had experience with how challenging sleep can be for travellers,many averaging only six hours of sleep a night. Changing time zones disrupts ourinternal body clock, interrupts our familiar food and exercise patterns, resulting indisturbed sleep and deprivation.When travelling to a different time zone, our internal (circadian) clock needs time toadjust. Jet lag is created because our internal systems need time to adjust, the sleepand wake cycle adjusts at one rate, while temperature rhythm changes at a differentpace. Due to time zone changes, you may be wide awake on "home time" while theplace you visit is sound asleep, and visa versa. I will always remember looking over atmy husband sound asleep beside me as we toured Paris... daytime there, but nighttimeback at home!18 Tips to relax and sleep like a baby when youre away from home include;1. Take familiar, feel good home items that encourage you to feel "home away fromhome" such as your pillow, family photos, candles, aroma therapy bath products, etc.2. Supplement your reduced sleep with short naps (even on Christmas Day) because alittle sleep is better than none.3. Ask for a room away from noisier areas (elevators, ventilation systems, stairwells andlounges).4. If travelling for only a few days, it may be more beneficial to keep your internal bodyclock on your own home time than to try and adjust. This includes sleep times as wellas meal times, because even your stomach has to adjust during travel.5. Be smart around the use of stimulants, such as coffee to keep awake. Time yourconsumption to when you need a lift, but not close to needing to unwind. Though manypeople like to have a few drinks to "unwind," alcohol consumed within 3-4 hours ofbedtime can actually disrupt sleep quality. Instead, drink camomile tea or steamed milkfor their relaxing, sleepy effects.6. Avoid eating a big meal before you want to sleep or your body will get busy digesting,rather than slow down to replenish! If you really must, eat smartly and sparingly,choosing foods that will not produce stimulating effects.7. Plan gentle evening activities that will induce sleep (so avoid TV news, etc).8. Though exercise close to bedtime is thought to tire you out it can stimulate youawake instead. A restful session of progressive relaxation stretches or yoga poses,however, will do the job of mellowing your mind and body for sleep.9. If youre tempted to take a pharmaceutical to induce sleep, talk to your family doctor
  • 3. first and know possible side effects. As an alternate, Valerian is a natural remedy topromote drowsiness.10. Spray your pillow with aroma therapy lavender mist infused for its relaxing effect.11. Languish in a soothing bath infused with lavender... sigh.12. Set your environment to maximize sleep... close the draperies, set the temperatureto cool rather than warm, place the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the doorknob and hold allphone calls.13. Wear snuggly, loose-fitting cotton socks to bed... this definitely helps me sleepbetter!14. Wear an eye mask for extra darkness.15. Travel with a portable CD or digital player and listen to nature music or a relaxationmeditation to unwind!16. Earplugs are a blessing to mask unfamiliar sounds... and snoring, too!17. This might sound funny but, if a busy mind keeps you awake interrupt it as thoughyou are boss and say, "No, this is not the time to sort things out, this is my time tosleep and replenish! Ill sort those details out tomorrow when I am rested and able tothink clearly." Stand your ground... it might take a little practice!18. If you toss and turn for more than 20-30 minutes get up, read or listen to yourrelaxation CD until you feel drowsy, then try again.There you have it, a long list of ideas to implement while you travel to induce qualityrelaxation and deep sleep. I put my own tips to good use recently... you can too.Happy travels! May you have a lovely Christmas... and sleep like a baby, too!About the author:Carolyn J. Clarke - with husband Richard, we can support you to have a fulfilling life andrelationships, first with yourself and with others. We are the creators of the InnerFitness® (Canada) series of guided meditation CDs. http://www.youcanrelaxnow.comWritten by: Carolyn J. Clarke
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